Optimus Prime Meets The Riddler Part 2

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    Taking Place After this: http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/trans...657-optimus-prime-meets-riddler-part-1-a.html

    We find our heroes stopping the Riddler and his crimes. Witness what happened.

    Optimus Prime: Batman, I have a problem.

    Batman: Let me guess, Decepticon?

    Optimus Prime: No, Nygma.

    Batman: What does he want now?

    Optimus Prime: He kiddnapped Bumblebee for The Decepticon cause. After my brawl with Bane.

    Batman: I see, just a ruse.

    Optimus Prime: Yes. I was thinking you solve all his riddles, while I find clues to find Bumblebee.

    Batman: Fine.

    Optimus Prime: Very Well.

    Riddler: What do we have here? Evesdropper? I hear You Batman.

    Optimus Prime: Where's Bumblebee?

    Batman: Talk Nygma

    Riddler: Oh No. I did something better.

    Batman: What?

    Riddler: I have five Autobots under my watch to meet their ends.

    Batman: Who, what Autobots?

    Optimus Prime: Prowl, Wheeljack, Sideswipe, Ironhide, and Mirage

    Riddler: Very Good my robot.

    Batman: I find you Nygma.

    Optimus Prime: I Doubt.