Optimus Prime Meets The Riddler Part 1

Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Fiction' started by UltraAlanMagnus, Oct 2, 2011.

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    I kinda had this idea for a Transformers/Batman Crossover after Playing Arkham Asylum. What If Optimus Prime meets the Riddler? Let's Find Out.

    Riddler: Are you there Optimus Prime? I know you can hear me.

    Optimus Prime: Who are you, and how did you got thorugh the Autobot Commuication System?

    Riddler: I am Edward Nygma. EDWARD NYGMA!!

    Optimus Prime: You're The Riddler. My Friend Batman told me about you. Not Interested.

    Riddler: Care to Wager On that?

    Optimus Prime: What do you Mean?

    Riddler: I have your Sidekick. Bumblebee is it?

    Optimus Prime: Where is he, and what have done with him?

    Riddler: Nothing Harmful. Except I'm with the Decepticons.

    Optimus Prime: You What?

    Riddler: That's right. I met a nice Gentleman named Megatron. After your little brawl with Bane, The Man who once Broke The Bat, He called in my Services. He has Soundwave to thank for that.

    Optimus Prime: Ratbat.

    Riddler: You are Correct. He beared witness every moment of that battle.

    Optimus Prime: So what happen?

    Riddler: Simple. I hacked into Teletran-1's mainframe, and caused a series of false alarms which, in your case, was a wild goose chase for the Autobots.

    Optimus Prime: So you would face me in a series of puzzles.

    Riddler: Oh Yes.

    Optimus Prime: So What's Next?

    Riddler: You Will go in my 240 puzzles i spread across your little Clubhouse.

    Optimus Prime: You mean the Ark?

    Riddler: Yes.

    Optimus Prime: Fine. You got a deal.

    Riddler: Perfect. Now pay close attention, The girl who love a picture of a gliding power jet.

    Optimus Prime: A picture of Powergilde and His Girlfriend.

    Riddler: Very Good. I had to sneak it out of her place you know.

    Optimus Prime: What's the next riddle?

    Riddler: You have to find out.

    Optimus Prime: I'll have to call Batman for that. Riddles are very new to me.

    Riddler: Fine. But dont call in the Peanut Gallery known as The Justice League or your Autobot friends. Good luck, i may need to tear about that moment, i got a soap after a opera i saw.

    Optimus Prime: It's going to be a long day.

    To be Continued.