Optimus primal and crew vs Predators

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    General gist is that Optimus and crew(i.e Rattrap,Cheetor, Rhinox)crashland on earth as usual, but instead of dealing with megatron there dealing with predators who visted the world to hunt. Theres 12 in total with the leader being the strongest and most well-equipped. They all have the typical weaponry you would suspect from a Predator but being in the past its not as advanced, so there cloaking device only makes them not completely invisible, and there backpack blaster has a longer loadtime between blasts, but because there technology is slower they rely more on there jungle-hunting aspects, making guerrilla warfare there ideal tactic against the Maximals. The pods that carried other Maximals still exist, but the predators want to only destroy them,having no need for them, making the need to capture the pods before they do even greater for Optimus. Just a random idea i had, and thought why not.
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