OmegaX80's need to pay bills sale.

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    Ok, well, unfortunately I am now running into issues. Gotta pay to have a car fixed, tuition loans..etc.. I won’t bore or guilt you with details. Simple fact, everything on this list has GOT TO GO.

    Post, PM or Email me. I accept Paypal and Money Orders. I sell to the US and Canada ONLY.

    Generation One
    Combaticon Onslaught (plastic version) 100% COMPLETE w/gun, small chest plate, double cannon, ramp, instruction booklet, and ALL grey Bruticus parts (head, 2 hands, 2 foot plates, large chest plate) $45

    Insecticon Chop Shop, loose complete w/ dagger & gun $35
    Yellow Cliffjumper $10
    Gears w/ rubsign $10
    Red Alert no weapons $12
    Brawn no silver hands $3
    Constructicon Scavenger no accessories $3
    Constructicon Mixmaster no accessories or mixer $3
    Perceptor loose, no chest plate, shoulder pads, scope or any accessories, does have small "mirror" $2
    Dragstrip – Knockoff $2

    Parts: $2 each
    Soundwave missile
    Soundwave missile
    Ramhorn left missile rack (facing away)
    Seeker right fist (black)
    Frenzy/Rumble gun (Right side of back)
    G1 Omega Supreme Backpack (one shoulder clip glued back on)

    G1 Hasbro TRU Reissues
    Inferno MISB $25
    Inferno MISB $25
    Sideswipe MISB $25
    Sideswipe MISB $25

    Generation 2
    Optimus Prime cab (no hands) w/trailer, voice box & roller, comes with one gun/cannon, two red missiles, two missiles for base drone. The upper half of both smokestacks are broken. $20
    Air Raid (aerialbot) missing parts and missing left arm $2
    Air Raid (cyberjet) w/two missiles $6
    Windbreaker, loose, missing engine/gun $4
    Constructicon Mixmaster w/ no accessories $3
    Constructicon Scavenger w/ small gun, Devastator right wrist & hand $7
    Constructicon Scrapper w/ Devastator chest plate $5
    Leadfoot w/ engine, but legs do not stay on due to a broken clip on the body, glueable $3
    Road Pig loose complete, electronic lights work, one arm and leg tend to fall off because plastic in worn and slightly cracked $5

    Jazz's silver gun and cannon for missiles $3
    Blast Off's long cannons $2

    Beast Wars
    Transmetal 2 Blackarachnia MISB $100
    Transmetal 2 Tigerhawk MISB $40
    B'Boom MISB $25
    Silverbolt Fuzor #1 MOSC $20
    Silverbolt Fuzor #2 MOSC $20
    Transmetal 2 Dinobot MOSC $20
    Transmetal 2 Cheetor MOSC $20
    Deluxe Cheetor, Fox Kids Card MOSC $10
    Dinobot loose w/spinning tail and lance $15
    Silverbolt Fuzor loose complete $13
    Transmetal Waspinator loose complete $15
    Transmetal Rattrap loose complete $15
    Wolfang loose complete $13
    Air Hammer loose complete (…I think… he didn't have weapons… did he?) $8
    Orcanoch, loose w/ Optimus Primal mini-figure, one blue mini crane, one long missile, all fins $15 (still looking for other parts)

    Beast Machines
    Ultra Size Jetstorm MISB $35
    Ultra Size Jetstorm loose w/all accessories except missing one red missile, slight paint scratching $20
    Deluxe Size Jetstorm loose w/ two missiles $10
    Mirage MOSC $7
    Buzzsaw MOSC $7
    Buzzsaw loose $4
    Scavenger loose $4
    McDonalds Cheetor $2

    Sideburn (blue) loose, w/small gun but missing missile, car/robot is in very nice condition $8
    Tiny Tin Mirage MOSC $5
    Tiny Tin Wars MOSC $5
    Mirage GT loose complete $4

    Unicron MISB $40
    Galvatron MISB $40
    Powerlinx Optimus Prime W/ corona Sparkplug MISB (box has some wear, hole in back of box) $20
    Cyclonus MISP $15
    Powerlinx Hot Shot MISP $20
    Optimus Prime w/Over Run MISP $20 (no Autobot logo on cab version)
    Space Minicon Team (Astroscope, Payload, Skyblast) MOSC $10
    Sea Minicon Team Red-like color (Oceanglide, Stormcloud, Waterlog) MOSC $10
    "Armada Style packaging" Spychanger Mirage (green translucent) $6
    "Armada Style packaging" Spychanger Wars (purple translucent) $6

    Quickstrike MISB $30
    Quickstrike MISB $30
    Bulkhead MISB $30
    Wing Saber MISB $30
    Scavenger MISB $30
    Arcee MOSC (black card) $12
    Arcee MOSC (black card) $12
    Cruellock loose w/Energon Star, Sword & Gun $5
    Insecticon MOSC $6
    Jetfire loose complete w/card & instructions $10
    Kickback MOSC $12
    Skyblast loose w/Energon Star $5
    Sky Shadow MOSC $15
    Stormcloud MOSC $12
    Strongarm Blue MOSC (black card) $12
    Strongarm yellow MOSC $10
    Treadshot MOSC $12
    Windrazor MOSC $12

    Nemesis Prime MISB $35
    Spychangers Ultra Magnus & Ironhide MOSC $10
    G1 Spychanger Optimus Prime MOSC $10

    Alternators (all in the Red Box)
    Meister MISB $40
    Decepticharge MISB $35
    Decepticharge MISB $35
    Wheeljack MISB $35
    Wheeljack MISB $35
    Shockblast MISB $35
    Prowl MISB (slight tear on top of box) $35

    Japan TF
    Reissue Sixtrain, one regular set of 6 MIB, I will include the big box $30

    Ratchet pewter version loose $5
    Thrust pewter version loose $5
    Deathsaurus pewter version loose $5
    Perceptor pewter version loose $5
    Road Caesar pewter version – error, came with two left legs $4
    Parts for Grand Maximus: Body, left arm, left leg $3
    Armada Hot Shot loose $4
    Grimlock clear version loose $4
    Ironhide clear version loose $4
    Takara History Collection Soundwave, box opened, figure & stand are still sealed in the bag $7

    Heroes of Cybertron
    Megatron MOSC $7
    Ratchet MOSC $7
    Ratchet loose w/card $4
    Parts for Metroplex: Head, shoulder guns and right leg $3

    Scrap Metal
    G1 Perceptor - no parts, right arm does not pull out $2
    G1 Chromedome, body only $2
    G1 Twintwist, mechanism does not work $1
    G1 Twintwist #2, mechanism does not work and clip is broken $1
    G1 Sideswipe – Has been painted over, missing door windows and rear spoilers $1
    G1 Insecticon Shrapnel – silver antenna broken, missing yellow insect legs/wheels $1
    G1 Insection Kickback - no front yellow door, no attenna, missing arms $1
    G1 Jazz legs $1
    G1 Prowl - hood missing, rear windows missing, right door missing $1
    G1 Cosmos - feet broken, twisted, body bent out of shape at the arms $1
    G1 Micromaster Treadshot no arms $1
    G1 Apeface cockpit and one shoulder $1
    Limbs/Parts for Action Master Rollout & Glitch $1
    Limbs for G2 Laser Rod Jolt (the red car) $1

    Star Wars
    Hallmark Keepsake X-Wing Ornament $25

    Star Wars Episode III
    Clone Trooper 3-pack, MOSC, all white toopers $15
    Clone Trooper 3-pack, MOSC, one trooper has green color $15
    Clone Trooper 3-pack, MOSC, one trooper has blue color $15
    'Sneak preview figure' Tion Meedon MOSC $10
    'Sneak preview figure' General Grievous MOSC $15
    Transparent Emperor Palpatine, TRU Exclusive $15
    #6 Clone Trooper MOSC $10
    #7 R2-D2 "droid attack" MOSC $10
    #11 Darth Vader MOSC $10
    #17 Battle Droid MOSC $10
    #18 C-3PO unopened, the hook for peg rack is ripped off $8
    #33 Clone Commander 'Green Version' MOSC $10
    #33 Clone Commander 'Red Version' MOSC $10
    #34 Clone Pilot 'Black Version' MOSC $10
    #41 Clone Trooper MOSC $10
    #48 R2-D2 "with sound" MOSC $10
    #51 Captain Antilles MOSC $10
    #52 Zett Jukassa MOSC $10
    #54 AT-RT Driver MOSC $10
    #54 AT-RT Driver MOSC $10
    #57 Commander Bly MOSC $15
    #59 Commander Gree MOSC $15

    Star Wars Episode I
    Star Wars Episode I Monopoly Game MISB, still wrapped in plastic $25
    Deluxe R2-A6 (green R2 unit) MISB $20
    Deluxe R2-A6 (green R2 unit) Mint in opened box $15 (has been opened for display only)
    OOM-9 MOSC $10
    Yoda MOSC $10
    Adi Gallia (top small corner creased on the back) $10
    Anakin Skywalker MOSC $10
    Destroyer Droid MOSC $10
    Destroyer Droid MOSC $10
    Queen Amidala (Naboo) MOSC $10
    Jar Jar Binks MOSC $10
    Rune Haako MOSC $7
    Nute Gunray MOSC $7
    Ki Adi Mundi MOSC $7
    Gasgano MOSC $7
    Boss Nass MOSC $7
    Watto MOSC $7
    Ric Olie 'open hand' MOSC $7
    Captain Tarpals MOSC $7
    Ody Mantrell MOSC $7
    R2-D2 loose $4
    Captain Tarpals loose complete $2
    Ody Mantrell loose complete $2

    Power of the Force
    Ugnauts w/ action slide MOSC $7
    Greedo w/ commtech chip MOSC (top small corner creased) $7
    Obi-Wan 'Flashback Photo' MOSC $7
    Luke Skywalker 'Flashback Photo' MOSC $7
    Aunt Beru 'Flashback Photo' MOSC $7
    X-Ray Fleet, collection IV (Y-wing & A-wing) $4
    8D8 Torture Droid loose complete w/ 'freeze frame' $3
    Stormtrooper loose no accessories (1995) $3
    Sandtrooper loose w/backpack (1997) $5
    Luke Skywalker loose no accessories (1996) $3
    Darth Vader loose no accessories (1995) $3
    Chewbacca loose no accessories (1995) $3

    Star Wars Vehicles
    Tie Fighter loose no accessories (1995) $4
    A-Wing loose no accessories (1995) $4
    Shuttle Tiderian loose no accessories (1995) $4
    Luke's Tatoonie Landspeeder loose no accessories (1995) $7

    Gundam Seed: Launcher Strike Gundam MOSC $10
    Gundam Seed: Aile Strike & Skygrasper set MISB $20

    X-Men Toys R Us Limited Edition $3
    Captain America #407 $3
    Street Fighter #3 (Malibu comics) $3
    Legionaries #1 $5
    Sandman #58 $4
    Air Raiders #1 $5
    Extreme Sacrifice #1 $4
    Superman Annual #5: Bloodlines $4

    Warheads #4 $3
    X-Force #14 $3
    X-Force #85 $3
    X-Force #72 $3
    Cable #63 $3
    X-Force New Series (2004) #1 $3
    All X-Force, Cable & Warheads for $15

    Transformers Marvel G1 #15 $4
    Transformers Marvel G1 #37 $4
    Transformers Marvel G1 #23 $4
    Transformers Marvel G1 #24 $4
    Transformers Marvel G1 & GI JOE #3 $4
    Transformers Marvel G1 Headmasters #1 $4
    Transformers Armada #9 $3
    All TF Comics for $25

    ROBIN III: Cry of the Huntress #3 $6
    ROBIN III: Cry of the Huntress #6 $6
    AZRAEL: #1 $4
    Both Robin III & Azrael comics $15

    Star Wars TALES OF THE JEDI #3 OF 5 $6
    Star Wars DARK EMPIRE II #1 OF 6 $6
    Star Wars Classics #15 $6
    Star Wars Classics #16 $6
    All Star Wars for $20

    Anime DVDs
    Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Indulgence UNOPENED $20
    Yu Yu Hakusho: Dangerous Games UNOPENED $20
    Yu Yu Hakusho: Old Rivals, New Problems UNOPENED $20
    Take the three for $50

    NES Games
    Tiger Heli $2
    Kirby’s Adventure $2
    Dragon Warrior $3
    Star Wars $3
    Roadblasters $2
    Take 'em for $10

    Capture Net Superman (1996) MOSC $5
    Marvel's Most Wanted figure w/ display base, X-Man Nate Grey (1998) MOSC $5
    Star Trek: TNG Data from the episode: "All Good Things…" (1997) MOSC $5
    Micro Machines #5 Pink Ranger (1994) MISP $5
    Mortal Kombat The Movie VHS and Music CD $5
    Star Wars Rogue Squadron for PC $5
    Star Wars X-Wing Collector’s Edition for PC $5
    Toshiba 2505CDS Laptop – make offer
    PC Commander Plus joystick $5
    Magnum Six joystick $5

    Power Rangers
    Green Ranger Head Switch action figure with all accessories, 'switch' mechanism gets stuck, body has scratches and scratched off paint $1
    Yellow Ranger Head Switch figure w/ gun $2
    Black Ranger Head Switch figure w/ gun $2
    5½ inch Movie Red Ranger metallized figure w/ gun $2
    5½ inch Movie Blue Ranger metallized figure w/gun $2
    5½ inch Movie White Ranger metallized figure w/gun & sword $3
    Deluxe Ninja Megazord w/ Punching action, wo/ Falconzord $2
    Megazord figure with shooting fists action w/ mastodon head $2
    $15 for everything

    The Dollar Bin: Everything in this category is $1
    3 ½ inch Spiderman, only arms move
    Power Ranger Alpha 5 figure
    Power Ranger pencil & eraser sharpener set MOSC
    Captain Planet figure
    4-inch Doc Octopus Figure