Heavy/Scratch: Old Vs. New Designs: Optimus Prime and Hotwire

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    I thought it would be fun to look back at the old and new versions of my Lego Transformer creations- namely Optimus Prime, and one of my first original characters, Hotwire.

    We'll start with Optimus.

    Old: Optimus Prime


    This was the first "real" Optimus Prime I ever made. Of course, the first attempt was a little clunky, but I didn't stray from the overall scheme. I just continued to upgrade him as the years went by.


    This is where Optimus' design started getting closer to the latest one. The robot mode is pretty much identical to the newest version, but the vehicle mode was just a bit different.

    The sword was able to be plugged onto the grill of the robot mode, a feature that had been removed. Maybe I should bring that back.


    This version included the earliest idea for Prime's trailer, one that could pop off to become armor for his Super Mode. It included Roller, which could fit inside of the trailer.


    The Super Mode here had an overly clunky design, however, and I wasn't too satisfied with the use of the trailer. He had this long, gigantic wings, which were okay, but he was left with the base of the trailer which was supposed to be a "shield".

    Current: Optimus Prime


    This is my current version of Prime. Its a lot more streamlined than the first, but a few things had to be sacrificed to make the trailer work.

    But this one proved to have some staying power; I was so satisfied with this, that I didn't do anything else to this design for a long time.


    This is the current Super Mode. I really like how everything fits on this mode (without a giant slab for a shield!). The legs are much more stable, too.

    Old: Hotwire


    And then there's Hotwire. She went through some drastic changes. The picture above is really old, like back when I was a teen.

    For one, her name went from "High Wire" to "Hotwire", and her backstory became less Mary-Sue-ish as time went on.

    But this compilation of images are what I could salvage. Hotwire took on many different looks, each less satisfying than the last.


    And then felt bad for scrapping Hotwire, and returned to her! I found myself liking this version quite a bit. This design's the closest to the current one, but had a different vehicle mode.

    Current: Hotwire


    WIN_20200313_101543.JPG WIN_20200313_095233.JPG

    And now we have Hotwire in the present. She finally has that "feminine" look I've been trying to emulate for years. I'm still in the process of making her combined form with Athena just a little better, but I'm a lot more satisfied than I've ever been with her.


    And that's it. If you want to see more of Optimus and Hotwire, you can check these links out:

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