Non-TF: Old OCs revived

Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Art' started by Malunis_T, Jun 7, 2009.

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    Decided to take a rare opportunity to share my non-TF art, just to prove I can draw humans too. XD


    You wouldn't know it unless you've seen my past RP characters, but I used to FAIL at originality when it came to designs. I just took an anime picture that looked cool, change a few colors (sometimes!), then call it my own. But here, I tried my best to take what little originality they had, and increase it tenfold with new designs and quirks.

    It'd take a while to explain, so I'll go down the list quickly;

    - Puck: Android from the future who enforces law across the timeline.

    - ?/?: A character who has a split personality (and completely different look to him) during the night. No name since I tended to use a lot of unfitting Japanese words for names back then.

    - Plar: A demon of sorts. Haven't decided what he'll be like now.

    - Anrin: A man who represents honor. A warrior design is most fitting.

    - June: Originally named Jun as an alias, he is a young genius. Looks like he has a false eye.

    - Mel: My favorite of the bunch. He represented death, and was basically the Grim Reaper. But since such a robed appearance was too extreme for his humble personality, I now give him the look of an undertaker. It makes him look kind of like a butler, much more humble.

    So yeah, just a look into my ideas. Hope you enjoy.

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