Okay, Bumblebee's new design bothers me

Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by Shizuka, Jul 6, 2014.

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    Not because it isn't conventional Transformers or because there isn't too much visible car parts etc. My main problem is that he doesn't seem to have enough on him in robot mode to convey the mass of his vehicle mode.

    I keep thinking about this from a technical point of view and I keep thinking that he stature is fine but, it just seems off somehow. Not to mention the massive legs and feet...

    The shape of his car chassis bothers me. I suppose that they're too wavy and curved which seems... excessive. I might actually have to agree for once that in this case I don't see how it could turn into a car. It could work on Stinger who cheats but not Bumblebee. I like that we got new designs and Optimus is very cool (although his torso is quite skinny) but, I guess what I feel is that ultimately they went too far in one direction (smooth and organic) instead of finding a balance. The other characters are a nice blend and if you look at Lockdown he's a good example of the visual style the movies need to maintain. More characters like him and Hound and less excessively smooth characters like Bumbleebee.

    Yes, he does look cool and striking. Perhaps the aim is to shift away from realism and allow for more creative freedom.