Offering ARTcommissions for toys

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    Instead of a normal toytrade I would like to offer artwork in exchange for toys (or money if there's nothing you have to trade but still would like to commission me). Artwork may be based on existing characters but could also involve fan character designs and depiction may vary from simple pinups (simplest thus cheapest) or more complex and thus a little more expensive. :) 

    Please make an offer depending stating what you were thinking off (while considering the time it takes, depends mainly on complexity and things you want me to do, chara (re)designs usualy take a little longer too):

    - Pencils (1 - 3 hours)
    - Inks:
    - low quality 1 - 3 hours (manual)
    - high quality 3 - 6 hours (digital)*
    - Colors (3 - 6 hours)

    *NOTE: still manual labour but tracing with a mouse instead of a pen

    Do realise I'm thinking at least minimum wage here, or (a) pretty cool toy(s). :) 

    I'd be mostly interested in Alternators/Masterpiece, G1, Micromasters, Galaxy Force/Cybertron, but I'll consider all other offers, of course. ;) 

    For some previous commissions:

    Pencils, digital inks, digital colors:

    Pencils, digital colors:
    Three fanchara seeker designs
    War Within Bluestreak

    Pencils, manual inks:
    Fan character redesign


    For other artwork by my hand, please visit my deviantart account by clicking on my banner. :) 

    Hope to hear from you peops! Please shoot me a PM if you're interested, thanks!