Odd Request, looking for a T-shirt

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pravus Prime, Feb 2, 2006.

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    Anywho, I have a, well connundrum. On again,
    off again, for years, I've been looking for a T-shirt.
    Well, in my latest search, I found it. Except it
    turns out the place is in the UK, and seemingly
    doesn't ship to the US. I sent them an e-mail and an inquiry through their online forms about
    it, and it's been two weeks with no reply. It figures that I find exactly what I'm looking for, but then can't purchase it.

    I'm wondering if someone here, with all their connections and whatnot, if you can help me instead. The shirt I'm
    looking for can be found at www.shocktees.com,

    is exactly what I've been looking for. Any chance someone
    can help? If I have to order a few from someplace, I'm willing to do that, but not a large order like 25 or more.