2D Artwork: OC: Runover

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    Originally I just had the idea of a Transformer with smoke stacks in their helmet, or exhaust pipes I suppose in this case really (you can tell I know a whole lot about cars! XD).

    I needed a break from detailing my contest entry so spent an hour and a half relaxing doing this guy; so apologies for the quick and rough colouring and lines. It was really just a relaxing fun piece. But I even came up with a quick bio in the end:

    Runover seems like he should be an Autobot. He's friendly and happy to help out. When he's in battle though it's easy to see how he's a Decepticon. He's most happy when he can inflict pain on his opponents, his favourite means by running them down, or by grappling them and tearing them apart.

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    You know, I think the fact that you were relaxed is really reflected here. The soft tones of the shading as well as the sleek design do convey this. The character is also interesting as well :) 

    I'd like to see you make more of this guy, once you finish your entry :)