Heavy/Scratch: OC Combiner Road Sweep Team WIP

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    Hello. I return to you with something new. An this time I actually mean it! I do still have 3 old customs to show, however 1 needs a complete overhall which I wish to show on this site when I get to it, 1 is a current WIP that needs the paint finished and the last has yet to be tackled outside of a headswap. But I do want to start sharing my newer projects. For clarification, I qualify my newer stuff as starting in mid 2015 to right now.

    So getting to it, I present to you a WIP that I will be sharing along as I progress on THIS thread. I will update it as I go along and presenting the characters as I work on them. This project is the Road Sweep Team.

    The members are intended to be and status:
    Tow-Line: Not started
    Gear-Up(OC): Not started
    Firecracker: Not started
    Motormouth: WIP
    Street-Beat(OC): Finished(might update more later)

    Here is the combined mode and progress so far: Still no name:


    This is the custom that I compared my Road Quarentine team to in my Heavy/Scratch: - Remember PCC? Perpetually WIP Custom Upgrades PT.3 OC Combiner: Road Quarantine team . I mentionned there that this team was going to be the custom that turned put to be Gridlock but ultimately made into a CW rendition.

    As you can see, not much progress done yet. But I will start this with the one that is done.

    So first up is:
    RST member 1: Street-Beat
    Alt Mode: Custom longframe trike
    Function: Scout
    Robot mode: 20200417_200336.jpg
    20200417_200402.jpg 20200417_200422.jpg

    So to begin with he is my ever custom built using multiple figures that I started in early 2017. The torso, head and arms are from CW Slingshot. The crotchpiece, legs, neck and backpack attachement joint are from CW Dragstrip. The other parts are from a transforming motorcycle toy from the dollar store. The handle bars are silver twist ties from transformers boxes and are ajustable.

    I both spray and handpainted him with:
    Krylon Brushed Metallic Nickel
    Testors Light Ivory
    Testors Metalic Silver
    Testors Flat Brass
    Citadel Kantor Blue
    Citadel Abandon Black
    Citadel Troll Slayer Orange
    The Reprolables are from different sets: TR Wheelie, Generations SC Windcharger and Wipe-out, CW SC Groove, Igear's Weapon specialist and TFC'S Hydrant.

    At this point I want to give a very special thanks to Lunatic Prime in inadvertently helping me to solve a problem I'd been having with Street-Beat since I finished painting him last month. His current(and final) color scheme was a last minute change for the tersiary color. And also kind of inspiring my leapfrogging of this thread. Short story time:

    ORIGINALY all the blue on him was orange and I thought it looked nice, as I was trying to emulate the colors of a BEAUTIFULL retro style Touring motorcyle that I had seen drive by where I work(sorry no pictures) that was relatively close to the final product. It was also brass and silvery with orange highlights. But the orange in robot mode made Street-Beat look like he was a Junkion and it just didn't sit right with me. So I shelved it for a bit and thought that more inspiration would come to me.

    And thanks to a incouraging and amusing comment by Lunatic Prime from my last PCC thread(link above), in which he asked if I would be showing more of this custom which he though, through no fault of his own at all, was Wreck-Gar. This immediatly reinforced my first gut feeling that "yeah, I should change it". Funnly enough, I though of using blue because I somehow mistook his name as meaning "Moon" Prime and then though "Huh, Moon Prime. Neat! Wait. Blue moon?" "BLUE!" Qu Final Fantasy victory theme!

    And you see the result. So a great thanks once again to Lunatic Prime for the onorthodox inspiration for the final color scheme. Inspiration really can come from anywhere. Now back to Street-Beat himself.

    Character-wise, he is the oldest member of the RST and acts as a grandfatherly type figure to the team. Though he is more than capable of looking out for himself, having ounce been a Lieutenant in the Cybertronien Militarie's Scout Corps then later transfered to become a cultural investigator(NOT from the Aligned Continuaty), he is actually very laid back and likes to listen to music and tell old stories. Think Kup crossed with Beachcomber and Jazz.

    Vehicule mode:
    I started to make him months before CW Deluxe Groove was even annouced and I was inspired to make a deluxe combiner trike from tinkering his decepticon counterpart Speedpunk(made from Cybertron RST Ransack) from my PCC Road Quarantine team, the DOTM Backfire mold(other PCC project).

    As was building him, I honestly though 1."HOW am I going to pull THIS off?" and 2."His alt mode might look rediculous and too long".
    So after looking up trikes online and finding the custom built ones can be INSANE(no really look these things up), my fears disapeared and this is the end result.

    I'm still shocked that I somehow kitbashed a jet, a formula 1 racecar and a cheap motorcycle into a trike. Still don't know how.

    AND it can pull this of too.

    Leg mode:

    However he is primarily meant to be the left arm as shown at the begining.

    And that will do it for right now. I will continue to develop this thread as I post the other team members here as I work on them.

    So stay tuned and see you next time! Enjoy.

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