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    In the book, the absence of Jolt can be easily thought out (and has) and opens up something to get excited about. Now I have been arguing that Springer is in ROTF because he has both Movie Legends toy and a Robot Heroes toy. Every frickin Robot Heroes and Movie Legends are movie characters (they were last time around weren't they?) hence the name movie legends. He may be the last minute addition that the military supposedly requested instead of Hound (who would be cool too, but I liked Springer better overall). Also, Laserbeak may have been incorporated somehow along with the Transformers that turn into weapons that the writers mentioned (this may have been referring to Scalpel).

    The whole deal with Bay killing Arcee may not be misinformation after all because it may have been a quick decision that hadn't been added to the script as soon as it was announced or when handed over to the book people.

    Also with Arcee, in the comics where they imply that she is three robots with one mind may be true seeing the book goes with the same thing. Someone on IMDB (which isn't any more trustable than Wikipedia) said that she will be much like Devastator in the fact that the name Arcee was for the combined robot and there were individual robots that made her up with their own minds, names, and robot forms. I was hoping and praying that this wasn't true but it now looks like it. But that contradicts what Bay said about Arcee dying and the Wal-Mart toy listing of Arcee as the red/pink bike. Why would "Arcee" die if she was really three separate female bots made into one? I don't understand, but all will be revealed with the toy releases and the movie on the 24th.

    The whole Blackout/Grindor thing is now an issue again because the junior novelization acknowledges the helicopter as Blackout and the real version book leaves it unnamed. As we all know, there is a FAB toy of "Grindor" that looks like a white version of Blackout (there was a bigger possibly voyager white helicopter that came with a mini Scorpinok that was different from movie 1 Scorpy). REALLY confused on that : / But whatever we will have to figure this one out later.

    The book, I think, had Skids and Mudflap mixed up. The obvious reason was when it said that Skids got sucked up by Devy, but also when they said that Mudflap punches his brother into the plaster I thought "Wrong, he meant Skids." Think about it. The ShoWest footage part with the fast montage at the end showing Skids advancing on Loppy to either smack or bear hug. His FAB toy has a extendo-fist gimmick which may be reference to that scene in the movie. Anyone else think that this is possible?

    In the junior novel, Megatron and Starscream mearly escape. In this one they go to the Nemesis and gather the protoforms. Also, in one the Fallen is imprisoned and in the other, the Fallen is just hanging around in the Nemisis.

    That is all that I remember wanting to complain about so post thoughts and other inconsistancies/observations and such.
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    I'm crazy so I'll take a stab at it.

    I think the mistake is to think of the movie universe as just one big happy universe where all the bits fit together when in fact the movie universe is made of several universes that sometimes but don't always over lap.

    So like the film universe and the toy universe would actually be two different universes that don't exactly effect each other. So say Jazz is still alive in the toy universe wouldn't make him alive in the film universe. Or if the novels universe wanted to do something with Dew-Bot they wouldn't have to follow what happened in the comic books since they aren't the same universe they just happen to look a lot alike.