Fan Art: Novo Effectus: Optronix

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    Posted with permission from my friend who doesn't want to be named.


    Just wanted to post this up to show how I view Optronix in my Transformers/Mass Effect crossover known as Novo Effectus. He's mostly a combination of CoP/WFC/WW, but this was the best description I could give to her. She pulled it off really nicely.

    Many of you are probably wondering why he's called Optronix and not Orion Pax or Optimus Prime. Optronix is his real name as he was once a simple data clerk long before the Great War with the Decepticons started until he was thrust into war against his brother-in-arms' tyranny. Because his name was too difficult to translate via the translator in the languages of the locals in the Milky Way, everyone thought it would be best to call him "Orion Pax". He's not called Optimus Prime for a long portion of the story due to his refusal to accept his responsibility as Prime, even though he was selected by Sentinel Prime himself to become his successor.

    Instead, he became Sentinel's most trusted advisor and loyal second in command of the Autobots. He rose quickly through the ranks and became one of the most respected Autobots ever. Only a few usurp his authority, like Prowl or Sunstreaker, but Prowl has his reasons while as Sunstreaker is your typical sociopath.

    And yes, that is the Star Saber in his hand. That too has a role to play in Novo Effectus, but I will not say what it is. Oh no. Too important.

    And I just want to say this: Optronix and Commander Shepard will both share a few things in common with each other and form a mentor/student relationship. They will seek each other out when one requires advice in a dire situation, share the burden of responsibility on their shoulders, and even tell each other things that they normally wouldn't share with anyone.