Novo Effectus: Ignition

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    Hey everyone. Normally I don't go around posting stories on here, especially when it involves... certain stuff because I have no idea how people would react to some of my ideas. So, I think it was time that I at least got into the habit of joining the party.

    Anyways, Novo Effectus (if you can translate latin) is pretty much a crossover between Transformers and my favourite video game known as Mass Effect. It pretty much follows the plot of the game trilogy, but with its own unique twist. The Transformers have a past history with the galaxy, a history that may prove beneficial to both galaxies. Did I say galaxies? Yes, Cybertron is in the Andromeda galaxy for reasons I can't really reveal yet.

    All in good time, people!

    Let's begin with the prologue, hm? Spot the easter egg! I dare you!


    Chapter 1: Prologue

    Journal Entry: 214.21 Kappa

    I’ve never had to make a journal entry before, but Ironhide said that I needed to send this out to anyone who is listening, organic, mechanical or otherwise.

    It’s been... only a few solar cycles since we made the escape through the space bridge. What were merely solar cycles had actually felt more like astroseconds to me. Then again... it can mean anything to us. Time has no meaning for us long living beings, but what does it matter when all we can do is drift through the cosmos with no destination in mind? We have nowhere to go, no planet to call our own, and no ally to turn to.

    We are what any being would call... exiles.

    Perhaps... it is best that I start at the beginning. Why we are like this, and why things are bleak for us.

    [Deep breath]

    I can so easily recall the time when everything was all in chaos. Megatron had all but destroyed our will to keep on fighting. My fellow Autobots were leaderless, powerless. I never wanted to be a leader, I never wanted to be a Prime. But I had no choice. The Autobots needed me, but I could never take the place of my fallen leader and friend: Sentinel Prime.

    As he laying dying in my arms, bleeding energon on the cold floor and Megatron had flown away to celebrate his cruel victory, Sentinel... ever so carefully removed his chest panels, revealing the glowing blue light that was the sacred talisman that had been kept secret for many centuries: the Matrix of Leadership.

    He begged me to take it, begged me to save his people. But before I could even take it, the light from his optics that held such wisdom and such compassion... faded into what seemed like a painful recharge.

    I took it, but I never placed it in my chest.

    How could I do what my leader had done? How could I lead my people in their darkest hour? I can never be like him, never lead. I am neither wise nor strong enough to be what Sentinel had seen in me. Whatever he saw in me, it most definitely is not true.

    Instead, I had Ratchet, who had been one of the few to have known about the Matrix, store it away in a hiding place until we found a new Prime. Until someone who knew how to lead better than I could. I was once just a simple data clerk... I’m not worthy.

    But still, orders had to be given out to the confused warriors and officers.


    Even though Ironhide said that the Autobots would follow me to the edge of the universe I had my doubts and fears.

    I had no other choice but to begin a worldwide evacuation.

    None of the Decepticons were aware of our plans. We made sure to keep it on the down low. But somehow... Megatron found out. They struck hard and they struck fast, but most of the ships had escaped through the newly developed space bridge. Since it had been untested, our scientist had no idea where it would send us as long as it was not anywhere near Cybertron.

    I led my Autobots aboard the newly completed Ark and we made our desperate escape towards freedom. We barely made it in time before Megatron caught up with us in his secretly hidden starship: the Nemesis. They caught up with us, attaching strong cables to the exterior and holding the two ships together.

    The Decepticons boarded the ship and began wrecking destruction upon the engines, hoping to at least slow us down to prevent us from getting to the space bridge.

    [Another sigh]

    I was running out of options. I had Jetfire and Ironhide lead a few teams to take out the cables and prevent the Decepticons from doing anymore damage. Only... time was running out. The space bridge was closing and I had only one thing left to do.

    I fought Megatron one on one.

    It was a battle I’ll never forget. I used everything that Ironhide had taught me in the past. I fought mostly out of desperation in the hopes that I could get my people to safety. I don’t remember much else after that. All I remember was Megatron’s insults in his attempts to lower my guard, the pain in my body from the beatings I took from his sword, and trickling energon over my optics that clouded most of my vision. We fought like clashing titans, beings filled with unlimited strength.

    I don’t know what compelled Megatron to fight so fiercely, but my will to protect my people kept me from noticing the pain that I felt in my systems and my depleting energy. But I continued to fight. I fought like I had never done before.

    I finally gained the upper hand by using my own sword to slice off Megatron’s arm that held his fusion cannon.

    I can still remember his cries of agony, low and loud enough to pierce through the heavens. But then he struck back by using his good arm to cut deep into my asbergo, sending bright blue energon floating into the depths of space. Despite the universe being a vacuum, my com-link must’ve been on because my bellow echoed everywhere. I remember falling onto my injury, straining it further as Megatron walked up behind me.

    I can still recall his final insult as I looked up at him through blurry vision: “You’re no Prime and you never will be.”

    And then... everything went all black.

    I remember waking up in the med-bay with Ratchet looking over me. He explained to me that we had made it through the space bridge and into another galaxy. What galaxy we were in had yet to be determined. He had also explained that Prowl was having Blaster look into any communications he could pick up through Teletraan-One, the super computer designed by our best scientists and hackers.

    Ratchet had also managed to finish patching up my injuries from the battle. How I was brought back aboard the Ark is beyond my understanding, even he had no answer to it either. I was back in working shape the very next solar cycle and have remained in my quarters ever since, trying to understand what had happened.

    As far as I know... everyone had been glad to see me online and well again, but I had been quick to retreat into my quarters until I hear something from Prowl.

    I swore to them that I may not be a Prime, but I would do my absolute best to make them all proud. I was never given a Prime name because of refusal to take the Matrix, not like how Sentinel had once been called Senterius before the Matrix was given to him.

    But even if I am a Prime like Sentinel said I was... I can’t accept it. I was once a simple data clerk forced to become soldier. Nothing more, nothing less. I cannot be the leader he wanted me to be and I doubt I ever will.

    We need to find a new Prime to take Sentinel’s place.

    But until we do, we are forced to wander this unknown galaxy without any place to call home. No destination in mind.

    [An intercom chimes]


    Sir, it’s Prowl, can you come to the bridge? Blaster has found something that may interest you.

    I’ll be right there, Prowl.

    [Sighs softly]

    I guess this is what we’ve been looking for. As far as I’m aware, this may yet prove a strange experience. I just hope that the worst is over and that we can put it behind us. Until then, we can’t make contact with other Autobot ships until we find out where we are and what we’re dealing with.

    This is Optronix, Captain of the Ark signing off.

    End transmission.
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    pretty brief and concise
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    Brief and concise is enough to get someone's attention, yes? I guess I did my job right. :D 
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    The Prologue was merely an introduction for people to get a better idea on what happened and who will mostly be telling the story. It’s not in First Person, mind you. No, what I’m going to tell is something completely different. Yes, crossovers are hard to do, but that is only if you cannot make it work.

    Anyways, there is a reason why Optronix isn’t called Orion Pax like he normally is. If people had read The War Within comics, Optimus Prime had originally been a data clerk (that came from the comic which inspired the Aligned universe) named Optronix with the nickname Orion Pax by those who are closest to. I immediately read between the lines when I realised Optronix was a mixed up word of the very same name if people can put two and two together.

    Now, I haven’t read the War Within comics, but I liked the idea of Optronix being his Cybertronian name with an original nickname added to it. So I put a spin on it which you will very soon see an upcoming chapter. Do not worry, there is a reason for Optronix’s hesitancy of being a Prime. All in good time.

    Let us begin with the introduction of... the story.

    Units of Time
    Astrosecond – 1 Earth Second
    Astrominute – 1 Earth Minute
    Cycle – 1 Earth Hour
    Solar Cycle – 1 Earth Day
    Deca Cycle – 1 Earth Week
    Orbital Cycle – 1 Earth Month
    Stellar Cycle – 1 Earth Year


    Chapter 2: Transform and Roll Out

    They left everything behind; friends, families, even their planet.

    They lost everything.

    They were nothing more than a single ship drifting through the cosmos with no destination in mind. But where were they? The space bridge had been programmed to launch the Ark to anywhere in the universe, but it was technology that had still been in development. It had been built from scratch using bits and pieces of tech that once belonged to the Protheans centuries ago during the Prothean War, even long before Optronix had existed in the optics of Primus.

    But as Optronix quietly walked through the corridors of the Ark, he couldn’t help but admire the fine work the construction workers had put into it. It was built in order to hold over three hundred Cybertronians in order to escape their dying home until they found a new one to colonize and called for the others, but Optronix doubted that no other planet could replace what they had lost. Cybertron may not recover from its pollution of war and the loss of precious energon for millions of stellar cycles.

    Stellar cycles that can pass in the blink of an optic for any Cybertronian.

    As far as Optronix was aware, time had no real meaning for them. They were practically an ageless species, but that all depended on the will of one’s spark to keep on thriving.

    Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly what was on his processor. No, what he really wanted to know was how they had managed to lose the pursuing Decepticons, and how he had got back on board the Ark without even knowing. All he remembered was blacking out during the space bridge’s unstable pulling of the two ships and then waking up in the Med Bay with Ratchet peering over him and finishing off his repairs. But more importantly, he wanted to know what had become of Megatron.

    And if he knew Megatron well enough, nothing was capable of surviving just about anything. No doubt he had survived and was regathering his strength for another attack from somewhere in this unfamiliar galaxy.

    Anything was possible as far as Optronix was concerned.

    His thoughts drifted off to the real reason he was heading up to the bridge in the first place. Whatever Blaster had picked up on the communications station, it had been important enough to concern even Prowl. If they were under attack then everyone would’ve felt and heard it at the exact same time. Even Teletraan-One – the Ark’s supercomputer – would immediately notify all Autobots about any approaching Decepticon starships before they would even notice it from the windows.

    But the fact remained that Optronix had somehow miraculously survived the portal jump without any knowledge of it, and it made him wonder if it had merely been pure luck or something else entirely. Whatever happened, he was forced to push it to the back of his processor and focus on the here and now.

    As he continued to make his way through the corridors, he passed by many Autobots.

    “You did it, Sir!” one said, patting him on the shoulder, which he returned.

    “I never thought I’d see the day when Megatron got his aft kicked by you!” another exclaimed.

    “Well done, Optronix Sir,” one more said, standing at attention and saluting him.

    But Optronix feared they were celebrating all too soon. No one knew Megatron well like he did, and if he knew him well, then he sensed that Megatron would return to finish what they had started. But for now, he welcomed the good fortune. And while he was a capable soldier, Optronix was never one for such high praise. All he did was his job to save everyone and he would leave it at that.

    Sadly, it was also a dire situation for the Autobots, for now they were leaderless, a wandering spacecraft with no place to call home. They needed hope, a hope to cling onto and Optronix allowed the Autobots to celebrate in their victory.

    “I swear upon the Allspark that I will do my best to lead you all through this,” he told them sincerely. “I mean every word of that.”

    He left them to their party as he finally reached the bridge where Prowl was waiting for him. The black and white Praxian swivelled his head in his direction as he stepped into the large room for the first time in solar cycles since the Ark had came out of the space bridge.

    His optics glanced around the room, witnessing several Autobots at their stations as they reported to each other on the slow repairs that were currently going on. Judging from what he had seen during his walk to the bridge at least most of the damage to the exterior had been taken care of, but some of the repair-drones were still recovering offline bodies that littered the Ark.

    Prowl stood up from the command chair and it shifted into the floor the moment he left it. He stood before Optronix and saluted him without hesitation. “Captain Optronix,” he spoke, nodding. “Good to see you’re back up to speed.” He gestured worriedly to his shoulder. “How are your injuries?”

    Optronix returned the gesture and he smiled softly, but not before he rubbed his aching left shoulder. “Ratchet repaired most of the damage as best as he could,” he explained. “Internal repairs are still going, but I will manage. And you can stand at ease, Prowl. I’m off duty still.”

    Prowl shook his head, never losing his composure. “I’m afraid I cannot stand at ease, Sir. With... the loss of Sentinel Prime, many of the officers are wondering what we should do and where we should go. I’ve managed to inform them that we would wait until you had recovered.”

    He glanced over to the staring audience of Autobots. Optronix hadn’t noticed that the entire room had gone silent during the beginning of their discussion.

    “And now that you have,” Prowl went on, turning back to him, “they wish to know what our next step is. As far as I’m aware, we managed to lose the Nemesis and no doubt Megatron got carried away during the jump into the space bridge.”

    Optronix closed his optics for a moment, venting deeply as he turned and walked towards the broad window that overlooked most of space, the stars seemed to shimmer brightly in the cold vacuum of space. “Prowl,” he began softly, never taking his gaze off the window, “you and I both know that Megatron can never be truly defeated no matter how many times we think he is beaten. He always comes back stronger to the point where even I think I won’t be able to hold him off.”

    He turned to face Prowl, his azure optics burning white hot. “We’ve got to hold onto the fact that we’ve lost the Decepticons, but the next time we meet them I hardly even doubt that we’ll be able to hold them off at all! We’re in a dire situation where even a single rupture in the ship’s energon lines could kill us all.”

    He closed his optics tightly, the memories of the near-brush-with-death experience was enough to make him shudder. “I don’t need doubts, Prowl. Not right now. What I need to know is if Blaster’s find is enough to give us hope.” He opened them once more and stared intensively into the smaller mech’s emotionless optics.

    For what seemed like hours had been no more than astroseconds, Prowl finally pulled away from the young captain. Optronix had been mildly aware of the uncomfortable silence until Prowl headed over to one of the stations where a bright red and yellow mech had been patiently waiting for all attention to be brought over to him. He glanced around and watched as they all returned to their stations without another word. Prowl leaned over the mech for a moment, pointed at the monitor and then muttered something to him before he nodded and focused his attention back onto Optronix.

    “Sir, Blaster wishes to confirm on what he had picked up on the sensors’ range.”

    Shaking his head tiredly, Optronix nodded. “Go ahead, Blaster.”

    “Well,” began Blaster, shifting his weight a little nervously as he found himself in the spotlight, “while you had been resting I thought I’d monitor the long ranged communications that the Ark was built in with. I checked as many frequencies as I could until...”

    Optronix’s lips pulled at the corners in the form of a warm smile. “It’s alright,” he encouraged. “Take your time.”

    Blaster gulped nervously and released a vent as he typed in a few commands, bringing it up on the monitor. “Well, from what I was able to pick up, it sounded oddly like...” He flickered his optics to Optronix as a stream of unfamiliar data began pouring onto the screen, “Like as if it were a whole stream of data travelling at speeds faster than the speed of light.”

    Optronix’s entire brow furrowed, the extensive knowledge from long ago clicked into his processor. “Data travelling at light speed?” he questioned, taking a step closer. “Are you saying that there is someone out there transmitting data almost as fast as our own?”

    Blaster nodded. “Yes, almost, but it’s fairly primitive compared to ours, but... the code is... familiar.”

    Primitive? Optronix wondered thoughtfully as he rubbed his chin with his forefinger and thumb. His intense blue optics never left the monitor. If it was indeed primitive but still had some form of being similar to their own tech, then no doubt the Autobots were dealing with a highly advanced race of intelligent life forms, creatures that had the ability to create technology out of their own hands.

    “Sir, I... hate to ask this, but... do you think that this technology came from... the Protheans?”

    The moment those words left Blaster’s lips, many of the Autobots began muttering to each other in tones that showed they had been thinking the same question: had the space bridge sent the Ark to another galaxy?

    Optronix immediately recalled the stories he had heard from Ironhide and Sentinel Prime many years ago, stories that told of a great war long before he had emerged from the Well of All Sparks. From what his processor was able to recall, the Protheans were believed by the younger generation of Cybertronians to be legendary organics that once stalked the landscapes of their home planet, killing anything that got in their path. According to Ironhide, they came from a galaxy not far from their own and they had once formed a peaceful alliance with the Cybertronian race, but that all changed on the day when the Protheans struck home.

    From what Optronix had been able to gather of what remained in the Archives, the war had been won with the Autobots under the leadership of Sentinel Prime driving them off and then both galaxies cutting each other off completely, leaving the fate of the Protheans uncertain.

    No one had heard from them since for the past fifty thousand solar cycles.

    Although the beings were gone, they never truly faded away from the processors of those who fought during the time of the war, spreading tales of their ferocity, their cunning, and even their organic looks. Sometimes around the galaxy, hidden bases still remained and a team of scientists would uncover them, download information from their computers into their processors, and then move onward to study what they uncovered. Most of the information had been kept in top secret, but all everyone knew was that the Protheans were well and truly gone from their galaxy.

    “I wouldn’t confirm that just yet, Blaster,” Optronix finally spoke up. “See if you can download as much of the data stream as you can and have your best analysts look into it.”

    Blaster saluted. “Yes, Sir!”

    He began typing so quickly that even Optronix couldn’t keep up. A cable from his chest snaked its way out and embedded itself into the panel. Bright optics flashing green, Optronix watched in amazement as almost a trillion worth of gigabytes was downloaded into Blaster’s systems in less than a few kliks before he disconnected himself, stood up and then made a mad dash for the exit, leaving a bemused crew of Autobots behind.

    Optronix snuck a look at Prowl, a hint of a smirk forming on his silver lips. “You picked a very talented mech for this job.”

    Prowl didn’t return the look. “I didn’t pick him for the job, Sir,” he told him calmly, “Blaster volunteered to become Head of Communications when no one else would. He practically begged me to let him, said he wanted to make himself useful instead of being stuck in his quarters doing nothing.”

    Optronix bowed his head sullenly. “Must we now convert young mechs into fighting for us?”

    Prowl glared at the captain with an intensity to power several suns at once. “Sir, Blaster made his choice,” he growled lowly, forcing Optronix to glance up at him in confusion. He was soon aware that many of the Autobots were staring at them again. “He didn’t do it because he wanted to fight for you, but he wanted to be able to find a way to make things easier for us without needing to draw a gun!”

    The young mech shook his head stubbornly. “Prowl, sooner or later everyone is going to have to fight whether we want them to or not,” he hissed back, keeping his voice dangerously low. “Our troops are not limitless and very soon there will be no one left to help us form a colony! I’m doing my best to make sure everyone gets out alive and to a new home. But we can’t even do that, not unless we know where we are, make contact with the locals to establish a safe place for those who don’t want any part in our war, and repair the Ark.

    “Sooner or later, Prowl, we’re going to be backed up into a corner with no way out. By the time that happens, it would be too late! Three hundred lives are riding on my very shoulders and I am deeply, deeply convinced that we’re not going to survive another round with the Decepticons the next time they catch up with us.”

    He noticed Prowl was opening and closing his mouth, but was still keeping a straight face.

    “You’ve got something to say about that? Then you better say it to my face before I change my processor. If not, you more than welcome to keep on monitoring the bridge.”

    Prowl seemed to choke on his words for a moment before he snorted, then turned on his heel and made his way back to the command chair. Seeing that the conversation was done for now, Optronix stormed out of the bridge without a backward glance over his shoulder, although he was fully aware of the many Autobots staring into his back, but he hardly care. He had said his piece and it was going to stay that way for the time being.

    Chewing his bottom lip as the formation of a processor ache began to dawn upon him, he made his way down the corridors to find the only two mechs on this flying wreck who could understand his misery.


    He wasn’t sure how long he had drifted in and out of consciousness, nor how long he had remained in this state with floating through space. Any Cybertronian would be aware that time passed differently in space no matter where you were. But as far as Megatron was aware, it might’ve been no more than a few days. The fight with his rival had left him almost damaged beyond repair. His entire body had become numb to the point where even his pain receptors stopped responding.

    What had happened to him?

    Where was he?

    Where was the Nemesis?

    Were the other Decepticons looking for him at this very moment?

    If Megatron knew Starscream well enough, the cunning Seeker wouldn’t have jumped at an opportunity to stage a rescue mission for his leader. At least, not him anyway. Megatron knew he had loyal subjects buried deep within the bowels of his army. Many would choose to oppose Starscream’s desire to leave him for dead. Even the higher ranked officers wouldn’t hesitate to find him the moment they pick up his distress beacon.

    His fingers curled up at the sheer thought of being left behind, only to stop as his left arm sent a tiny pulse of pain.

    Or at least what was left of it.

    The fight with Optronix had left him without a limb. It had been cut off by his devastating sword in a surprising attack that had left him crying out in pain to the point where all sensation had faded away. His attempt to stop the Autobots from leaving had failed, and now everything had to be started from scratch again.

    A part of him wanted to give up in the hopes of making a new empire in his own image. It had been taken away the moment Optronix had been crowned as Sentinel’s successor. With it came his one desirable goal to conquer the galaxy: to remove the Autobot rebels once and for all. But that too had been taken away when the Autobots escaped from the planet in their so-called hope known from his spies the Ark.

    No! He won’t give up! Sooner or later the Autobots would run out of energon and would be forced to land to make repairs to their ship. The moment the Nemesis found him, he would take it upon himself to find them and finish them off once and for all!

    He switched his optics back online, his strength renewed. But he knew all too well that his thrusters were cold and damaged. Even if he transformed into his jet form, he would not be able to cover enough distance to reach a nearby planet and repair himself. No, his best bet was to wait until the Nemesis picked up his distress beacon and take him back aboard.

    Right on cue, his long ranged sensors picked up a gigantic object heading in his direction. From what he was able to tell from his weakened sensors, it was slowing down. He turned his head to where his sensors were picking it up and there it was, the familiar form of the Nemesis. The purple biolights coating its wings and underbelly brightened up his silver and black features.

    He was too weak to move or even open up his com-link channel. He would have to wait until his loyal soldiers came for him. His thoughts proved true when the belly of the ship opened up, exposing him to light. From out of it, two familiar Seekers emerged: Thundercracker and Skywarp. They descended towards him on silent thrusters like ghosts from beyond the grave. They fell until they were on either side of him, their ruby optics illuminated by the life behind them.

    Megatron stared at them intensively with annoyance. He tried to speak, but his vocal processor would not respond. Thundercracker glanced over to his brother, he seemed to be talking to Skywarp through their sibling bond before he nodded and his optics returned to their leader. “You look like slag,” he smirked.

    Megatron growled warningly but he said nothing.

    “Starscream,” Skywarp spoke up, pressing a finger to his helm, “Megatron’s alive. Whatever Optronix did to him, it obviously didn’t stop him from staying online. I’m surprised he’s not even in stasis lock.”

    There was silence before Skywarp rolled his optics. “Whatever. I’ll have a medical team meet us back on the ship.”

    He turned to his brother, gesturing towards Megatron but he said nothing. Once again, Megatron was subjected to silence as Thundercracker nodded in response as both of them grabbed hold of his shoulders, though it wasn’t very gentle. Together, with the power of their thrusters, they flew back up to the Nemesis. If Megatron had enough strength in his one good arm, he would’ve punched them both for being incompetent.

    As they made their way up, the numbing sensation in his chassis began to die away and become replaced with unbelievable pain that shot through his shoulder like liquid hot fire being poured on his entire body. However, he kept a straight face, not wanting to show how weak he was in front of his subordinates. But despite the fact that he was in a lot of pain, it was becoming more and more difficult to hide the amount of pain he was in.

    As Thundercracker and Skywarp reached the inside of the ship, they pushed forward and planted their feet firmly on the floor. The moment his pedes made contact with the hard surface, he stumbled. Thundercracker was quick to react as he helped his master steady himself just as Knock Out, followed by his assistant Breakdown, came rushing into the shuttle bay.

    The small red mech’s optics widened at the sight of his lord and Megatron could’ve sworn he had muttered a curse underneath his breath. He turned to Breakdown. “Assist Thundercracker and Skywarp in transporting our Lord to the Medical Bay,” he growled. “I’ll go ahead and get everything ready for his repairs.”

    He turned and made a dash for the door.

    Breakdown shrugged his broad shoulders. “Easy enough,” he stated simply as he carefully grabbed Megatron’s legs while Thundercracker and Skywarp kept a firm grip on his shoulders. Together, the trio escorted the severely wounded mech after Knock Out.

    As they travelled the corridors, many of the Decepticon soldiers gasped at the injured state of their leader. Seeing his missing arm only made things worse as they bowed to him, muttering their prayers in the hopes he would make a quick recovery. He was weak, pathetic. He shouldn’t receive such excuses. One day, once he was recovered, he would surely bring them to their knees.

    “Set him down on the berth,” Knock Out ordered.

    They complied, laying Megatron on the medical berth and then backing away, but Breakdown quickly rushed to one side to grab a few tools. Megatron’s optics flickered as he realised he was losing consciousness again. He was losing the fight to stay online. He could barely make out Knock Out ordering him to stay with them.

    “Frag,” Knock Out cried, “he’s losing consciousness! Breakdown, get me that spark charger!”

    Breakdown grabbed a set of charges, handing them to Knock Out. Knock Out shot a glare at Thundercracker and Skywarp. “What are you still doing in here?” he demanded as he prepared the charges. “Get out! Do you want to get shocked?”

    They didn’t need to be told twice as they made their quick exit. Everyone knew how scary the doctor could be when he was in a foul mood. Knock Out shook his head and charged the charges. “Clear!”

    Breakdown backed away as he zapped Megatron in the chest, causing him to jolt.


    “Blaster, are you sure these results are correct?”

    All the Autobot officers had been gathered into the Briefing Room by Optronix the moment Blaster had given the results his analysts had decoded the information he had downloaded previously. Most of the officers were not too thrilled about being part of the meeting but Optronix had insisted that this be so for everyone’s sake.

    The results had been... surprising.

    “Absolutely,” Blaster nodded. “I checked it thrice to make sure that it was correct. The results don’t lie, Sir. The data we downloaded to look at are the results of a network similar to the DataNet. It had a lot of information about the galaxy we are currently residing in at this very moment. From what we were able to understand... we’re currently in the very galaxy the Protheans once inhabited.”

    “You can’t be serious!” Ironhide cried alarmingly. “We’re in the forbidden galaxy? That can’t be right, the space bridge’s coordinates were set to take us to another region of space! Not... this place!”

    Optronix raised a hand, silencing him. “Easy, old friend,” he said calmly. “Blaster hasn’t finished yet.”

    Ironhide grumbled and settled himself back down in his chair.

    Optronix motioned to the young mech to go on. “Continue, Blaster.”

    Blaster nodded. “We also found out that the Protheans no longer exist in the galaxy,” he went on. “According to new studies by the new dominate species they mysteriously vanished fifty thousand stellar cycles after we had managed to drive them off from ours. They left behind technology that allowed many other organic species to advance quickly and spread throughout the entire galaxy using mass relays.”

    “That’s disgusting,” Mirage whined. “Organics breed like petro-rabbits.”

    Optronix’s optics widened and he shot a look over at Ironhide, whose facial expression had become completely emotionless. He knew well that the old mech had a huge thing against the Protheans. He didn’t know much about his background, but from the bits he had been told over the stellar cycles it had involved his whole platoon getting wiped out and nothing more was said.

    “Optronix, Sir.”

    He turned his head in the direction of the spoken voice. Sitting at the edge of the table, head bowed and avoiding direct optic contact with almost everyone else, was the newly appointed officer Bumblebee. He was one of the youngest members of the entire Autobot crew. He had a very cheerful and outgoing personality and quite popular with just about everyone. Even the grumpy old Ironhide had taken a liking to him, much to everyone’s surprise. He was never one to shy away at a chance to prove himself to his superiors. But it was thanks to his efforts in the battle between the Ark and the Nemesis that he had been appointed to officer status just shortly after his warrior promotion.

    “Yes, Bumblebee, what is it?” Optronix’s voice was neither harsh nor commanding, but rather fatherly and encouraging.

    “Well,” the young mech said, twiddling his fingers together, “I was thinking that we could... make contact with the locals? I’m sure they’d be willing to help us repair the Ark and provide us with a place for some of those that don’t want to fight.”

    “Unfortunately,” Blaster said, raising a hand, “the organics of the galaxy are not a fan of... synthetics.”

    Optronix frowned. “Is that what they call machines?” he asked.

    “Pretty much it has everything to do with anything that is involved in artificial intelligence or anything mechanical,” Blaster explained. “I’m not sure it would be wise to ask for their help. From the data I had looked into, at least three hundred stellar cycles ago, the organic species known as the quarians created limitedly intelligent robots known as the geth before they rebelled against their masters and then they fled from their region of space. They’ve been homeless ever since and are viewed as outcasts to the entire galaxy. The geth have never left the Veil after the outing either. They just wanted to be alone.”

    “Just like us?” piped in Bumblebee, bright blue optics wide with curiosity.

    Optronix nodded. “Yes... just like us...”

    He closed his optics for a moment, his acute hearing picking up the faint sounds of everyone’s intense venting. Everything was riding on his choices now. Whatever he decided it would affect everyone. He hated making choices without the guidance of Sentinel Prime. He had served as mostly an advisor to him even though he helped lead others into battle. Choices had to be made carefully and everyone would have to agree to it.

    He made up his mind.

    He lifted his head and stared at each and every one of the mechs in the room. “Bumblebee is right,” he said, shocking everyone. “If I seem to recall, the Ark is in no shape for another attack from the Nemesis. We need repairs and we need to find a safe place for those who don’t wish to fight. We need assistance and we need it now. Without this galaxy’s help, we would be powerless.”

    “What if they won’t accept us?” Ratchet asked

    “Then we’ll give them a reason to accept our help,” Optronix retorted.

    No one dared to argue anymore. Once Optronix had made up his mind, he stuck with it. Even Prowl remained emotionlessly silent.

    Satisfied, Optronix looked over to Blaster. “Where can we find the leaders of this galaxy?”

    Blaster thought for a moment, placing a hand upon his chin. “My best guess is to head to this section here.” He pressed a button, bringing up a holo-projection of the galaxy they currently resided in. Blaster pointed a finger in one of the regions, bringing up a bright purple and white nebula shaped like a serpent in a curled up position. “We head to this region known as the Serpent Nebula, there we’ll find a massive capital space station known as the Citadel. We’ll find the leaders there known as the Citadel Council.”

    “Then we’ll start there,” Optronix agreed. He turned to his long time friend. “Jazz, head up to the bridge and pilot the Ark, but don’t take the mass relays. We’ll get there fast without them since we have no idea where each one goes.”

    “Yes, Sir!” Jazz saluted.

    He turned back to Blaster. “Blaster, continue monitoring communications for anything out of the ordinary in case the Decepticons are still hunting us.”

    Blaster nodded.

    “Everyone else, dismissed.”

    Saluting, they left the room without further questioning, leaving Optronix alone. He sighed tiredly, rubbing his helm. It was tough being a captain of a ship filled with many lives that sat upon his shoulders. He was responsible for everything and everyone no matter what happened. They looked up to him and he would see to it that they make it through.

    But as far as he was aware he was a soldier just like everyone else. Nothing more.

    Shaking his head, he stood up and made his way out to wherever his processor decided to take him.


    “That is... most unfortunate, Knock Out.”

    Starscream sat upon the throne in the bridge of the Nemesis, looking upon the monitor with Knock Out’s face on it. He had not been extremely pleased about how his time as leader of the Decepticons had been cut short. He thought his time as Lord would be a long and glorious one, but it would seem that Primus had decided to laugh in his face and have Megatron be brought back on board the Nemesis after being outvoted by all the officers. This also included the very loyal Soundwave and the stupidly blind Lugnut.

    Not wanting to show his disloyalty to his ‘master’, Starscream eventually agreed. But judging from the reports from his brothers, Thundercracker and Skywarp, Megatron’s condition hadn’t exactly looked good. The entire Decepticon army had waited with battered breath for Knock Out’s report on whether Megatron would be able to survive his wounds or not.

    Good news or bad news, it would all be in Starscream’s favour.

    “Perhaps,” continued Knock Out,
    “but as far as I’m able to tell, Megatron will pull through. But it could take deca-cycles or even orbital cycles before he’s able to get back into fighting condition again. It took me almost three cycles to get him in a stabled condition in order for me to begin repairs.”​

    Knock Out glanced back behind him and Starscream caught a glimpse of Breakdown attaching energon tubes to Megatron’s comatose form.

    It would seem that the entire Nemesis was his to command until further notice. This was a perfect opportunity! Anyone would jump at a chance to sit in this very command throne he currently occupied. He smirked to himself. He could most certainly get used to all of this. Whatever choice he made the Decepticons would follow him to the letter.

    He snuck a glance over at the two of the most loyal subjects of Megatron on the other side of the bridge. Lugnut wouldn’t be too much of a problem as his religious fanaticism over Megatron could be convinced that everything he was doing was for the glory of the Decepticon Empire. Soundwave, on the other hand, was the most problematic. From the day he joined the Decepticon army and met the spy master he knew that he couldn’t be trusted. Soundwave was Megatron’s optics and audio receptors. If he did or said anything that would tip the balance of power, Soundwave would know. Plus there were his little spies Laserbeak and Ravage who had their ways of getting around.

    Because of Soundwave’s mastery in spying on any form of communication he listened into, this made Starscream extremely paranoid. Paranoid enough to the point where he was always looking over his shoulder. Anything he did, Soundwave would not hesitate to let Megatron know.

    He would have to play this very carefully.

    “See to it that Lord Megatron,” he drawled sarcastically, “is well looked after, Knock Out. In the meantime, we will continue to hunt for the Ark, and then we’ll destroy those meddlesome Autobots once and for all.”

    “As you wish, Commander Starscream,” Knock Out sighed and disconnected the call.

    Starscream leaned back in the throne, pulling his clawed fingers together and resting his elbows on the armrests. He was fully aware that everyone on the bridge was watching him, waiting for some sort of sign on what to do next.

    That answer came sooner than he thought.

    “Commander Starscream.”

    He tilted his head in the speaker’s direction. “What is it, Barricade?” he grumbled, squinting his optics as his tone became dangerous. “And it is ‘Lord Starscream’ to you.”

    Barricade just shrugged his shoulders, ignoring the last comment. “Soundwave picked something up that you may want to hear.”

    His interest suddenly peaked. “Oh?”

    Soundwave silently walked up beside him, his hidden face behind his visor giving no sensor of emotion whatsoever. Rumour had it that he had deleted his emotions to process information more quickly, but that was as far as Starscream knew. Soundwave tilted his head downward and he played back the message.

    “We are under attack! Taking heavy casualties. I repeat: heavy casualties! We can’t... argh! –eed evac! They came out of nowhere. We nee—”

    “Optronix, I’ve got wounded humans! Cover me while I get them to safety!”

    “Roger that, Ratchet!”

    “Primus, what the Pit is that?!”

    Starscream’s entire body froze at the sound of the two familiar voices that spoke in clear Cybertronian. Anyone who had been in the Decepticon army long enough would easily recognise the voices of Optronix, Ratchet, and Ironhide. But what were they doing in the middle of this com-link report? One had to wonder as he stood up to his full height and frowned suspiciously. He turned to Soundwave. “Where exactly is this communication coming from?” he asked, keeping his voice level.

    “From a planet known as Eden Prime, which is the second closest to the star in a system known as Utopia, which belongs to the Earth Systems Alliance,” Soundwave simply replied in his infamous monotone.

    He didn’t need to be told twice as he pointed a clawed finger over at Thrust. “Set a course for the Utopia System,” he ordered coldly. “We’ve got to get there before the Autobots decide to escape!”

    “At once, Commander,” Thrust said, bowing his head.

    The Nemesis began its silent prowl to its destination where it hungered for another round with the Ark. This time, there would be no escape.


    I’m extremely proud at how well this chapter went. It was a little slow in coming, but I finally got it done, thank Christ. Now, I suppose I’m going to have to do some things after each chapter, a little something that includes voice acting for several Transformers. I’d say we’d do at least four on each faction, hm?

    Alright, here’s the first eight.


    Optronix: James Arnold Taylor (many would know this guy as the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. However, he is also known for voicing Leonardo from the 2007 TMNT movie, Harry Osborn from The Spectacular Spider-Man and Ratchet from the Ratchet and Clank video games as well as for the upcoming movie)

    Prowl: Anthony Ruivivar (picked this guy because being known to take on enforcer roles in movies and TV shows. He is best known for voicing Batman from Beware the Batman, Alex Longshadow in Banshee, Alegio Salazar from The Whole Truth, and Peter from White Fang 2)

    Ironhide: Keith Szarabajka (not only providing the voice of Ironhide from War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron, he also voiced Harbinger from Mass Effect, Laserbeak from Dark of the Moon, Dr. Terrence Kyne from Dead Space, Cornelius Slate from Bioshock Infinite, and Didact from Halo 4)

    Bumblebee: Will Friedle (oh boy, I couldn’t resist this one. He didn’t just provide the voice of Bumblebee from Transformers Prime, but he also voiced Batman from Batman Beyond, Ron Stoppable from Kim Possible, Lion-O in the rebooted ThunderCats, Deadpool from Ultimate Spider-Man, and Blue Beetle from Batman: The Brave and the Bold)


    Megatron: Frank Welker (best remembered as the voice of Megatron and Soundwave from Generation One as well as Transformers Prime, as well as Galvatron for the upcoming Age of Extinction movie, Frank Welker seemed perfect enough with his gravely evil tone that sends chills down my spine. He is best known for providing animal effects to a variety of characters from Abu from Aladdin to Sharptooth from The Land Before Time and many other carnivorous dinosaurs. Also known for voicing Doctor Claw from Inspector Gadget, Jabberjaw from Jabberjaw, Fred Jones and Scooby-Doo from Scooby-Doo)

    Starscream: Steve Blum (voice of Starscream from Transformers Prime, and everywhere you can possibly find. Too many to list)

    Soundwave: Isaac C. Singleton Jr. (acted as Bo’sun from Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, voiced Soundwave from the Dark of the Moon video game, Hoya from Halo 4, and Officer Marks from Batman: Arkham Origins)

    Lugnut: David Kaye (best remembered as the voice of Beast Wars and Unicron Trilogy Megatron, also provided the voice of Optimus Prime and a variety of other characters in Transformers Animated as well as Lugnut and Grimlock, Professor X in X-Men: Evolution, James Gordon in Batman: Arkham City, will be providing voice for Clank in upcoming Ratchet & Clank movie and the game series)

    Next chapter will provide the kick into the story as we meet Commander Shepard and find out how things will turn out for the Autobots and Decepticons. Will Megatron ever get back up on his feet again? Too many questions, not enough time!
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