2D Artwork: Novacula - Movie Design

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    This is my second movie design and second character based off of this alt mode. I'd never heard of this chopper, but I've already received two requests, so it must be popular to some degree. Then again, it could also just be coincidence, hehe.

    Anyways, read the bio below and let the creator know what you think. I have another movie design on the way. Enjoy!


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    Name: Novacula
    Function: Battlefield Reconnaissance, Attack, and Air Combat
    Alternate Mode: RAH-66 Comanche Stealth Helicopter
    "I don't care if I win or lose; it's the challenge that interests me!"

    Profile: There’s nothing Novacula likes better than long odds and the longer the better. It doesn’t matter if he’s outnumbered ten to one or facing a particularly tough opponent, he eagerly takes them on with a gleam of delight in his optics and that worries those who are unfortunate enough to have to fight alongside him. They can’t tell if he has a glitch in his processors or if he really is that insane. There’s no flaw and he’s not really crazy, it’s just that he enjoys a challenge. It doesn’t matter whether he wins or loses; if he felt challenged, he’s happy and he’s been known to sulk after an easy victory. He’s well aware of the moniker his comrades have given him – “Mad Novacula” – and doesn’t mind. He’s also aware of his limits – he’s never asked to help repair anyone, for example – but he gets a thrill in pushing his combat limits in battle.

    Abilities: Novacula’s unique angular shape and RAM superstructure deflects and absorbs a variety of sensor signals, so much so that his return signature isn’t registered as a helicopter, much less a large Decepticon. Even the main rotor blades deflect and absorb sensory signals and his fantail rotor is shrouded, thus reducing the noise made when the rotor wakes meet. His exhaust is ducted downward through slots in his tail, reducing his heat signature. He’s armed with a 20mm Gatling gun that can be stowed internally and can be converted into a hand-held weapon in robot mode. He can use his main rotor like a massive star shuriken, turning it into a flying buzz saw capable of tearing up anything its path. While he prefers a special type of spark-seeking missiles, his internal weapons bays can carry just about any type of ordinance, and he can carry more on a pair of wing-like external weapons carriages.

    Weaknesses: There’s a reason Novacula has earned his nickname; he jumps into situations neither Primus nor Unicron would dare enter and tends to linger longer than necessary. His rotor-blades can easily be ruined by medium-rated armor and affect his ability to fly. Attaching the external weapons charges severely reduces his stealth capabilities.
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    That left arm is pretty disconnected, but otherwise, cool. You've never heard of the Commanche? I don't think we actually use them, but its been "Discovery Channel Knowledge" for a long time. Pretty slick design...all the weapons are internalized.