Non-US Beast Hunters Legions & BotShots for sale in person at BotCon

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by griffin-of-oz, Jun 10, 2014.

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    I should be at BotCon this year, and so I would prefer to sell these in person, to save people the expensive shipping from Australia (which is where I am... and where these were released).

    SOLD - Wave 3 BotShots - Megatron (new mould), Twinstrike (new mould), Inferno, Hound, Skywarp (chase).
    One FULL set - US$50

    SOLD - 2014 Beast Hunters Legions - Bluestreak, Rotgut, Divebomb, Ace Vehicon (the white one).
    Three FULL sets - US$50 for each set

    STILL AVAILABLE - And one set of JUST Rotgut, Divebomb, Ace Vehicon, PLUS Japanese GO! red Micron (November 2013 store freebie) - US$40


    Payment in person in cash at BotCon (so no need to risk anything with me), or trade for anything on my want-list -

    If these are NOT reserved before I get to BotCon on the 18th June, I will use them for trade in the Dealer Room... I just prefer they go to Fans first.

    I will only consider breaking up sets if the offer is good and they aren't reserved as sets before BotCon, as I don't want to be left with several of the one figure.