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    An anime which features a Transformers from the planet Odnetnin has to team up with Danny Litwick, a major gaming fan, when his ship, the prison ship and his home-away-from-home, the Dolphitate, crashes on Earth. I want it animated as the G1 cartoon. He became a handheld Game Boy which was discovered by Danny with Super Mario Land Head Cartridge. He has multiple games which become his head, giving him powers and personalities based on that character. Here are what they are
    Game Head Personality Power
    Super Mario Land Mario heroic able to jump high
    Warioland Wario A little Greedy
    Tetris Like Shockwave made of Blocks Logical Puzzle Solving
    Pokemon R,G,B,Y The games Pokemon Must be commanded that Pokemon's power
    GB Camera Danny's Face Eagle eyes
    Kirby Dreamland Kirby Friendly Copy Ability

    You get the deal

    The Game Boy Transformer (not sure what his name will be) has Handy Boy Armor, the Game Genie Upgrade Form (face looking like the guy from the Label), the Game Shark Upgrade Form (A better form of the GGUF), and the Booster Boy Mecha. He has a friend who is a Game Boy Printer. His armor, cartridges, and Friend were scattered around the country of Japan and they have to find them all and his ship. However, some creatures were let loose called the Glitchsters who can cause havoc with technology. They have to capture them while looking for the rest of the Game Boy Transformer's stuff. It should take place in the Primax cluster. So what do you all think?