Next gen Transformers Game (ideas)

Discussion in 'Transformers Video Discussion' started by ssjkazer, Feb 13, 2020.

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    Alright i had to put the ideas thing in because i dont want to cause people a heart attack thinking i found something.

    Next gen consoles are not far away, i think we should put togther a list of who we think would be best to make a new Transformers games.

    Ubisoft is at the top of my list they have shown time in and time out that they can make a really nice open world with nice graphics with a decent story plot.

    Followed by 2K borderlands 3 is great and i can see what they have done there working well, blizzard could do something uniqe with it, or maybe even bethesda they do a good job on the Doom games, actavision is last on my list because well they lost it, so the odds of them picking it up is low.

    If we can work out who we think is best maybe we could petition the company to approach Hasbro

    Now i know what some of you are thinking it will never happen, yes you are correct it will never happen if we dont try, if we try there is at least a small chance of it working.

    also i would love to see forged to fight make its way to console