New York Comic Con Cuponk Review

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    I bought this Cuponk set today at the NYCC. It is one of the coolest, if not the coolest pieces of Transformers memorabilia that I own.

    The artwork on the box itself is amazing. The Cups are designed by Robby Musso. The artwork is just fantastic. On the Autobot side there is Prime wearing a Headband, and a Cuponk Medal around his neck (with handles of the Matrix. There is Roller to his right with a Cuponk cup replacing the "red light". Jazz is playing Cuponk with Bumblebee. Bumblebee has a towel draped on his shoulder with an autobot logo. Behind Optimus is Grimock in Dino mode wearing an Autobot hat backwards on his head. Hot Shot, who is wearing Football pads, war paint below his eyes, and a Karate belt, is bouncing a Cuponk ball off of Grimlock's tain into the bot from the Ark who reformatted the bots and cons in More than Meets the eye (sorry, I don't know the name for this bot).

    In other words, totally freaking awesome.

    The Cuponk cup is electronic. Insert 3 AAA, and you get the following sound effects :

    Triumphant music for a few seconds, and then the Transformation Sound.

    A crowd Cheering, and the Prime saying "Optimus Prime"

    Lasers shooting, and the crowd gasping in shock.

    Cheerleaders chanting "Autobot, Autobots. Yeaaaaaah" Crowd cheering (yep, this thing is awweeeesome).

    The G1 Transformers Theme jingle. Da Da Duh, Da Duuuuuuh. (hey its late)

    The Decepticon Cuponk cup is equally boss.

    Megatron is also wearing a headband. He has a Wrestling style Champion belt around his waist that shays he is the Decepticon Champion. With "'84" on the left side of the belt. He is clutching Cuponk ball.

    To his Right A Cuponk Cup is on a stack of Energon cubes. Starscream is firing two Cuponk balls out of his null rays at Megatron. With a scowl on his face. The blue Tape Deck "thing" (sorry I don't know its name) is sneakily putting a ball into the cup that is on top of the Energon Cubes.

    Shockwave is in the back... pumping iron with a hand weight. His laser arm is pointing at Starscream. A Graffiti Cybertron is to the left of Shockwave. On the Other Side, Devastator is attempting a trick shot off of Soundwave's open tape cassette door that that has a Cuponk Cup on it. Soundwave is wearing a Tennis Visor, with a Metallic brim and a Decepitcon logo on it.

    The Sound Effects for the Megatron cup are :

    Transformation Sound. Multiple blaster and Laser sounds. And Megatron saying "Megatron" (sorry can't place the voice actor)

    Lasers, and laughter. (could be Devastator)

    Evil Music, and then the Transformation Sound.

    Megatron saying "Decepticons", and then a crowd "jeering"

    Cheerleaders cheering "Decepticions, Decepticons, Deceptions..." ... crowd cheering.

    G1 music. Then Transformation Sound.

    Three of the included "Trick move" cards are Transformers related. They are G1 Bumblee doing a lay-up style shot. G1 Prime doing a forward bounce pass shot between his legs. Megatron doing a cocky, no look behind the back throw.

    Six balls are included. A Megatron ball with a Fireblast type watermark over him. Prime, with a Champion Reath watermark, Bumblebee with a Gear Water Mark, and Starscream with a Jet Watermark.

    One Autobot logo ball, and One Decepticon logo ball are also included

    I will take come pics later this weekend. I am busy all day Saturday.

    This collector piece is EPIC !!
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    Can't wait for pics. I may have to look into these.
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    State College, PA
    Based on your review, I grabbed a set online this morning. Thanks!
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    This sound pretty awesome...can't wait for some pics.:) 
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    need pics soon