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    This story takes place after Roseanne Harrison and Maxwell Anderson saved an Autobot named Nightstrom. Here’s the background story.

    It’s the end of 2007almost a New Year upon them. Since Christmas of that year. After her dad had been captured by the sector seven guy’s. The government had said he, was free and with there backing they had started the Star defenders or Star Knights. As they would soon be known.

    With the secret government projects that Roseanne Harrison’s dad has been working on to help the Autobots in their war in America. After revealing his last project to his daughter before going away. Can Roseanne help the autobot’s in their war?

    At the end of my last story Roseanne had been with Nightsrtom when Optimus had asked.

    “Nightstrom the choice is yours, either you could stay here or come to America you are welcome to join us” said optimus who was in his robot mode on the Airstrip in England.

    Looking around to Bumblebee, Nightstrom knew she wanted to be with him. But she knew that she owed her life to the small human creature standing a few feet away from her. Before she could Speak Roseanne walked forward she looked at Bumblebee then at Optimus the to Nightstom as she heard her word’s

    “Optimus I thank you and your team, but I won’t be coming with you my place is here with Roseanne I might be able to help quite a bit. That’s if Roseanne will mind me hanging about,” said Nightstorm looking at the young creature.

    Walking forward she spoke “Nightstrom I don’t want you to be taken away from your own kind, but if you wish to stay I would be glad.” Said Roseanne.

    As a young male man walked, forward and placed his hand in hers. To the left of them two other young couple’s are standing close together smiling at the other couple beside them is bumblebee his face showing nothing.

    “I will stay maybe more of our kind might land here and we need to be ready but Optimus -”said Nightstrom as Optimus moved away ready to transform hearing his name he turned around.

    “-Just call us if you need help we will be waiting” said Nightstrom seeing him nod Optimus walked forward and asked to talk to Roseanne.

    “Roseanne you have helped me and I thank you also for saving one of our kind. Your father has something that he will give you but thank you” said Optimus as he transformed into his truck mode. As each one placed then self onto the plane bumblebee said bye to Nightstrom.

    As Sam and mikaela walked forward “well here Ratchet did this if you guys need, to get in touch well just call us,” said Sam handing over a small computer looking object. Hugging Sam and mikaela Roseanne and max watched as they bored the plane preparing to take off.

    Roseanne spoke as they watched the plane take off “

    “What ever happens we will be waiting ready to fight to save them and us as well. I don’t know what the future will hold nor will I know if they will win. But we will be their waiting watching always defending the visitor’s from the stars. We will be the Star defenders. Because even when there is only darkness we will always light the sky,” said Roseanne as a green car pulled up getting in Roseanne dad stood beside his best friend who was Max.’s dad.

    “Hum what Roseanne said is right we will be watching defending “said Michael Anderson

    “Your right that’s what we will become and that’s what we will name our selves, The Star Defenders or the star knight’s but it is there war our world and we will defend it.” Said James Harrison nodding as both men jumped into a black car and drove off leaving a cloud of dust.

    As 2007 is ending I will be writing my new story’s soon and I sneak peak at my new story will be placed I will be writing as 2008 begins and the story will start on new years eve hope you enjoy.
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    that was ace