New Sparkling -Robots in Disguise Season 2 spinoff

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    Author Note preamble.

    It is the reason for events in RID season 2. It been toiling in my head. I am not crazy about fem-bots for existing. This hint reason why this one does exist.

    Waking up.

    It was a jolt to remember getting up on strange berth and even the stranger building. I been here before but the perspective is all wrong. Seeing the old one standing bit away from the berth as he holds something his hand, Alpha Trion at least what the processors told me. Sadness is etched on Alpha Trion’s face.

    “You are awake, young one.” Spoke Alpha Trion distantly

    “Where?” Ask as this new vocalizer spoke the first word.

    “Earth.” Answer Alpha Trion “The human Lorena surmised that the spark is too young to come on line.”

    Lorena is a name of female human. I look down at my frame it is indeed female in shape. This is not Lorena’s intent though she wanted this spark I have to resemble Thundercracker. There a sensation of admiration for the seeker name Thundercracker.

    “I have memories Alpha Trion.”

    “To age your spark I based the personality patterns off Lorena’s.” answer Alpha Trion. “Her frame was dying and I transferred her personality into yours.”

    “You gave me a female frame.” Spoke Me

    “Yes, to honor her.” Answer Alpha Trion “What do you wish to call yourself.”

    “A designation?”

    I found myself looking at the lab. Lorena dedicated her life protecting the spark and was killed for it. She designed this lab and built this place to serve as cradle for my being combining Earth and Cybertronian technologies. Although, Earth is still vastly inferior to Cybertron technologies. Both technologies were built to scale to interact with.

    “A seeker class frame.”

    “Some based their designations off of functions.”

    “You can call me Cy-Tech.”

    Jazz was supposed to destroy all the Cybertronian technology when the Autobots left Earth for Cybertron. Lorena was able to smuggle this out of Skywatch and procure to create cradle to protect my spark that thrums inside me.

    “Cy-tech, is a good designation.” Spoke Alpha Trion calmly.

    “What are you doing?” ask Cy-tech

    Alpha Trion gather some of the artifacts that Lorena valued. Some were of paintings and various artworks that she collected overtime. Crystals are scatter in Lorena personal area. Part of my spark tugged at the momentos that were of value.

    “I am collecting things that meant most to her.” Answer Alpha Trion

    “She meant something to you, Alpha Trion.” Spoke Cy-tech

    “In the short time I knew her she show me the potential of the human spirit.”

    “Crystal Skulls.”

    “Humans are strange lot. They believe in everything has a soul as they call it.” Spoke Alpha Trion “Lorena’s case she was rather ecletic in her belief system. Crystal Skulls to the humans are conduits to an alien species that not their own. “

    “Strange belief.” Spoke Cy-tech.

    “It is more complicated than that. “

    “She has a lot of Silicon Dioxide around.” Spoke Cy-tech

    “Quartz.” Spoke Alpha Trion “The used for a lot of things. In some cases for the chips that built the computer there. Lorena says some regard as one of the most sacred stones on Earth.”

    “So you are not going tell me what you are doing?”

    “There are some things you are going discover on your own.”

    It was silence that is new. Then everything is new. Curious to see thing work is familiar things. Science explained things far easier than emotion did. It should be scary but for Cy-Tech it isn’t she is curious. Cy-tech downloaded all the things that the humans knew about science and the meta-physical. Strange combination for scientist who also spiritual: Lorena apparently is trying to understand what is meant to be human.

    “She understood just fine Cy-Tech.” Spoke Alpha Trion. “This is a new perception of the world, Cy-tech.”

    “You had given me female perspective in this frame, why?”

    “It is easier to make the adjustment.” Answer Alpha Trion sadly