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    1. Ebay and other auctions go in the Transformers On Ebay forum.
    If you post an auction in the Junkion Forum, it will be removed. Continue to do so after being warned will result in infractions.

    2. No sale of pirated and illegally copied material.
    No copied CD's, DVD's, software, television shows, comic scans, movies, video games and roms, etc. If you are found to be selling these items, you will be banned from the forums. No warnings.

    3. This is not a discussion forum.
    The Junkion Exchange is not a place for discussion or to post random and negative comments. Any posts of that nature will be removed. You may ask questions about the items for sale/trade, but nothing more.

    4. Please do not ask for deliveries to P.O. Boxes.
    We've had major problems with this in the past so we ask that you refrain from requesting it. Have it sent to a friend or neighbor, or to work if allowed. Send items to P.O. Boxes at your own risk.

    5. You can only sell items in your possession.
    You may only sell items for things in YOUR POSSESSION. Offering a pre-sale for an item before you have it is not allowed. If your friend wants to sell here, he can sign up. Registration is FREE. Selling for banned members is extremely prohibited! You will automatically be banned for doing so.

    6. One "buy/sale/trade" and one "want" thread at a time.
    You can have one "For sale/trade" thread open at a time. In addition to that one, you can have one separate "Wanted" thread open. If you have a thread on the first 10 pages, then simply add to or edit that thread.

    7. No store or website advertising.
    If you own a store or dedicated website to buying and selling toys, you may not start threads promoting it or reply with the sole or masked reason of promoting it. You may advertise it in your signature within normal board specifications. Do not post sales threads that force members to go to another site. If you do not comply your post will be removed and warned.

    8. Bumping threads is limited to one per day (24 Hours)
    We realize the traffic that goes through the forum and the desire to stay on the first page but bumping threads is limited to one bump per day in a 24 hour period. All updates and bumps are to be wrapped up into one post per day, with a minimum of 24 hours between. Bumping is getting out of hand and we want everyone to have an equal shot of displaying their items.

    9. You MUST be an active TFW2005 member to buy/sell/trade here
    New members must wait 30 days after signing up and need at least 10 posts to buy, sell, or trade your items in the Junkion Exchange. Existing members SHOULD NOT buy/sell/trade with members who do not meet this criteria.

    Sorry to our new members with good intentions as we know that more often than not, you are just new to the community. However we have had numerous new members sign up, take money and then never to send out items or be heard from again. If there's no feedback, think twice before giving them your money.

    10. Negotiate all fees and conditions before agreeing to buy or sell something
    Paypal, money order and shipping fees should all be negotiated prior to agreeing on the transaction. Adding additional fees after the agreed upon transaction price is not acceptable. Paypal payment fees can be paid by the buyer or seller, negotiate this before hand. Remember, if using Paypal, the "Gift" payment option offers NO PROTECTION to the buyer.

    11. Common Sense
    If a new member is posting items that are too good to be true, then use some common sense before blindly sending money. Request feedback and photos if you are unsure about a particular deal.

    12. Buyer Beware
    As with above, use common sense:
    Verify Feedback. Attempt to verify feedback provided for anyone you deal with here. Links to Ebay feedback, TFW2005 feedback (if any), feedback from other Transformers sites are all excellent sources. Also double check our list of known deadbeats here.
    Request pictures of items when making purchases. Always request pictures of items when making purchases, even when dealing with members with a lot of positive feedback. Conditions of toys are subjective and will vary in the opinion of every member. Good quality pictures will show you exactly what you are getting and lower the risk of not getting what you paid/traded for.

    13. Risk of Loss
    Once an item is handed off to a mail carrier responsibility of damage or loss is transferred to the receiver/buyer. The receiver/buyer should purchase insurance if he or she wishes to be able to receive compensation for any loss. See Risk of Loss.

    Finally, we ask that some common courtesy. Only inquire about items if you are serious. Communicate with your buyers/sellers if you have a problem and be sure to leave feedback in the Junkion Feedback section. Feedback benefits everyone involved. If you don't pay, don't send the items promised, or otherwise scam the members of this forum, you will be banned immediately, without remorse and with no chance of ever coming back.

    The 2005 Boards Administrators, Owners, and Moderators are not responsible for any deals or transactions between parties that arrange them here. Do so at your own risk, we will not intervene to settle any disputes. If there is a problem, do not bring it to the board. You can PM a Junkion mod if you have a LEGITIMATE gripe, and we will look into the matter. However we have no power to force anyone to return anything. We will only act as a go-between of last resort.
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    As a reminder. Please, I do not recommend sending payment as a gift by paypal. Pm me directly if your have having a problem with a board member. If you make a deal with a board member, have an agreement as to when the package will be shipped. If the board member doesn't reply, file a claim with paypal. it's that simple.
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