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    I recently created an Animated RPG site along with a few of my friends. It is now open and ready for new people to join.

    The rules are simple, and I will list them in detail below. But basically, you just have to be nice, male a character. get accepted, and then start role playing. You can be a human, a super human, an Independent, a Decepticon, or an Autobot!

    The back story is basically the Animated premier movie, with the only exceptions being: Starscream is missing, and no one knows where Megatron is. The Decepticons are ruled by Maximus Prime.

    We've just started out, but I know the members I have are active posters. I have role played with them before.

    Almost all of the canon characters are up for grabs, except:

    Optimus (reserved)
    Megatron (not allowed)
    Blitzwing (taken)
    Lockdown (taken)

    We have started a friendly, commitment-free site. You won't get stressed out reading the rules; they're simple and easy to understand. We just want a friendly, role playing community.

    And now, the rules (in detail):

    The Rules and Guidelines:

    All members will need to read these rules. You can not complete a bio with out doing so. Wait until an Admin reviews and accepts the bio before posting in the main Role-Playing area. :

    General Rules:

    3. Spam: No spamming. Members get ONE warning on this subject. If it happens again the member will be banned.

    4. Respect: Please Respect the site, it’s members, and the Staff. Role-playing is a privilege for all to use. Act in conduct according to the rules; treat others as they would treat you. Do not use excessive profanity or hostile language on this site. You will be warned once then deleted. Any posts of a "explicit" sexual nature will be deleted. Any mentioning of violent acts, terrorism, race, gender, sexual abuse, or any crime pertaining in reference to another member will consequence in removal of account and an IP ban. Swearing will happen, this is a free language site you may use swear language in your dialogue please post a warning if the topic does contain such language. Excessive swearing language will result in a warning, which will entail a staff member asking the member to find another way to be expressive.

    5. Equality/Ethics: All members are equal, treat others accordingly. Insults, direct blatant sarcasm and other disrespectful acts will constitute a warning. There will be no signaling out members in ANY way. This includes, gender, race, sex and any other physical mental or otherwise trait. Treat other members as you yourself would like to be treated. With Respect. Major arguing on the site via threads and posts is prohibited. Members may discuss any subjects or issues via PM or in the Technical Forum where the member can post a labeled post describing the issue or problem so that Admin’s can solve it. Please be civil and respectful. Arguing will occur, and I accept that. But please try to keep it under control.

    6. Age: This site does not have an age requirement. I do ask that any person below the age of 15 ask permission of a parental figure before joining. As this site is open to all people some topics may be unsuitable for younger users and members. Please post a warning in the sub-topic line if the topic might offend or be inappropriate for younger members.

    Character Creation/ Bio Submition:

    1. Character Bio's: Members must first submit a bio before posting. Then the bio must be accepted. Your character may be one of the available canon characters or an original approved character by the staff. All types of characters are welcome. Please keep the validity of your character in check the Staff will notify you if your character is too strong or too bizarre.

    3.Ownership: You own your character. Other members will not be able to use or control your character in any way. If this happens notify a Staff member. If a member actively attempts to control another members character a warning will be issued. Written permission must be made for another user to use your character.

    4. Inventory: Please post an inventory of some kind in your Signature. This inventory must include all items or fleets or non-important characters you control. If you attempt to use a major item that is not in your inventory, the post section with that item will be null and void. This is the members responsibility to add and remove items not the admin's. Any abuse of this will constitute a warning and other punishments deemed by the staff.

    5. Tech Spec's:

    All characters will recieve a Tech Spec for their Character upon completion of the Character Bio. This Tech Spec will include the following fields. Pending Discriptions.

    Strength: STR
    Speed: SPE
    Endurance: END
    Firepower: FIR
    Skill: SKI
    Defense: DEF

    Members will not give themselves Tech Spec's. Only an admin can approve raising the Tech Spec or lowering the Tech Spec. One would be achieving a goal or completing a mission, or defeating another character in Combat.

    Posting Rules:

    1. Topics: Topics are what this place is all about. Open topics allow any character to join. Closed topics are restricted topics that the creator dictates who may enter. Please state if you want your topic closed in the sub-category under topic title.

    1.1 Topics: Members may not close a Battle topics. For example, a member that attacks another may not restrict who aids the defender by limiting the topic only to the attacker and defender.

    2. Major Topics/Minor Topics: Major topics are topics that include such events like Faction battles, Faction attacks on uncontrolled planets, Destroying a base, Fleet battles, environmental changes, diseases and biological weapons, introducing a new species, introducing a new technology using databases and finally base building or fleet building. Please state in the Sub-topic line if the topic is a Major Topic. Otherwise Minor topics do not need to be stated so.

    3. Double posting is a restricted act. Please allow whomever you are Role-Playing with to respond within the allotted timeframe. If a Major Storyline battle is occurring, this applies with factions. For Example: If the Autobots post an attack on the Decepticons, the Autobots must wait until a Decepticon member posts a defense before posting again.

    4. Posing Length: There is no limit on posts, but I'd perfer if you'd try to keep them between 30 and 700.

    5. Grammar and Spelling: Spell check is your friend. I make mistakes, a ton of them. You might catch them, I might not. I try to use spell check if I can it helps clarify my posts. Checking your spelling and grammar is important, you do not want to have your post miss-interpreted. Please do not shorten words. Do not use abbr words as well.

    6. Attacking and Defending: When an attack post is made the Defender has nine days to respond. If the defender's race does not respond the attacker wins by act of forfit.

    7. God-modding: No god-modding. Your character is not all powerful. Thus the reason for the addition of weaknesses to the bio's. I don't care who you are I will ban you for breaking this rule. Of course a warning will be announced before such an action. Missions: Some Factions may have missions. You can take one mission at time. Missions will have rewards by Staff and Faction leaders.

    8. Death: No character is immortal, because of this fact Death is a topic we must discuss. During the term of this Role-Play your character and others may die, that’s life. No matter the cause of how, which may include several reasons you are dead and can not post in any forum but the OCC and Main/ General Area. An inventive solution has been derived to remedy death. You may have noticed or you may never have but there is a forum where you may be cloned or resurrected. You do not have to clone yourself and return at all, the choice is yours and yours alone. You may in fact want to create a new character. I invite you to do so. Just place a new bio in the Character Creation page. There is no limit to the number of times a character may be cloned/Resurrected.

    Factions: There are currently four Factions on Transformers: Oblivion. Autobots, Decepticons, Humans, and Independent. Members can create Alternative Factions. A New Member Created Faction must write a bio for the faction and have it approved by the Admin’s. A new faction will need Five members to be official. A leader will be appointed to the new faction so that missions and other acts will be organized.

    Missions: Some Factions may have missions. In fact I hope that there will be continuous missions for all factions. Missions are the responsibility of the Faction Leader. The Faction Leaders will be posted in the Databank. Faction Leaders will assign and have missions approved for member use.

    Staff will assign military statistics and Tech Specs for each Character. It is the Members responsibility to add the Tech Spec to his or her Signature. If a member changes the Tech Spec that the Admin gives them with out permission that member will be banned. There is only one warning for this.

    Members and Factions can not create fleets, technology, armies, or any major changes without staff approval. For Example, If a player wants to upgrade or make a new weapon they must use a “Did I” or purchase the upgrade or weapon.


    Members can engage other members at anytime. Members are not allowed to continuously attack the same member three times in a row. Each combat thread counts as one time.

    Members are trusted to be responsible. You decide if/how much damage your character takes, and your opponent decides how much his/her character takes. If a mod believes you are acting unfairly, he/she may intervene and decide how much damage your character takes. A mod may also do this to control the flow of battle and lead into plot.

    If you defeat a character in battle, you will be rewarded with higher tech specs or new weapons.


    Weapons: All members are have a in battle weapon cap of five weapons. They may NOT use more than five at a time. A member can have more than five in his or her possesion but they can not be used in battle. The user must state that they are only using said weapons. Please adhear to this rule.

    Members can only have five useable weapons at one time. The two that are their defalt weapons plus three others they get from winning a battle. The combined total of the weapons will make up your firepower. Please note that you can only use fiver to this total others will be only invintory and you can sell or trade them if you wish. Defalt weapons can be replaced.

    The Oblivion Event:
    There is a new twist. The Oblivion Event. An Admin Member named Oblivion: Event shall intact several Major/Minor events through out the Role-Play term. These events shall include but are not limited to such things as environmental conditions and Alien Encounters.

    Major Events would include: Contact with new Species/ Races. Acquiring/ Discovering New technology/ Random Events that change the course of a particular role-play like the capture of a character Such events that will make the RP interesting.

    Minor Events: Environmental Conditions/ Rain/ Volcanic disruption/ Meteor shower/ storms/ earthquake.

    The different factions:

    The Autobots:

    Led by Ultra Magnus, the Autobots stand for justice and freedom. They oppose the Decepticons in every way. Defenders of the weak and Cybertron, the Autobots seek to keep the AllSpark out of Decepticon hands.

    For Five million years, the Cybertronians warred over the AllSpark. In a last attempt to save the AllSpark from the Decepticons, they tossed it through a Space Bridge, hoping it would never be found again. This caused the Decepticons to abandon the war with the Autobots in favor of searching the universe for the lost Allspark.

    The Decepticons:

    When the Autobots hid the AllSpark somewhere in space, the Decepticons instantly went looking for it. And, after 4,000,000 solar cycles, they have finally found it....

    Most memorable amongst the Decepticons is the fact that, because of their various personalities, there is constant conflict amongst each other, and as a result usually leads to the failure of a mission or physical confrontations amongst each other which causes the failure of a mission. A good example of this is Starscream's constant conflict with Megatron over leadership skills and how things should be done. Unlike the Autobots, the Decepticons have many sub-groups that could be seen as special forces units.

    The Humans:

    The humans are divided into two groups.

    Regular Humans: This group makes up the bulk of the humans. There's nothing special about them, but a few of them befriended the Autobots.

    Super Villains: These humans were mutated either by the Decepticons or else experiments gone wrong. There are only a few of them, but they do pose a threat.

    Independent Characters:

    Independent Characters do not have an affiliation. They are often mercenaries, but that is not a rule. They may choose to become part of a faction or start their own. These characters are freelance and will not have missions given to them

    And the link to the site: Transformers: Animated