New Cyberverse ALLSPARK clip - all regions-

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    While searching for Cyberverse videos I came across this clip that I have never seen before (my apologies to US readers if this is old news for you guys, but for us Europeans every clip that we can find without geo-block is gold ;) ). Moderators feel free to move this thread accordingly...

    Not bad! nice action clip. We can see more of each of the main characters, and while sometimes a little bit too cartoonish in regards to the animation itself, I'm enjoying the trama, characters, and stories so far.

    A quick 'spoiler-ish- comment below:

    This is the first time that I see a reference to the toys gimmicks in the cartoon:
    Starscream's 'wing slice' is shown in action in the episode. It looks like that he can throw his wings (or part of his wings) to an opponent ??? It was a fast clip, but it sure looked that way...

    Well, I was not a fan of SS Armada when he used his wing as a sword, so needless to say, throwing his wings is, in my opinion, the dumbest thing I've ever seen a Transformer flier do in any verse and cartoon..oh well...:rolleyes: 
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