New Affordable 3D video camera.

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    This isn't a rip on Nintendo, because the moment a skew is released on the 3DS, I will pay it off... Day one.

    But someone beat them to the punch in terms of releasing a non-glasses 3D display. And it comes in the form of a $200 3D video camera. The display on the camera (as well as a separate $200 8-inch glassless 3D monitor) will be out next week, and while they won't be replacing Jame's Cameron's arsenal of cameras for Avatar 2, I've seen the result both in Polarized and Red/Blue Youtube 3D, and for 200 bucks that's pretty freakin' sweet.

    The camera converts to Youtube 3D, and comes with an HDMI to pump out the 3D polarized TVs. On top of that, it also shoots in 2D 720p.

    I know I've been a big 3D whore in the last couple of months, but this is exciting as hell to me because my kid is about to jump into Kindergarden, and while reliving memories on video is sweet, watching him running around the soccer field in 3D years from now promises to be a very different experience than watching my family's old videos. Check it out:

    Aiptek 3D - A New Dimension for Real Emotion

    So who wants to sponsor my 3D porn company?