Never the same

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    ([I]This is a Story I wrote about the female autobot Elita 1. Due to the fact I believe the female transformers don’t get enough credit in any of their stories or series so this is to the female’s who keep the male autobots in line and who stay on cybertron and fight for there freedom.)

    (This story is fictional but has some base to it and I wrote this because I wanted to go deeper with the autobots females and I hope you like it)

    By Firestar2007 with thanks to Ratchet and Meagtron on Comics in disguise who comic idea gave me the inspiration for this story.

    If you want to find out more about Comics in disguise done by Ratchet and Megatron go to type it in google you will find out and join in the fun

    Never the same.

    As Elita 1 looked over the planet that was her home she sighed, centuries of war and conflict had made cybertron a desolate wasteland. It was almost like there was only old ghosts in this once beautiful planet. But the golden ages had gone. No Autobot ventured out onto the planet surface only those, who were desperate for the energy they need or to engage the deceptions.

    Retreating back into the base no one was there on the surface, Shockwaves drone’s made good off that. As the lift took her down to the underground base she waited as the door opened. In front of her stood three female autobot’s Chromia, Firestar and Moonracer all ready to go into battle ready to get the energy they so desperately needed.

    As Elita moved she nodded knowing her team would find what they needed like they had done after Optimus and the Autobots had left over Four million years ago.

    She waited as the door closed going over to the console, she sat in the chair that faced the screen. Watching them move towards where the energy store Elita made sure that they were safe and that nothing wasn’t following them.

    Turning her head an old picture caught her optics it was of her Optimus prime and Ultra Magnus after they had celebrated there anniversary of when they first had become the robots that they where now.

    Sighing Elita picked up the picture and renumbered the time before she had been the female warrior she had become.

    “Everyone settle down please, we have work to do please back to work,” shouted an old grizzly dockworker that was in charge.

    After hearing about the other docks most of the workers had been worrying about it all. Sighing Ariel looked around the day had been busy unloading and working. But hearing about the other docks had got her nervous she wondered where Orion Pax had got too. Giving a guess he was showing off as usual.

    Suddenly a bot appeared right beside her his red and blue marking’s made him stand out. Little did they know he was to become one of the greatest warriors in cybertonion history. Dropping the cube’s she spoke to him.

    “Orion don’t do that you know, I hate it when you sneak up on me” said Ariel glaring at him. Placing the cubes on the belt to be sorted.

    “Come on Ariel it was a joke you know, I’m here anyway I won’t let anything hurt you I promise” said Orion smiling and pulling her close to him.

    Suddenly a voice kicked in as an another bot joined them his name was Dion he was Orion’s best friend and had been secretly in love with Ariel for a while.

    “Come on you two we got work to do these shipment's won’t unload them self's,” said Dion standing with his arms crossed over his chest glaring at Orion. He really wanted to hit him but Orion was his best firend they where like brothers.

    As they nodded they went back to work. Suddenly Elita thoughts had been interrupted by Chromia reporting in “Chromia here Elita where not far from Shockwaves base shall we proceeded with the plan”

    “Yes Chromia proceeded with caution shockwave may have hidden forces ready for attack elita 1 out” said elita turning off the com- links to her second in command.

    Outside near Shockwaves base and the spacebridge, which would later bring the autobots, back to cybertron for a short time where three Cybertronian Car’s stood hidden in the shadows there colours making them blend in.

    “So are we going by the plan or winging it,” said Moonracer the youngest of them. Her blue and white colour looked grey as they hid in the shadows.

    “No Moonracer where going to follow the plan we have to trust Elita 1 and alpha trion they have never been wrong before.” Said Chromia

    “Well what we standing here for we need that energy and shockwave won't had it to us on a plate” said Firestar waiting for chromia to say go.

    “All right lets roll out we got work to do” said Chromia looking at the others.

    As they drove towards Shockwaves base Elita 1 thoughts went back once more to that day when she had become the female Autobot leader.

    After Dion had interrupted them they had began work once more during this time a group of autobots called the Aerialbots would appear in there past and change the future of Orion, Ariel and Dion.

    As the airelbots had come towards the docks Orion Pax had come forward
    “Hey you guys you here to help,” said Orin Pax making his way over to the new comers.

    “Well no not exactly” said Silverbolt looking at the young bot he some how seemed familiar but Silverbolt could not quite place him.

    “ Never seen you guys around here before I’m Orion, Orion Pax” said Orion introducing him self. As each of the airelbots introduced them self's
    “ What do you do here?” asked Firefight

    . Dion and Ariel had come forward as well and looked at the new comers
    “Oh and that’s Dion he’s my best friend” said Orion introducing Dion to the newcomer’s

    Coming forward Ariel ran and hugged Orion “And this is Ariel keep away from her she’s my girlfriend” said Orion

    “Don’t listen to him he’s just the jealous type” said Ariel standing beside him.

    Dion had called them outside and they had been talking with the newcomers when things would take a turn for the worse.

    During this time Megatron had appeared and had charmed Orion as they came in Dion and Ariel had been watching

    “Who’s that with Orion” asked Ariel looking at Dion as they stood beside the engergon cubes

    “Oh wow its one of those flying robot’s” said Dion looking at Orion and the newcomer as they came in.

    Elita renumbered what had happened next but the pain of watching Orion get hurt had made her forget the past.

    But afterwards the newcomers who had been there before had taken Orion to Alpha Trion there Orion was made into the Autobot leader and holder of the Matrix Optimus Prime.

    Afterwards Optimus had gone off to fight against Megatron and his evil. Alpha Trion had mussed over that what Optimus had asked. “ A female warrior hum I will call her Elita 1” said Alpha Trion walking back into the workshop.

    The drones had taken Airel’s body and Dion’s body to the workshop. Alpha Trion had done the same thing to her and Dion as he had done to Optimus.

    Afterwards the airelbots had gone back. But time had gone on as Optimus had come back from the fighting he had been shocked, to see that both of them where alive but where they still his friends.

    Walking out Alpha trion looked at them in the Distance a group of young female autobots stood they had come from the city to see this new warrior who had taken on Megatron and his men .

    “I Suspect you have many question’s but now is not the time you must gather troop’s and fight.” Said Alpha Trion looking at them.

    It was a tall robot who had the same colour as Dion had had spoke
    “What are we then? who are we?” said the robot who would become Ultra Magnus

    “You Three are the first to be created like this Dion you are now Ultra Magnus you must become what you are meant to be a warrior,” said A3 nodding at him smiling Ultra Magnus smiled and nodded

    “Ariel you have become the first and one of a kind female warrior. You must take the new ones and train them, you are the first of your kind and you have a special ability. But I will speak with you soon about that. Your name is Elita 1 now” he continued nodding the young pink female stood tall at hearing her new name.

    Beside her the new Optimus Prime knew that his friends where not the same friends he had known. Looking at Elita 1 would she renumber what they had before all this had happened?

    “Orion Pax you where the first to be made and you now carry a most important piece of our history and your future inside you. You are no longer the Orion Pax you used to be now you are Optimus Prime” he finished turning he went in side and left them to talk.

    Standing each of them looked at each other it was Ultra Magnus who broke the silence
    “Where do we go from here then?” he asked seeing Elita looking a bit dazed and Optimus looking confused as well.

    “I think it best if we split up gather troops and end this” said elita looking at them both.

    “Alright then I go see if I can find anybody good luck Elita and Optimus take care see you soon” said Ultra Magnus going off towards the city in hope of finding more troop’s.

    Standing their Elita looked at Optimus as he reached out to hold her she took a step back. “Orion I mean Optimus you’ll always be with me and I need time we will see each other again” said Elita had began to run down her face like tears.

    Walking forward prime gathered her in his arms making Elita cry some more.

    “Elita I promise I will always protect you. I love you and nothing would stop me from destroying anyone, who would harm you,” Said Optimus gently moving so he could look at her “Maybe time is what we need but I will never stop loving you I promise you I will always return to you” he said

    Nodding Elita touched his face and moved off towards the other females who stood there. As they disappeared Optimus turned to look at the golden planet sighing he turned his back on it and went off in search of more troops’ to help.

    Elita had renumbered it all the last time she had seen prime had been so long ago that they had gone but she knew that if Optimus had gone she would have felt it in her spark.

    Sighing she got up and went into a small room that was hers opening a small box she placed the photo in it. The box then was sealed shut and only one bot could open that box now if she ever died in battle.

    Going back into the control room she watched and made sure her troop’s where safe as they came back. Not realising it but soon her past would come back, as Optimus prime would race back to his home world to save his one and only love.

    On earth Optimus had been looking at the Star’s thinking of his love and how much he missed her. The past had made them so different but the spirit of the once young Orion Pax still was there. Closing his eye’s he watched as ironhide his weapons specialist and good friend came towards him with news that would make Optimus come face to face with his past as well.

    (Hope you liked and enjoyed I did it was well as I could so enjoy from Firestar 2007. I was listening to Bryan Adams song I will always Return from the Disney movie Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron thought it was a good song to go with my story)
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    that was ace yuor a good writer
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    Hey thanks for the commnet i wanted to go in deapth with elita 1 and the females so hope you enjoyed it.

    if there was anything about it you did not like please say and i can alter my next stroy
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    I liked this one too. Nice to see an Elita story and I like how you tied in the show dialogue. You might want to make sure all your characters' names get capitalized though, just something I noticed.
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    Hey thanks

    Yeah not many female autobot stroys seemes most people write about the males will be writing about ironhide and chrioma and how they became togther.

    But thanks anyway glad you pointed that out will try and sort it.

    Anyway can't wait for your next stroy keep them up .