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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jorod74, Feb 2, 2008.

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    okay, a lot of cyberpunk films suck more than a greedy H2 at the pump.
    and i wanted to send old Billy Gibson hate mail for taking a classic 'punk story and making it a turd called Johnny Mnemonic.

    having re-read the wikipedia article on William Gibson and it mentions that as of 07, Neuromancer is in the works i am cautiously optimistic.

    actually, after i saw the fabulous "Ghost in the Shell" film about 10 years ago, i wanted an anime version of Neuromancer. it was plausible, reasonable and woould have a good shot at beating The Matrix at the cool factor awards.

    anyone else interested in Neuromancer or The Sprawl Trilogy being done?

    there is one aspect of the book that seems dated, though. the scene with the AI calling Case as he walks past each pay phone in the airport...since cell phones are killing those things off, it doesn't seem right. but it was still creepy.