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    News of the possible Neo G1 line of course sparks the imagination and the wishlist thread is interesting... but huge lists of wishing for everything leaves me cold. I think it's more interesting to think of how you would do an actual line with a limited number of new molds.

    Going by the number of new molds for Cybertron, and that the Neo G1 line is only set to run for about 1/3 the length, I would estimate there will be ~5 new voyager molds and ~9 new deluxe molds. So with those limits what 16 figures would you make? What repaints would you do? Judging by Cybertron numbers you can also have 2 remolds.

    Remember only 5 new voyager molds, only 9 new deluxe molds, and only 2 remolds. If you want to talk about more than that go to that wishlist thread.

    My choices:
    1. Optimus Prime (Semi-truck)
    2. Megatron (the gun)
    3. Jetfire (large jet)
    4. Grimlock (t-rex)
    5. Soundwave with Ravage and Rumble (Some kind of tank/artillery truck with Ravage and Rumble forming weapons for it and for Soundwave's bot mode... so really a Targetmaster... they don't store inside him since he's about deluxe size and Ravage and Rumble are each "$5"-size toys)

    1. Starscream(the F-15)
    2. Mirage (F1 car)
    3. Prowl (Police car)
    4. Sideswipe (Sports car)
    5. Trailbreaker (SUV)
    6. Astrotrain (space shuttle/train)
    7. Blitzwing (tank/jet)
    8. Swoop (pterodactyl)
    9. Slag (triceratops)

    2 Remolds:
    1. Shockwave [Voyager, Remold Megatron: new head, laser hand(if it doesn't have one...), modify look of the gun to be different]
    2. Blaster with Ramhorn and Rewind [Voyager, Remold Soundwave: new head and Ramhorn changed from Ravage, Rewind's just has a new head from Rumble]

    Straight Repaints:
    1. Motormaster [Voyager, from OP]
    2. Thundercracker [Deluxe, from Starscream]
    3. Skywarp [Deluxe, from Starscream]
    4. Dragstrip [Deluxe, from Mirage]
    5. Sunstreaker [Deluxe, from Sideswipe]
    6. Ironhide [Deluxe, from Ironhide]

    I'd also want Sunstorm, Drone Seeker warriors, Smokescreen, Bluestreak, Red Alert, Ratchet, Skids, Hoist, and more repaints but I capped it at 6 to not flood the line with repaints. Remolded heads would be great for the repaints, but again that's beyond the limits. Bots and Cons are even for number of Voyagers but the bots have an advantage of 2 deluxes. 8 total voyagers and 14 total deluxes to spread over 3 or 4 waves in the ~6 months scheduled for the line.

    I wanted to do Constructicons but couldn't fit them into the number of new molds. Instead of TC, SW, etc... I would prefer to have G1-accurate remolds of Thrust, Ramjet, and Dirge(repaints could easily be done later as exclusives), but with only 2 remolds they didn't make the cut. I wasn't planning on have the Triplechangers in there, but I needed some more Decepticon molds and I choose those 2 over doing only 2 of the 3 Insecticons. Including just 3 of the Dinobots needed to be done to give some more variety in alt modes and not make too many redundant car molds.

    So it's a bit of a challenge to make the decisions and compromises have to be made with such limitations.
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    Couldn't this have been done in the other thread?
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    yes it could...

    I thought this was real news when i saw it's title
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