Fan Art: Needing Feedback for Fanfic Idea

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    Okay so some of you are aware that I write a Transformers AU Fanfic called "Transformers VG." Many people had begged me to add Beast Wars characters but I had admittedly only had two characters set up. Well after much thought and debate I decided to change this.

    I'm considering adding a Beast Wars Arc to Transformers VG which will be called of course the "Beast Wars" arc. But I would like some feedback on how I plan to execute this, to know for sure if I can do the arc or if the execution comes out sloppy.

    The Arc's Plot Summary
    Walinator's (Waluigi as Waspinator) transformation goes wrong and he starts building up Transwarp energy. Shadowarachnia (Shadow Queen Peach) sacrifices herself to contain the explain. But the released Transwarp energy sends the two back in time. Shadowarachnia finds herself in the custody of the Maximals, lead by Donkey Primal (Name may need changing.) Now she must help the Maximals stop the Predacons if she wants any chance of returning to her own time.

    Also yes, taking everyone's suggestions. I decided to change Donkey Kong from Trailbreaker and make him Optimus Primal. The new Trailbreaker is Funky Kong, that way I won't have to change much what I've already have written.

    So what do you think, is there areas that could use adjusting?