Customs: Need some Sketchup models of various parts

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Autobot Burnout, Nov 15, 2012.

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    Hi, sort of an odd request, but I just found out my college has a working 3D Printer that students can use. As it is, I'm missing some crucial parts from a few of my TF's and other projects that I'd love to finish, so if anybody can send me sketchup models of the following I'd be grateful:

    E. Roadblock parts (needed to complete a mothballed SG Ratchet)
    - Entire Left arm (from the hand to the rod that connects it to the main body for front/back rotation, can be modeled off of E. Inferno since they're the same toy)
    - "neck" component (the thing that allows the head to move into different positions for robot, combined torso, and vehicle modes)

    G1 Sixshot
    - His guns (just one model will do since they're duplicates)

    RID Sideburn
    - right foot (don't ask)

    Armada Super-base/pants prime
    - Smokestacks/arm guns

    Armada Dune Runner
    - Rollcage

    Energon Optimus Prime (drone combining Leader)
    - Gun (doesn't need to be able to launch a missile)
    - Battery compartment cover
    - Drill/OP 3 cockpit
    - Decepticon symbol plate I can glue over the Autobot symbol
    (I've got two of these guys, a damaged one I've converted into a custom Grand Scourge/Nemesis Prime and a second, undamaged but incomplete one. The former needs the battery cover and the Decepticon symbol plate, the latter needs the gun and the Drill/OP 3 cockpit)