Need help finding a Mermaid toy

Discussion in 'The Toyark' started by Arcee, May 22, 2009.

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    Hello All,

    I posted this on Toyark but didn't have any luck finding the name of this.

    I'm trying to find the name of a mermaid toy that was made between '94-'98. It is not a Disney licensed toy, in fact I'm not sure what toy company made it but it resembles Polly Pockets. The 2 mermaid dolls included in the play set are miniature, only about 1/2" tall. The play set itself is an underwater castle on a sand bed about 12" high, about the same size and shape as Mighty Max Skull Castle. The gimmick of this toy is the castle opened using a key which could be stored in one of the towers when the castle was closed. Once the castle was opened on one side there is a clear tank which could be filled with water and using a hooked wand included with the set you can loop the mermaid's hair with the wand and "swim" them in the tank. On the other side there was a dance platform which you would attach the mermaids too and make them dance. The platform would also light up with multicolored lights. I also want to say that there was an octopus and fish figure that came with the set about the same size as the mermaids. On the outside of the castle a clam shell and treasure chest opened to reveal a jewel treasure. The castle itself was your typical pastel colored pinks, purples, blues, etc. I know this play set was one of three separate themed play sets made in the mid '90s which was not popular and the toy line was not continued. I searched pages of ebay and google images trying to find this toy. I wish I had a picture to show everyone what it looked like. I had it as a kid and I've searched my childhood home trying to find it but I believe my parents got rid of it in the process of completing a divorce. I have many Bluebird Polly Pocket play sets and even though this wasn't one it still fell into the mini doll category and that is why I loved it. If anyone knows or remembers this toy please help me out. Thanks in advance.