Need help deciding which TF TPBs to get next year

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    Hey guys. I currently in the process of switching over my comic collecting from singles to TPBs come the wrap up and reboot of the current IDW TF comics at the end of the year. The problem is I count no less than 5 different TF titles IDW will be releasing and I have NO IDEA how I can afford them all (at least all at once anyway). And I need some help/advice trying to prioritize which ones I should get. I'm also trying to finish off the classic run of Hama's G.I. Joe as well with 3 more vols to go. Here are the 5 TF titles I know of coming:

    1. Classic TF (reprints of Marvel)
    2. Classic TF UK (reprints of Marvel UK)
    3. Classic TF cont. (what will be issues #81-100 by Furman)
    4. First new ongoing TF title spinning out of events of Chaos
    5. Second new ongoing TF title spining out of events of Chaos

    That's a lot of TFs!

    I definately want to pick up the Classic TF Continuation (to the point I almost want to do singles so that I will be getting FOR SURE as TPB.

    I can probably aford to do two more titles, the question is do I go for classic or modern.

    I already have all the singles of Marvel Classic run and all the Titan UK trades, but I love these stories and love what IDW has been doing with the classic G.I. Joe run. It feels wrong now not to collect the TF runs which I love even more especially now that IDW can reprint that Spider-Man issue and stuff that they couldn't before. Plus the posibility of having a full run of the UK stuff at last makes me kinda giddy.

    As for the new stuff though, its stories with my favorite G1 characters I've never seen before, not reprints which is tempting in itself. That said, I'm kinda mixed on the new continuity. Some of it has been really dragged out and boring (Costa), which some of it (mainly anything by Roche and Roberts) has been awesome. So it's a mixed bag. And I'm pretty sure that will continue to be the case even with these two new titles. I could collect one and not the other I guess, but I tend to be a completist and feel I would only be getting half the story. Plus the new ones have the advantage of being slightly cheeper than the classic stuff.

    So basically I'm down to modern vs. classic. Or perhaps I could sacrifice another title all together in hopes of affording it all? But would it be worth it? Here's what else, non-TF comics, I've been been considering and have decided to collect.

    Getting for sure:
    Avatar: The Last Airbender continuation by Darkhorse. HECK YEAH! I am so getting these, they have me even more excited than the TF stuff!

    Possible to collect in no particular order:
    1. G.I. Joe: RAH continuation (hey, if the classic stuff is are good why not)
    2. IDW TMNT (a franchise only second to my heart after TFs)
    3. Zorro Rides Again (Dynamite's Zorro books have been nothing but awesome)
    4. Chi's Sweet Home (my favorite manga currently I have the first 6 vols already)
    5. Huntress mini (DCNu)
    6. Batgirl (DCNu)
    7. Birds of Prey (DCNu)
    8. Green Arrow (DCNu)
    7. X-Sanction/Cable Reborn (my favorite X-Men isn't dead after all yea!)
    8. New Mutants (where Nate Grey, my other fave, ended up apparently)
    9. Fairest (upcoming spin-off of Fables, looks cool)
    10. The Sword (Luna Bros, one I've been wanting to check out for some time)
    11. Marvels Illus. Classics Wizard of Oz series (my favorite kids fantasy series in comic book form and the 4th book my favorite is scheduled to be next, I never thought they'd make it that far but I've seen the preview art for Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz and SQUEEEEEEE!)
    12. Kung Fu Panda (can't remember what studio is doing the comics but I love the movies and am greatly looking forward the the new show too)
    13. Marvel's Crossgen reboot/minis (I used to love a lot of these and the reboots seem pretty cool, this automatically becomes a must buy for me if they do Sojourn, should I put money aside and hold out hope that they will?)
    15. Carl Barks Fantagraphics reprints (again I know have singles of a lot of these stories but the idea of having a complete collection for very reasonably priced volumes is awesome)
    16. If Marvel desides to release a Darkwing Duck or TaleSpin book now that the Boom license is ending (I'm going to miss DWD so much! But if Marvel wants to try their own hand at it, I'd be interested to see what they do)
    17. IDW's other G.I. Joe stuff (I've read the first Vols. of Origins, Cobra, and the regular book and they all look great, but I think I can eliminate those from my list for right now since I'm focusing on the classic Joe stuff first, then again maybe I'd like it better than some of the Marvel or DC stuff on my list)

    Yeah, I know thats a long list, I'm looking to collect maybe 3-4 of what I've listed above. I can't help it, I love comics. The question is again should any of it take priority over any of the TF stuff and if so, which ones? I realize a lot of these trade won't even be out for a good 6 months to a year yet, but I'm just trying to plan my future budget.

    So sorry for the long winded post, but any help/advice would be appreciated again. Thanks.