Need funds sale all has to go

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    Mar 25, 2010
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    Take it all for 70 bucks or see individual prices below!

    Once again it seems my quest to re-aquire my classics collection got stopped again. (think somebody is trying to tell me to give up on it) Tie Rod snapped in the car and had to have it repaired. While I don't even expect to get much for this stuff so long as it helps put gas in the tank till next payday thats all I care about.
    So selling this stuff cheap as it has to go.
    I accept paypal as gift and ship USPS priority with DC# so you can track it.
    Prices do not include shipping. Will ship based on zip code.

    Classics Octane - 100% complete with packaging. 8.00
    Classics Galvatron - 100% complete. 8.00
    Classics - Starscream first version - Small piece missing on rear wing but does not affect transformation and is not noticabe at all. 100% complete. 10.00
    HFTD Seaspray - 100% complete with box. 14.00
    Generations Thrust - 100% complete with box. 9.00
    Generations Drift - 100% complete with box. 9.00
    Classics Mirage - 100% complete. 10.00
    ROTF Scout Hubcap - 100% complete. 7.00
    ROTF Dirge - 100% complete. 8.00
    ROTF Thrust - 100% complete. 8.00
    Shout Factory Transformers Season 1-4 DVD boxsets. Excellent condition. Seasons 2-4 Still sealed. 40.00