Need a job? Columbus Ohio only!

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    Mods, please delete on 1/11/08. This is pretty urgent, and I hope it helps someone out their! I appologize if you view this as spamming, its not my intention.

    Need a JOB? Live in columbus area?

    My job (department has a position avaliable for those with any kind of tech support (Internet/Network) experience. If you can do it and wanna make $10, email me ASAP! I can get you into an interview TOMORROW! We had a position come avaliable and it needs to be filled! Here are the details:

    Pay: $10/hr
    Benefits after 30 days!
    Hours are Monday thru Friday 2pm to 10pm
    Great supervisor!
    You take calls to assist people with setting up or troubleshooting VoiP service. Basically ifyou can set up a router/network and know how the internet works, you can do this. Its pretty basic stuff! BUT the best part is that you can surf the internet in between calls. I average about 8 calls per day.

    Get with me ASAP, we need you here tomorrow!