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    My first attempt at a bio..
    Name: Necros Former name : Arazielus
    Faction: Decepticon / formerly Autobot
    Alt Mode: None.
    Function: Stealth
    Quote: " I will make you suffer.You won't escape my wrath."

    Profile: Necros was a fun loving, easy going Autobot who , at the drop of a hat, would help his fellow Autobots in any way he could.That all changed when he was kidnapped during one of the many battles with the Decepticons. Shockwave had been experimenting with captured Autobots. He was one of them. Stripped of his alt.mode, Necros went mad.Megatron filled his head with lies.Shockwave installed a behavior chip in Necros' head so that he must obey him..

    Weapons/Abilities: Necros is equipped with a laser emitting blaster in his forehead. Twin energy blades attached to his forearms. Null ray cannons on his legs and a buster cannon inserted into his chest.
    He's one of the few Transformers with the ability to regenerate. His armor is made up of parts of dead Transformers.

    Weakness: Due to the experiments, Necros is prone to berserker-like states and flashblacks of his former Autobot self. He is truely a schizophrenic.