Minor/Repaint: NBK Devastator Yellow/Blue Windows

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    *edit: (more of a thread necro really, sorry bout that) was doing some shelf dusting and got to this guy and thought "hey, I'll put some better pics up". I did some additional minor painting and added the ToyHax Gravity Builder stickers since the original post.

    *old: First off I'm new to the site, so hello again to everybody! Before I begin I'm going to toss around a little backstory fluff. When I was just a sprout there was one episode of G1 where Devy actually helped out the Autobots and at the end went back to the Decepticons. With the way it ended I always hoped they would get to an episode where the Constructicons became good guys.

    I'm a big fan of TF's and checked in every now and then (lurking) to see what new cool stuff was being released. Things had gotten busy and I stopped checking in. During that time lots of new things hit the market including a truck load of Devastators, one of which tickled a old itch to see Devy as an Autobot. I did a little touching up to this fig, nothing major. This is my very first attempt at such a thing so don't beat me up too much:) 

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