National Signing Day (college football)

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    Here we are. Nothing left but spring camp, then game, then four months of baseball and basketball to hold us over. Yesterday was exciting if you are a diehard college football fan - National Signing Day. I am curious to see how everyone's team did and how you feel. I'll start by giving a run down of my beloved Crimson Tide of the University of Alabama. I am certainly excited as we roped in the #1 recruiting class in the country. However, we have to translate that to wins on the field, which I think the current staff can do. I am excited as we got Julio Jones (#1 WR in country), Jerel Harris (one of the top LB), Tyler Love (blue chip OL), Burton Scott (blue chip athlete), and a ton of other guys who can make an immediate impact. I am excited also was we didn't just sign 4 & 5 star guys to say we got them, but we went after our needs, ESPECIALLY in the trenches. We landed a 6'5", 380 lb beast named Terrance Cody, for which I will start "Chunky Cody" chants at the games next year, who is a JUCO transfer. We got one of the best DE pass rushers in Marcel Dareus (same high school in Birmingham that Andre Smith came from), and Kerry Murphy from Hoover, Al, coming off a year in Hargrove.

    Overall, the Saban is pleased, so we must all rejoice on this first of many glorious days to come. Think we will get 92,000+ at the spring game this year?

    So how did your team do?