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    The batlle with the decepticons is waging like it has been for years now with the rest of the autobots on cybertron evacuated the small minority have to resist decepticon supremecy of cybertron and the universe.

    In the middle of a warzone a yong warrior named hot rod is leading an autobot subgroup into battle to get into a decepticon data storage plant. As he carries on two of his team are left behind named springer and arcee, arcee has a wounded leg and her friend spinger is patching up her wound.
    As hot rod enters taking out the securety perceptor the scientist connects up to the data base collecting valueble information to win the war. As they retreat they are met by megatron and his loyal commrade soundwave but just when they thought they were finnished a red and blue vehicle emerges from the distance its optimus prime the autobot leader. He rides up at tremendous speed ramming the decepticon duo down into the kaon cliffs soon after back in iacon they downlad the information on a full scale assult on iacon and decide to escape to the stars in the autobot vesel the arc. Leaving the subgroup lead by hot rod behind as the autobots last line of defence. Finding themselves in a space battle with the decepticons optimus' crew find there ship crashlanding into a volcano on primeval earth.