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    A cut and paste from my sales thread HERE. I will TRADE for this stuff, no cash purchasing.

    all games/DVDs/etc on my list MUST have the original case and instructions, and the discs in good shape. No exceptions. Games must be NTSC/US copies unless otherwise stated.

    Wii games- looking for Metroid Prime 3, Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy, and NiGHTS. You may also send me any other titles you want to part with.

    Gamecube, PS1 and PSP games- send me your lists. I will not buy sports or racing games.

    Sega Saturn game console- with games preferred. Must at least have power cord, AV cable and 1 controller. Good cosmetic condition. Okay, yes, I can get a system used for $30 locally buy I can't find decent games worth a damn.

    Xbox and PS2 consoles- A decent used Xbox(NO THOMSON DRIVE) and a slim PS2(silver or new white one preferred), games if you have any. Mind you I can get these used rather cheap now, but no sense paying money if I can trade for them.

    Square Enix Final Fantasy VII Play Arts- The new supoer-poseable F7 stuff, MISB highly preferred. I need it all- Cloud, Tifa, Vincent, sephiroth, Yuffie, etc. I have none of it and stores here don't carry. I will gladly take Japanese boxed toys.

    Headmaster Squeezeplay- must be C9.5 body with good paint, no scratches. Stickers are of no concerns. Complete preferred. MUST SEE PICTURE OF ACTUAL ITEM FIRST!

    DVDs- Looking for Kolchak: The Night Stalker boxset(the 70s series, not the remake) as well as the Night Stalker/Night Strangler double DVD. Also looking for Metalocalypse season 1.

    Sonic the Hedgehog- looking for the Toy Island Megabot series as pictured here, MOSC preferred