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    Name: Spiritimus Prime
    Faction: Autobot
    Alt Mode: Western Dragon
    Function: Autobot Commander
    Quote: "Courage is not defined by those who fought and did not fall, but by those who fought, fell, and rose again."

    Profile: Kind, wise and understanding, Spirit knows what's right and what's wrong, she never gives up hope and never backs down from a battle even when her life is on the line. She strongly believes that her team should always come first before she does. She has a love for Earth because of its beauty and would do anything in her strength to protect it, even sacrifice her life just so that Earth can live in peace. A lover of Earth's mythical creatures but a big fan of its most powerful one, the dragon, Spirit decided to adopt the dragon as her alt mode and has kept it ever since she first came to Earth. She is so in love with her alt mode that she has been known to stay in it for years without having to transform back into robot mode. A leader in the best sense of the world, she knows how to react and how to think when danger threatens.

    Weapons/Abilities: Her fiery breath, in beast mode, has been known to melt even the toughest armour. In the air, she can fly at speeds of 90 mph, in a dive. She is known to reach speeds of 270 mph. Her tail is so flexible she can use it as a whip in hand, robot or beast form to give her enemies a very painful lash that can sting their armour. Spirit prefers to use close range weapons such as swords because of the deadly blows they can deal. She also holds a blaster that is the only long ranged weapon that she wields accurately, the blaster can fire large amounts of energon that can even blast a limb off or blow a hole in the middle of an enemy's chest plate. Her sense of hearing, smell and sight also keep her out of harms way.

    Weakness: Her concern for the weak can lead Spirit to her downfall and allow her opponents gain an advantage on her while is down. Although her enemies can fake it, she never allows them to gain that type of advantage when she truly knows what's going to happen. However, she has light armour to keep in the air and to move extremely quickly but because she is lightly armoured, this can lead to a low endurance to very powerful blasts of energy.

    Stories Appeared In:
    From Future to Past
    Spiritimus' Childhood
    Spiritimus' Teenagehood
    Transformers: New Generation

    Name: Starblaze
    Faction: Autobot
    Alt Mode: Heavily Armoured Land Dragon
    Function: Second In Command
    Quote: "We are living at a time when creeds and ideologies vary and clash. But the gospel of human sympathy is universal and eternal."

    Profile: Starblaze is a gentle and kind dragon everyone knows. Protective of those she loves, she will do anything in her strength to protect all life on any planet. She uses her body as a shield to protect the injured and while the medics repair them, she's faster than before and tries to reason with her enemies, sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't, but she will try anything, even if it means neccessary to help them understand the true meaning of friendship and teamwork. If they don't see reason, she'd have no choice but to destroy them. When she is forced to fight, she becomes a charging tank of fury and smashes into her opponents to destroy them for good. Though her opponents never survive her wraith of fury, some do witness it and say that she becomes a different person and she had demon-like, her optics burning a fire that has been hiding inside her spark, waiting to be released upon her foes.

    Weapons/Abilities: Her breath can be switched from ice to fire if she wishes. The fire can reach a maximum of 3000 degrees and incinerate anything in its path, the ice breath can freeze her opponents before they can even blink, no matter which direction they go, all three heads will be able to catch any opponent off guard. Her shoulder spikes have grown bigger and a whole lot dangerous when she uses them as swords, the tail mace is heavy but very effective against tough enemies. Her lips can be pulled back to reveal her fangs to intimidate or show that she is ready to go for the throat, on her wrists are daggers that can slice through the throat of her opponents if they aren't careful enough. The Hydra Heads on her shoulders can be activated if she is angry or threatened.

    Weakness: Starblaze would've had no known weaknesses if she wasn't so kind and compassionate for her team, it can leave her open for an attack and be stabbed in the back if she tried to reason with her enemies. Her tail mace, if removed or grabbed, can cause tremendous pain to her and will leave her wide open for an attack. She still has the habit of getting in the way of shots to shield her loved ones or those that are injured, it won't hurt her but it will cause damage to her body if she doesn't watch her back.

    Stories Appeared In:
    From Future to Past (In the epilogue)
    Spiritimus' Childhood (She's one of Spiritimus' best friends)
    Spiritimus' Teenagehood (Became the SIC)
    Transformers: New Generation (Always by Spiritimus' side in battle)

    Name: Griffon
    Faction: Autobot
    Alt Mode: Griffin
    Function: Aerial Combatant
    Quote: “My actions speak for me, words don't describe.”

    Profile: A mech with a big sense of humour, Griffon enjoys a good prank and loves to have a good time, especially with his prankster friend, Yuuki. He is loyal and extremely friendly and kind towards his friends and always keeps a cheerful personality to make everyone else happy. However, when he battles, he becomes a serious fighter and will fight to the death to defend his beliefs, he will even drive his opponents mad by making lots of wisecracks and he prefers to let his actions speak for him, leading to brash and overconfident disicions sometimes. But because of his loyalty, he's not afraid to stick up for somebody, even get his friends out of tough situations. He is extremely protective of his companion, Karishma and would even sacrifice himself so that she can live freely. He and Karishma enjoy flying together when not on duty and watch the sunset with Karishma perched on his shoulder.

    Weapons/Abilities: Griffon weilds twin katannas that are mounted in his wing tips, he aslo holds daggers in his feathertips that reload when he fires them. Karishma is his Breast Master companion that serves as his aid and best friend, she transforms into a cyber Bald Eagle and gives Griffon extra armour when attatched to his chest. She also transforms into a blaster that fires 20 shots a minute. Griffon also has three sets of claws made of Vibro on each had that can resist acid and can cut through cybertronian alloy. He can also breathe fire from his beak that can reach a maximum of 3000 degrees and help his opponents into slag.

    Weakness: If Karishma was badly injured or destroyed, Griffon will feel a great deal of pain that will leave him immobilized and wide open for an attack. Since these two are so closely bonded, either one of them will suffer a great deal of pain. Griffon's low endurance is pretty low, so high powered energy attacks would render him useless. Removing his feathers can also render him flightless. It's mostly his overconfidence and brash desicions that get him into trouble, but he's learning.

    Stories Appeared In:
    Spiritimus' Childhood (He's Spiritimus' best friend)
    Spiritimus' Teenagehood (He aquired his rank as an Aerial Combatant)
    Transformers: New Generation (Battles alongside the Autobots)
    From Future To Past (He only appears for a short time)

    Name: Blazestorm
    Faction: Autobot
    Alt Mode: Western Dragon
    Function: Aerial Combatant
    Quote: "Why don't you just leave me alone? Unless you want to get hurt?"

    Profile: Extremely aggressive when on the battlefield, Blaze prefers to work alone and is never a team player. More of a loner and not very social towards her comrades or friends. Nicknamed the 'Ms Attitude' because of her temper. The butt of some of her team mates pranks because of her quick temper, Blaze usually lashes out at her comrades and thus putting them in Med-Bay. Though when not fighting, Blaze is less aggressive but is still on the brink of losing it if annoyed or privoked. But even though she is cold and aggressive towards everyone, she is infact courageous and does the very best she can to please her elders.

    Weapons/Abilities: Her mouth posseces two flamethrowers in dragon mode, the flames can reach only 5000 degrees and can melt only steel, iron, and aluminum. Her wings can be detatched from her shoulders and can get thinner to form twin katannas, also, when attached to her, they can be used in dragon mode to cut off an enemy's limb off. Her tail is so flexible that it can wrap around an opponent's arm or leg and she can pull them down with a simple tug from her body.

    Weakness: Her quick temper can get her into all sorts of trouble such as lectures from her leader or having to miss out on a mission if she goes to far. Having a habit on going alone can be a big problem for the team since she can come back with terrible injuries and endanger her life but what's worse is that she refuses help from anyone, even if they are really close to her.

    Stories Appeared In:
    From Future To Past (She was seen during the prologue and the epilogue, she blamed herself for Spiritimus' disappearance)
    Spiritimus' Childhood (She never talked much, but she became friends with Spiritimus)
    Spiritimus' Teenagehood (With Griffon, she aquired the Aerial Combatant position)
    Transformers: New Generation (Fought beside the other Autobots)

    Name: Yuuki
    Faction: Autobot
    Alt Mode: Gairyuki
    Function: Ground Assault
    Quote: “Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life.”

    Profile: A wise beyond years mech, Yuuki prefers to let his words speak louder than his actions. He is the voice of some mechs and will even lend an audio receptor to those who wish to have someone to listen to. His loyalty and kindness makes him who he is today, he will even shrug off bad remarks from his back and will never snap at a comrade, no matter how badly tempered they are. When he fights, his fury is something that no one wishes to go up against, he uses his sheer size and power to his advantage and lets his sharp teeth and claws do the talking. Because of his loyalty to the Autobots, he is never fooled by any Decepticon trick and will continue to stand with the Autobots for as long as his spark functions. Because of his wisdom, everyone looks up to him and respects him, even a few Decepticons can't argue with that. Though despite his kindness and loyalty, he's still dangerous if he is privoked or annoyed, but he never snaps at femmes and never attacks them, even a Decepticon femme.

    Weapons/Abilities: Yuuki has great physical strength that he uses greatly. His body armour can come off to create two Transformers that function independently and support him if their not destroyed. He is also equipped with thrusters in his tail and feet that allow him to go at speeds of 290kmph that allows him to leap great heights and certain distances and can allow him to fly as well. His mouth is equipped with a Ray-Absorbing Charged Partical Cannon that doesn't rely on intake vents to collect and energise the vast amount of matter needed to power it and he uses a system of twelve 'ray-absorbing verniers' positioned across his back in Zoid form. His claws on, both hands and feet, are strong enough to cut through any substances. His teeth, when they bite, can create vast amounts of electricity and cause his foes to be overloaded in their systems. His tail is powerful enough to knock a foe flying or perhaps break them in half if he put more power into it. On his back is a system that allows him to create a bullet shaped shield around him that covers his front and flanks, but not his behind. On each side of his legs are two machine guns that he unequips to be used in robot mode.

    Weakness: There are a few weaknesses that Yuuki has, and that's time to charge up his Cannon, while the charge up may take time, it puts a small amount of stress on his body if he puts it to full-charge mode. If one of the independent Transformers is destroyed, Yuuki feels a vast amount of pain that leaves him vulnerable to attack. It's mostly his blindspot that makes him vulnerable and that's from behind. Even his shield cannot protect him from behind and even the smartest Transformers know that.

    Stories Appeared In:
    Spiritimus' Childhood (Was good friends with Spiritimus)
    Spiritimus' Teenagehood (Managed to aquire Ground Assault rank)
    Transformers: New Generation (Fought beside the Autobots and disappeared for a short amount of time before he was found again)

    Name: Aigul
    Faction: Autobot
    Alt Mode: Lugia
    Function: Underwater/Air Defence
    Quote: "Hear my song as I sing my battlecry to defend what I believe in."

    Profile: Mysterious but gentle and kind, Aigul is a force to be reckoned with when he fights. He only appears to every time his fellow Autobots are in danger, singing a song that is mysterious but beautiful to all who hear it. Aigul believes that freedom is the right of all sentient beings and will stop at nothing to eliminate all who wish to take that freedom away from all creatures, great or small. He is the Guardian of the Sea and has the power to understand and speak like all creatures. Sometimes he will take on another form to conceal himself amongst others so that he can learn their ways and understand their environment and use it to his advantage in battle. He spends most of his time, quietly, underwater because his powers are too strong. He will not hesitate to save a life because of his duty, but other than that, he vows that he’ll protect Earth for as long as his spark functions. Never wanting to use any of his powers, Aigul is far too peaceful to use any powerful attack unless it’s a last resort or reason.

    Weapons/Abilities: When forced to use any of his powers, Aigul will open his mouth to release a high energy beam known as Aeroblast that is extremely powerful. In order to protect others or himself, he’ll concentrate all his energies to create a Psychic Shield that can block high energy attacks. He can also use Hyper Beam that will take some time to recharge after using it once. He has the ability to create or calm storms but he wishes to calm them but when enraged, he will not hesitate to use it. His eye spikes form into daggers that he uses for surprise attacks. His tail, in robot form, becomes a sword or a whip, his back comes off to form a shield that has his back plates on them and are used to stab his enemies when he charges into battle.

    Weakness: Because of his peaceful solutions, Aigul has a habit of being far too peaceful for his own good, always wanting to see the good in everyone that Decepticons easily use to their advantage. His main weakness is his powers being drained when he uses his powerful attacks. He mostly hates using any of his weapons and has no intention unless it’s a last resort.

    Stories Appeared In:
    Transformers: New Generation (Makes his first appearence and joins the Autobots)

    Name: Optimize
    Faction: Autobot
    Alt Mode: Lion
    Function: Weapons Specialist
    Quote: "To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don't worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest."

    Profile: Optimize returns with courage and speed greater than ever before, he's no longer the truck everyone knows and loves, but he is just as lovable. He may have lost great strength but when he went to Jungle Planet, he gained things that he thought he'd never have. Still protective of those he loves, he signals his enemies with a roar that stops them in their tracks as he approaches into battle. When not fighting, he is just as gentle and kind, though when he fights, he charges straight into battle to aid those he loves. He's even more protective of his younger sibling, Spiritimus Prime, and will do anything in his strength to protect, his promise still lies on his shoulders and he will continue to hold it until his spark ceases to exist. During a horible battle that was about to be a total loss to the 'Desperate Heroes', something remarkalbe happened, a yellow glow emitted from Optimize's body and he combined to Spiritimus Prime's arm for the first time. They had created the ultimate warrior known as Leo Spirit, with their newfound powers they defeated their enemies.

    Weapons/Abilities: Optimize's stomach can come off to form his Laser Rifle that he'd kept since the day he'd transformed into the King of the Jungle. On his forearms, in beast or robot form, he has a pair of three long claws that can slice through even the toughest alloy, his fingers that become claws in beast mode can do the same as his wrist claws but cannot slice through the toughest alloy. His tail can form into a whip that glows a gold colour and be used to cause painful injuries if they make contact with any surface. His roar can produce a sonic vibration that can be extremely painful to anyone's audio receptors, his mane, in robot form, can come off his neck and be used as a shield if he chooses so. In beast mode, his breath can produce lightning that can be used to fry anyone's circits or to electricute them. He can also combine with Spiritimus Prime's arm to form Leo Spirit.

    Weakness: Since Optimize is no longer a truck, his endurance and strength have been cut down a little, so he doesn't fair well against strong opponents. When he combines with Spiritimus to form Leo Spirit, damage to either one of them can cause serious pain to the other and leave them vulnerable. Damage to his chest will not extinguish his spark because it's located in his right leg, but damage to that can kill him in an instant.

    Stories Appeared In:
    Spiritimus' Childhood (Seen twice and mentioned three times)
    Spiritimus' Teenagehood (Swore an oath to protect Spiritimus and aquired his rank)
    Transformers: New Generation (Lives up to his oath)
    From Future To Past (Is seen once)

    Name: Wildclaw
    Faction: Autobot
    Alt Mode: Hippogriff
    Function: Aerial Combatant
    Quote: "Which would you prefer, a slow death or a quick death?"

    Profile: A savage and brutal fighter, Wildclaw is nothing like his half brother, Griffon. Never smiling except making a smirk everytime he is near success of killing, he is not a force to be reckoned with when in a bad mood and is quick tempered sometimes. He also demands respect because of being very proud. When on the battlefield, he acts calm and quiet, his quickness can allow him to annoy his opponents and perhaps drive them to madness and insanity. He isn't really a killer and he has honour, but he doesn't care if anyone dies because of a savage and brutal life that he lives. When the two were young, both Griffon and Wildclaw were very close before a tradgic event seperated them, both brothers lost their memories of each other but each knew that they were missing something in their lives.

    Weapons/Abilities: Wildclaw mostly prefers swords, his wing tip feathers are able to transform into twin katannas that he weilds accuratly. Like Griffon, he also has Vibro Claws but are more stronger than Griffon's. His horse tail transforms into a blaster that can fire one or two shots at a time. He also wears a strange cloak that has the ability to shield him from fire and acid attacks from his foes, how he got it is unknown. Wildclaw's wings can be wrapped around him fully and make an energy based shield. The shield is made up of energy that is stored behind his sparkbox in an energy storage box that is powerful enough to hold up to 10 energon cubes. However, Wildclaw cannot keep the shield up forever since it can only last for 10 minutes and the energon cannot be replaced unless he can buy more energon to fill up the box. He also has a mental connection with Griffon, they can sense each other's presence, pain and feelings, the feelings connections come and go and they never know why they get them.

    Weakness: Wildclaw's main weakness is his half brother's connection. When ever Griffon gets injured, so does Wildclaw. He bleeds the same amount of energon as Griffon does or receives the same amount of damage. If Griffon died or if it was the other way around, they'd die anyway. However, there is another weakness, his quick temepered side. Easily angered or insulted, it causes him to lash out at even one of his comrades if they disobey an order or annoy him.

    Stories Appeared In:
    Spiritimus' Childhood (he grew jealous when he believed that Spiritimus and Griffon grew close)

    Name: Firedance
    Faction: Autobot
    Alt Mode: Land Based Fire Dragon
    Function: Warrior
    Quote: "I dance within the flames of my enemies that are layed across the ground with ash all over them."

    Profile: Not much is known about this hotheaded but friendly fire dragon, Firedance. No one knows why she has the exsact same design as Spiritimus Prime and what braught her here. However, she does love Earthern based music that is gentle and relaxing, she spends most of her time practising her skills of being fast and very agile. But she prefers to dance with her fire when alone, she goes to a small area where there are a few trees and she makes a small fire that she dances in, which earned her the name 'Firedance'. Also, when she fights, she flames her enemies and then uses her speed and agility to bring them down as soon as they catch fire. She doesn't like to fight but doesn't show it when on the battlefield, sometimes she doesn't mind it but it can be irratating when facing against her people.

    Weapons/Abilities: Firedance is so quick and agile that she sometimes looks like a blur. Her shoulder spikes can be removed to form twin swords or she can use one. In dragon mode, she has two flamethrowers located at the back of her mouth that release two jets of flames at 6000 degrees and her claws can be heated to inflict even more damage but less hotter than her breath. The tempreture can reach at a maximum of 4000 degrees. She can also retract her her teeth to make herself look more threatening and intimidating, she wields an Energon Crossbow that can penetrate a 15ft thick concrete wall.

    Weakness: Firedance's armour is light weight which makes her vunerable to attacks and she mainly relies on her speed and agility, so she isn't very strong. Her heated claws drain her energy if she uses them more than 5 times in a row and can cause her to go into statis lock for 7 minutes to recover. Her main weakness is her tail when removed, it can cause a great deal of pain to her, if grabbed, it can parlayze her.

    Stories Appeared In:
    Transformers: New Generation (Was born during a harsh battle)
    From Future to Past (Appeared in the epilogue)

    Name: Xaraphim
    Faction: Autobot
    Alt Mode: Phoenix
    Function: Strategist
    Quote: "The phoenix can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune's spite."

    Profile: Overconfident, a daredevil and sometimes boastful, Xaraphim enjoys striking fear into the sparks of all Decepticons. She enjoys battling like as if she was born to do it and also enjoys doing dangerous stunts while in the air. Her overconfidence in battles intends to get her into trouble and she sometimes gets lectures from her elders. She always boasts that she is the fastest flyer and even forgets about being a team player and usually overestimates herself. She has a love for partaking in friendly competitions with her team mates and also loves arena fighting. Determined to obliterate all evil in fire and death, often ferocious and merciless. Even when not fighting, she sometimes plays pranks on her team mates and sometimes says things that come from the mouth and not from the heart.

    Weapons/Abilities: Xaraphim's beak can breathe a huge blast of fire that can melt even the most strongest alloy, the temperature can reach 8000 degres and can be formed into a ball or can spin all around an opponent, depending on who it is aimed at. Her flaming feathers can harden themselves and she can fling them at her enemies like knives at a fast speed that is too quick for the naked optic or eye can see. The large feathers on her wing tips can be removed to form swords that can slice through almost anything. Xaraphim can cause any and all parts of her body to heat up to the point where the air around them ignites, forming an aura of flame. The swords can also be consumed in the fire. Opponents attempting to attack her in close may be badly burned, and by beating her wings she can gust the ignited air at opponents. Using it on her full body consumes fuel very rapidly, and as such is only used as a last ditch effort, though quite often she simply causes her sword to superheat, which consumes less fuel, but makes its attacks more powerful.

    Weakness: Because of her overconfidence in battle, Xaraphim can get into very tough situations that endangers her fellow Autobots. Her body also has low endurance to keep her in flight and putting out her flaming feathers can render her flightless or even removal can do the same thing.

    Stories Appeared In:
    Spiritimus' Childhood (A friend of Spiritimus')
    Spiritimus' Teenagehood (Got her rank because of her cleverness)
    Transformers: New Generation: (Continued to fight beside her Autobot comrades)