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    If You Haven't, read My Transformers Fan Fic Cartoon post to get whats going on...

    OPTIMUS PRIME: Flat Nosed Semi Truck- Unlike animated, Optimus is the supreme commander of the Autobots. his alt mode is very similar to the classics edition of Optimus prime and he is armed witha Energy cannon and Energon sword.

    His Voice Actor, i would love peter cullen, but to keep up with today's actors i was thinking Diedrich Bader, you know the voice of batman from Batman the brave and the bold, and tank evens for surfs up.

    Bio: when the Autobot energon suply ran out durring the war, optimus led large number of autobots across the galaxy to search for more. he split the autobots into 5 different teams, each one going to a different part of the galaxy. his team would of course land on earth. here his team searches for energon in peace. but when two of the 5 teams is attacked by decepticons, he knew what they were after, and what they were going to use it for. the Key to vector sigma so they can unlock cybertron's core and turn it into a weapon. so after calling his teams to reunite on earth, his team prepars to protect earth and its human population form the evil of the decepticons.

    Optimus transforms just like his G1 counterpart but with one of those roof things his classics version has. if you can me what he should look like!

    note: this show will look like the anime series, so make him look relaistick like G1 or Armada.
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