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    Most of my characters are from the Armada/Energon/Cybertron universe, but Delta Silver and a few others do appear in my coming G1 stories.
    Name: Delta Silver

    Function: Second-In-Command of the Space Troopers Team 1

    Faction: Autobots

    Primary Weapon: Plasma Blaster

    Transformation: A white-silver-azure, or just white, race car/a white-silver-azure motorcycle/a Maximal wolf/an F-16 Fighting Falcon (with Stealth abilities).

    "To fight you have to know your enemy and yourself."

    Millions of years ago Delta Silver was part of A3's rebellion. He witnessed Orion Pax's reconstruction into Optimus Prime. After that he left. Years later he met a serious mech called Rapidswoop and they travelled together through space until they ran into a strange, powerful Autobot called Starblaze. This Autobot became their leader as they established a faction called the Space Troopers Team 1. Team 2 was led by Ultimus Justice. Delta is a psychic, but not in the ways you might think. His main powers are similar to the ones Soundwave, or maybe Kicker had, but they are still a lot different. For example Delta can sense danger like Kicker, but the 'Bots sixth sense is a lot stronger. He can also 'read minds'. He can make up a forcefield to shield himself, but his energy runs low really fast while using it. He's not invincible, since when his energy runs low enough, the forcefield disappears and he can be killed. His personality was, at first, scared and clearly not fit for fighting. During the rebel attack he got separated from his comrades. He was gone for a few weeks and, after he got back, he had changed. He was no longer the scared mech everyone had known. During that absence he got his psychic powers. Nowadays he's a courageous and rather mystical mech with lots of experience. His best friend is called Sagittarius Sunstreaker, or just Sagittarius/Sag. For some reason Delta Silver has a strange habit of playing music during battle scenes, making the fights seem faster (for example he played Darude's Sandstorm during the battle of Autobot Starblaze and Decepticon Steelbraze).

    His primary weapon is a strong plasma blaster. His most unique aspect, though, is that he can transform into multiple modes. His most used mode is a Cybertronian Stealth Fighter. For some very strange, and unexplainable, reason he has got a Maximal mode. One of his psychic powers is called the 'Sparkbeam'. That unique attack absorbs it's power from the user's very Spark. The color of the beam varies, due to the color of the user's Spark.

    His psychic powers can drain his energy so low that he can be killed without a fight. Fortunately he uses these powers only when they're really needed... most of the time he fights like everyone else.
    Name: Bluejolt

    Function: Leader of the Space Troopers Team 1

    Faction: Autobots

    Primary Weapon: Laser Rifle

    Transformation: A blue-yellow race car

    "You don't have to be fast to be a good fighter; but sometimes velocity is the best solution."

    He is roughly the same age as Armada/Energon/Cybertron Hot Shot. They went into the Academy together and remained best friends after they had graduated. They chose different paths to follow: Hot Shot joined the Autobot faction on Cybertron and Bluejolt joined the Space Troopers, trying to unearth a rumor that his father had been, or still is, one of them. Little does he know that Delta Silver is his father, and Hot Shot is his brother. Bluejolt can combine with an old friend of his, Odyssey Convoy, to produce a mech known as Sport Express.
    Name: Mediclarion

    Function: Medic of the Space Troopers Team 1/Autobot HQ, Cliff City

    Faction: Autobots

    Primary Weapon: Laser Hand (left one; just like Armada/Cybertron Red Alert)

    Transformation: A Futuristic Ambulance

    "Leave fixing to me, and I'll leave fightin' to you."

    He's much like his older brother, Armada/Cybertron Red Alert. Mediclarion just tends to be a little more relaxed. Mediclarion, or 'Clar', as he's often referred to, is one of the youngest highly valued medics. He does even have some leadership skills, but he'd rather work as a medic than to lead anyone or anything.
    Name: Rapidswoop

    Function: Head of Security of the Space Troopers Team 1/Autobot HQ, Cliff City

    Faction: Autobots

    Primary Weapon: None (he uses all of them equally)

    Transformation: A Missile Boat (like this one:

    "Always stand firm."

    He is, as Delta once said, a serious nitpicker. He seldom laughs and looks always as grim as the reaper himself. His colors make him look even more gloomy, since he is painted mostly grey, with his limbs being dark green.
    Name: Sagittarius Sunstreaker

    Function: Second-In-Command of the Space Troopers Team 2

    Faction: Autobot

    Transformation: Jet/Sagittarius

    Sagittarius is one of the infamous Space Troopers. The Space Troopers are Autobots and Decepticons, who are sentenced for something they haven't done. Most of them have been declared not guilty later on. Sagittarius was accused of murdering a high-ranking Autobot officer. Later it was realized that a Decepticon infiltrator was the real murderer and Sagittarius just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. He's older than most Transformers, some say he's older than even Optimus Prime himself. He's also a very skilled soldier, a sniper to be exact. His good-natured and easy-going personality hide the fact that he is very melancholic. He has witnessed many massacres during his long life, and they have left their marks on him. The only one, who knows about this, is his long-time friend Delta Silver.

    Sagittarius is very strong, but he prefers using his sniper rifle during battles. In jet mode, he can easily boost his speed to Mach 3. His aerial skills are unbeatable. In robot mode he has heat-seeking laser blasters mounted on his shoulders. His sniper rifle is attached to his left arm. He's most dangerous when he's in sagittarius mode. In that mode his blasters and rifle combine, forming a gun that manages to double his firepower. The sagittarius horns, which are hidden in robot mode, are very sharp and can tear through almost everything. His ramming attacks are feared by most Decepticons. Every time when they see a golden-colored jet speeding towards them, they know it's time to run.

    He is afraid that someday his true nature would burst out, and the Decepticons would somehow use it against him. That's why he constantly acts like there's no problem, sometimes not understanding the threat until it's right in front of his eyes.
    Name: Thunderbane

    Function: None

    Faction: None

    Primary Weapon: An Electron Scimitar

    Transformation: A Stealth Jet

    "One day you all shall become one with the Chaos that is known as the Universe."

    He was once a Decepticon. One day, though, he and the team he led arrived on a planet where the whole team, minus Thunderbane, was annihilated. On that planet he experienced a terrifying event where he was turned into a psychic with a malicious personality. From that day forward he has travelled around the universe, sometimes taking over different Transformer's minds and after usage killing them. He has teleporting, mind-control, invisibility and other abilities. His most dangerous aspect is that he can kill by inflicting a terrible headache on his victims.
    Name: Swift

    Allegiance: Autobot

    Subgroup: Dinobot

    Function: Second-In-Command of the Dinobots

    Transformation: Velociraptor

    "Speed of both body and mind is the key to victory."

    Swift and his Dinobot comrade Spout were created shortly after the Cybertonium incident. The original five Dinobots didn't get very well along with the two new members of their team, so Swift and Spout traveled around together, investigating strange new places and having adventures. A few years later the original Dinobots got caught by the Decepticons, and who else were sent to the rescue than Swift and Spout? The two Dinobots, miraculously, managed to save their team members and finally, after a long time, all seven got along with each other.
    Swift is the most intelligent of the Dinobots; yes, you read right. Even more intelligent than Grimlock. He can speak normally without "Me Swift's" and even "I Swift's". Well, what do you expect from a Transformer turning into a Velociraptor, the most intelligent dinosaur ever to have lived?

    Strength: 7
    Intelligence: 9
    Speed: 10
    Endurance: 8
    Rank: 9
    Courage: 8
    Firepower: 7
    Skill: 9
    ----------------------------------------Name: Spout

    Allegiance: Autobot

    Subgroup: Dinobot

    Function: Naval Defense

    Transformation: Elasmosaurus

    "Nothing can penetrate our territory when I'm on duty."

    Spout is an Elasmosaurus, one of the biggest seaborne dinosaurs. He isn't quite bright, in fact he's in intelligence between Sludge and Slag. He's effective both in Dino and Robot Modes. He can use his Dino Mode on the ground as well; he can produce earthquakes (like Rumble) by pounding his tail and fins against the ground. The quakes are usually even stronger than Sludge's. In water he has two attacks:
    1. He spins in the water, creating a whirlpool that sucks in everything around it.
    2. He takes in water (he has two water tanks on his sides), and spits it out of the breathing hole on his head. Even the slightest nip of the spout (where he got his name from) can send a Seeker come crashing down.
    He's usually seen investigating different places with his best friend, Swift. With Spout not being that intelligent, Swift usually gets him out of trouble. Swift, on the other hand, isn't that strong, so Spout gets him out of tight spots. Spout is easily the most intimidating Dinobot, if you don't count Grimlock himself. He's friendly and easy-going, though, and likes to communicate with other lifeforms. But when he's sent into battle he becomes a vicious opponent capable of crushing a Seeker's head with one quick swipe of his fin. Here's a quick and important lesson to you, especially if you're a Decepticon: Don't hit Spout, because when he hits back, you will become as flat as a Cybertronian pancake.

    Strength: 9
    Intelligence: 4
    Speed: 6
    Endurance: 9
    Rank: 4
    Courage: 8
    Firepower: 8
    Skill: 7
    More will come. If someone comes up with some more background info for these characters, could you please help me with these? I think these are incomplete. And, if you want something changed, I'll see what I can do. Oh... could someone suggest good vehicle models for these guys? I don't know any white-silver-azure race cars (but please, no F-1 -racers). Here are the next 'Formers to come (and I need vehicle forms for them, too).

    Alpha Nova, an odd-colored Autobot space shuttle (I don't know any odd colors... do you?).
    Supersonic, a screaming yellow Autobot sonic jet.
    Starblaze, a white jet Autobot (I thought about G1 Skyfire's form... that Super Valkyrie).
    Deathscream, a former Decepticon, nowadays an Autobot (a pitch black jet with Stealth abilities, a jokester).
    Ultimus Justice, a green motorcycle, leads Space Troopers Team 2.
    Volley Zeta, a pitch black sports car with rainbow-colored optics. Color-blind, can't tell white and black apart. Great sense of humor, but touchy when someone laughs at his color-blindness. His form must be fast.
    Neophoenix, a jet whose colors I don't know (he's supposed to be scary and have red, bull-like horns on his head).
    Odyssey Convoy, a green and brown missile boat. Talks the pirate way ('Land ahoy!', 'Landlubber'...).
    Dive Hawker, a jet from an aircraft carrier, so he usually patrols over the oceans.
    Blitzkrieg, a paranoid, G1 Red Alert -style interceptor jet (so he must be fast).
    Patrolfire, Armada/Energon/Cybertron Jetfire's older or maybe younger brother. A black version of Jetfire, now he's a like a black Cybertron Jetfire. Or black and blue, I think.
    Quetzal Grinder, the half-Autobot/half-Maximal. A triplechanger, his forms are a quetzal and a helicopter. Colors are bright green and bright yellow.