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    The film starts 1 year after AOE with Cade and his family living in peace with the autobots in Texas,meanwhile optimus finds a barren planet to place the seed on. Galvatron is reviving all the decepticons from the previous movies and using vechicons bodies for them.Shock wave is tasked with attacking Lockdowns ship that has the Dinobots on them using Bruticus to combat them.
    Meanwhile Optimus lands on a ship saying "They will pay".Shock wave starts the raid on the Dinobot ship and Bruticus combines and starts fighting the Dinobots, the autobots are alerted and take a Cargo Plane provided by Stanley's Character to Hong Kong.The dinobots are having a tough time combating bructicus while the autobots are attacked my Galvatrons Squad and are forced to fight them.
    The fight begins in LA with Bumbleebee leading and they quickly learned that their outnumbered and start to retreat.As their leaving they are chased my Galvatrons squad, so hound and drift decide to block the road to buy the Autobots time.
    Optimus Prime finds the creators and says "Your reign will end here" shorty after, cyclonus and scourge appear and say "Unicron will rise" and start combating optimus.
    Hound and drift are having a hard time fighting when they run out of ammo and are forced to fight melee style drift is actually happy that he ran out of ammo while hound has to use his surrounding objects. Galvatron then shoots hound in the chest saying "You are pitiful"Then drift trys to avenge hound and stabs galavatron then in return turns the sword on drift and kills him.
    Bumbleebee and cross hairs are trying to find another way of flight to reach the dinobots who are almost turning the tide.
    Optimus prime overcomes Cyclonus and Scourge saying "Not today" Optimus then spares the creators and uses one of their ships to hyperwarp to earth as Optimus comes to the aid to the autobots Galavatron shouts in anger"He lives" Optimus overpowers Galvatron quickly and is about to kill him.
    The dinobots kill the raid team and travel to the autobots location.At the moment when Galvatron is about to get executed he says "You brought him here" and you can see a Unicron in the background and Optimus Says " Their is only one way we can defeat him,together. And it cuts to credits

    I know this isn't the best one and is a Amateur writing and story..
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    It seems I've started a chain reaction.