My own TF:TM script part 2

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    Optimus Prime and the Autobots prepare to blast off, and head towards Autobot City to bring reinforcement.

    Prime: Drift, Jolt, Skids your to stay behind in case Shockwave decides to strike. Autobots prepare to blast off
    Sunstreaker: What’s your plan once we get there?
    Prime: Stop Megatron from destroying Autobot City, hopefully it’s still in one piece
    Jazz: Were ready for take off
    Cliffjumper: Can’t wait cause I want to get down there and bend some metal
    Sunstreaker: Easy Cliffjumper, theirs going to be plenty of that, just leave some for me

    Meanwhile the Decepticons are approaching Earth…

    Megatron: Decepticons, as we make our way to Autobot City, and once we destroy Autobot City, the Autobots will be vanquished forever!!. And Earth will be finally ours
    Starscream: My freaking arm hurts blast that Prowl, I will turn him into scrap, plus I think this mission is pointless and a waste of energy
    Skywarp: You waste more energy with your mouth
    Thundercracker: Yeah all he does is talk talk talk
    As all the three Seakers are arguing, Megatron had enough of this nonesence
    Megatron: Silence you fools, one more word and I will melt you down to Titanium Foil

    Meanwhile on Shuttle 1…..

    Brawn: Wha, What happened? Last thing I remember the Decepticons invaded the Shuttle, and I got blasted by Megatron
    Prowl: Yeah and you got badly injured, thanks to Ratchet your functional
    Ironhide: Yeah and the Decepticons are headed towards Autobot City
    Ratchet: They might already be near Earth's atmosphere

    Meanwhile back at Autobot City....

    Ultra Magnus: Springer, Arcee prepare to transform Autobot City
    Arcee: But Hot Rod and Bluestreak are still outdside the City
    Springer: They have to take care of themselves, let's go

    Meantime outside Autobot City, Bluestreak, Hot Rod and Daniel are totally unaware about the attack...

    Bluestreak: Hot Rod hurry up we got to get back to the City, the Shuttle is about to arrive and we need to load it up with Energon Cubes
    Hot Rod: Relax Bluestreak we got plenty of time
    Daniel: I miss my dad....
    Hot Rod: Don't worry Daniel, you'll get t see your dad
    Ultra Magnus: Hot Rod, Bluestreak you guys better get back to the City fast
    Bluestreak: I know were coming soon to help load the Shuttle
    Ultra Magnus: That won't happen, the Decepticons are on their way
    Bluestreak and Hot Rod: WHAT???
    Daniel: When am I going to see my dad?
    Bluestreak: We will worry about that later Daniel, now let's roll for it

    Meanwhile in the Ark, the Combining teams are totally unaware about what's happening....

    Slingshot: What a quit day, and no Decepticons to ruin it
    Silverbolt: That's what I'm worried about no news about a Decepticon activity, I'm sure their cooking on something
    Fireflight: I almost miss pounding Decepticons
    FirstAid: Your not the only one

    Prime is about to give the news to the Autobots stationed at the Ark

    Prime: Aerialbots, Protectobots, the Decepticons are planning to destroy Autobot City, so Megatron will probably send his combining team to attack the Ark, so prepare for anything, Prime out
    Silverbolt: How is that posssible?
    Hot Spot: Most probably they tracked the Shuttle
    Groove: Yeah but even though Ironhide will never tell the plan to Megatron, so they most probably sent that dirty bird Lazerbeak to spy on them
    Slingshot: It's done now, we need to defend the Ark

    Shuttle 1 is about to make his way towards the City...

    Ratchet: We made it before the Decepticons
    Prowl: Yeah but they might of taken a different route
    Ironhide: Ultra Magnus were here open the gates for landing, but beware
    Brawn: The Decepticons could be coming at any moment

    Inside Shuttle 2...

    Sunstreaker: How long till we arrive?
    Prime: Were half way there, I'd say sometime tomorrow morning
    Jazz: By the time we get there it might be too late
    Cliffjumper: No it's not going to be too late, let's activate the turbo control
    Grimlock: Me Grimlock think Cliffjumper crazy
    Cliffjumper: Who are you calling crazy you Dinogoon?
    Prime: That's enough all of you, we don't got time for this, Jazz, Cliffjumper activate the turbo driver control

    During this time, the Decepticons are planning their attack....

    Soundwave: Combiners, Megatron reports immidiately
    Menasor: What is it Megatron?
    Megatron: Since the Autobots most likely have their Combiners back at the Ark, I want you to go to destroy the Ark along with them
    Swindle: Consider it done boss
    Megatron: Call me that one more time and I will deactivate your bio circuits, now go!

    Back at Cybertron, Shockwave is preparing an assault on Moonbase 2

    Shockwave: Decepticons we got to destroy the remaining Autobots that are on Moonbase 2, now search the area and destroy them
    Drift: Skids!!
    Skids: What is it?
    Drift: Look Decepticons
    Jolt: Let's finish them

    A battle took place on Moonbase 2, and a big assault is about to take place at Autobot City and the Ark as Megatron sends his combining team to attack the base

    Back at Autobot City......

    Perceptor: Ultra Magnus, look the Shuttle arrived
    Ultra Magnus: They made it

    Shuttle 1 just landed...

    Kup: It's about time you guys got here
    Ironhide: Well we got a little buzy earlier, were's Bluestreak and Hot Rod?
    Springer: There's still outside the City
    Prowl: What? That kid will never learn
    Kup: One day Prowl
    Ironhide: Hot Rod, Bluestreak hurry up and get here already
    Hot Rod: Were on our way
    Wheeljack: Ugh guys? we got trouble
    Brawn: The Decepticons are here

    Megatron is about to launch what's going to be the biggest assault the Autobots ever witnessed...

    Megatron: Decepticons ATTACK!!!, Show no Mercy!!

    To be continued....

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    Even better than the first part!
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