My own TF:TM script part 1

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    Unicron approches to fullfill his destiny he destroyes the Planet Lithone, Kranix is the only survivor..

    It is the year 2005 and the Decepticons had conquered the Autobots home planet of Cybertron, and from 2 secret staging ground on 2 of Cybertron's moons, the Autobots prepare to take back their homeland.

    On Moonbase I

    Prime: Ironhide report to me at once
    Ironhide: Everytime I look into a monitor Prime, my circuits sizzle, when are we going to start busting Deceptichops??
    Prime: I want you to go to Autobot City on Earth
    Ironhide: But Prime!
    Prime: Listen Ironhide, we don't have enough Energon Cubes to pull a full scale assault, ready the shuttle for launch
    Ironhide: Your days are numbered now Decepticreeps
    Prime: Jazz report security stasis
    Jazz: All clear Prime
    Prime: How about Moonbase II
    Jazz: Jazz to Moonbase II, Jazz to Moonbase II
    Bumblebee: Bumblebee and Spike here
    Jazz: Where about to send up for shuttle, any Decepticon shenaginans in your area?
    Bumblebee: All clear Jazz
    Spike: Hey Ironhide tell my son Daniel I miss him and tell him not to worry I'll be coming home as soon as we kick Megatron's tail a cross the Galaxy
    Ironhide: Will do Spike
    Prime: Cliffjumper commence countdown
    Cliffjmper: Blast off!!
    Prime: Now all we need is a little Energon and alot of luck
    Back on Cybertron Lazerbeak reports the Autobots plan to Megatron
    Megatron: More than you can imagine Optimus Prime

    The Decepticons enter the shuttle....

    Brawn: Megatron?, Decepticons!. Brawn is rushing towards the hijackers.
    Megatron: Die Autobots!!, shoots at Brawn from his canon injuring him badly.
    Megatron: Who's next!
    Prowl: Not so fast Megatron, shoots but misses Megatron, but nails Starscream on his arms
    Megatron: You will pay for this Autobot
    As Megatron transforms, Ironhide shoots Megatron knocking him down forcing him from transforming
    The rest of the Autobots return fire as Megatron like always,
    Megatron: Decepticons retreat, our real pleasure awaits at Autobot City, see you later Autoslumps
    Ironhide: Ratchet quick get Brawn into the repair bay, Prowl contact Ultra Magnus and warn him the Decepticons are coming, I'll notify Prime
    Prowl: Prowl to Ultra Magnus, come in Ultra Magnus,
    Springer: Prowl this is Springer what's going on
    Prowl: Springer notify Ultra Magnus the Decepticons are coming.
    Springer: How many Prowl?
    Prowl: All of them!

    Meanwhile back in the shuttle......

    Ratchet: Ironhide, Brawn was badly injured, i'm lost done repairing him
    Ironhide: We need him to be functional by the time we get to the City
    Prowl: Ironhide full throttle, we must get to Autobot City before the Decepticons arrive
    Ironhide: Prime do you read me, come in
    Prime: What is it Ironhide
    Ironhide: Our shuttle got hijacked by Decepticons Brawn got seriously injured Ratchet is repairing him, and we managed to fight back, and the Decepticons are heading towards Autobot City
    Prime: Megatron, I knew it, I'm sending reinforcements. I'll be in contact soon

    Back at Autobot City....

    Springer: Magnus!!!
    Ultra Magnus: What is it Springer
    Springer: I just got a warning message from Prowl, the Decepticons are heading our way
    Ultra Magnus: What?, our plan got backfired, no time to waste quick Springer, Arcee transform Autobot City, Blurr come with me we'll warn the others.

    Meanwhile on Moonbase I.....
    Prime: Autobots prepare to board the shuttle, Autobot City is under Decepticon attack


    Part 2 is to be written soon
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    I can't wait for part 2!
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    What do you people think?