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My new BST list

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by unafraid, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. unafraid

    unafraid Banned

    Jan 8, 2005
    Trophy Points:

    -BW Transquito (complete)
    -BW Wolfang (missing 1 missile)
    -BW Scorponok (complete)
    -BM Thrust (complete)
    -G2 Laser Optimus Prime - missing 1 long missile + 1 disc
    -G1 Ultra Magnus voice changer (complete + card)
    -Kabaya Change Galaxy Force Nitro Convoy (complete)
    -Kabaya Change Galaxy Force Live Convoy (complete)
    -Kabaya Change Galaxy Force Flame Convoy (complete)
    -KO G1 Devastator w/ some real parts
    -KO G1 Defensor (red Hot Spot)
    -Happy Meal BW Scorponok (complete)
    -Happy Meal Armada Megatron (missing turret)
    -Gobot Road Ranger (complete)

    WANTS :

    -TM Megatron
    -G1 Sky Lynx
    -TM Rampage
    -Kabaya Superlink Grand Convoy + drones
    -KO Kabaya G1 Convoy
    -KO Kabaya G1 God Ginrai
    -KO BW Optimus Primal (the one that looks a bit like the BM deluxe version?)
    -Built to Rule Armada Optimus Prime
    -Built to Rule Armada Megatron
    -Beast Machines Jetstorm (ultra)
    -Energon Energon Hot Shot
    -Energon Blight
    -Energon Blackout
    -Energon Bonecrusher
    -BW Magnaboss (Takara or Korean version)
    -BW Tripledacus (preferred) or Tripredacus (any version)
    -Cybertron Dark Crumplezone
    -Cybertron Downshift
    -SW TF Luke Skywalker
    -SW TF General Grievous


    -BW Neo B'Boom
    -RID Sideways vs Axer
    -BTR Energon Optimus Prime
    -Micron Legend Rampage
    -BW Neo Magmatron
    -BW Metals Mini Beast Convoy
    -BWNeo Longrack
    -Cybertron Defense Red Alert
    -LOC Starscream
    -Universe Spychanger Optimus Prime/Red Alert
    -RM Beast Convoy
    -RM Lio Convoy w/ DVD
    -G1 God Ginrai reissue
    -Binaltech BT-16 Skids
    -BWII Lio Convoy box
    -BWII Galvatron box
    -RM Reverse Convoy box
    -RM Convoy box
    -BT-16 Skids box & paperwork
    -GF Galaxy Convoy box
    -GF Master Megatron box
    -GF Master Galvatron box
    -Choro Q Convoy box
    -Choro Q Megatron box
    -G1 Snapdragon tech specs
    -BWII Lio Convoy box
    -BWII Galvatron box
    -BW Neo Big Convoy box (Korean)
    -Galaxy Force Liger Jack box
    -Galaxy Force Galaxy Convoy box
    -Galaxy Force Master Megatron box
    -Galaxy Force Roadstorm box
    -Cybertron Supreme Starscream box
    -Energon Omega Sentinel box
    -Energon Bulkhead box
    -Energon Unicron box
    -BW TM Megatron box
    -BM Blast Punch Optimus Primal box
    -WST Convoy
    -WST Megatron
    -THS-01 Hybrid Galaxy Convoy