My needs...i have a rotf bruticus and superion to trade and much more too...

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by chaoseffect, Mar 5, 2010.

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    If you have: (MY WANTS)

    WST World's Smallest Transformers

    Animated Arcee

    KO (Knock Off) Shockwave (w/box) purple or grey barral

    KO Dinobots (Snarl, Swoop, Slag, Sludge, Grimlock)

    or most any KO G1 toys




    I have some cool stuff for trade. (To see a bigger list, click on my TRADE link found in my signature below)...

    ROTF exclusive Bruticus Maximus Target Exclusive Combaticons (HOT with FansProjects Upgrade coming out in June!)
    ROTF exclusive Superion Maximus Target Exclusive Aerialbots (HOT with Fans Projects Upgrade in stores now)
    ROTF Leader Class Jetfire
    ROTF Leader Class Megatron (Shadow Command Black version)
    ROTF Leader Class Megatron Silver 1st release
    ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime not buster prime version but USA release
    Classics Skywarp
    MusicLabel Soundwave (Spark G1 Blue)
    Special Edition Classics Megatron
    Special Edition Classics Dragstrip
    Special Edition Classics
    Masterpiece Skywarp
    Classics Hard Head
    Classics Silverbolt
    Classics Powerglide
    Classics Darkwing (TRU Exclusive)
    Alternators Optimus Prime
    Alternators Sunstreaker
    Encore Reissue g1 Hoist (loose, no box)
    Alternity Cliffjumper or Jumper
    Alternity Bumblebee or Bumblee
    ROTF (revenge of the fallen) Wheelie
    ROTF (revenge of the fallen) Toys'r'us exclusive Hoist
    ROTF (Transformers 2) Mix Master
    Human Alliance Barricade
    Human Alliance Bumblebee
    Human Alliance Mudflap
    Human Alliance Skids
    Binaltech Prowl (Blue) Japanese die cast metal version
    Various KO Binaltechs
    Cybertron, Armada, Energon figures (various)
    Combiner Class ROTF Devastator


    Plethora of boxes - Ask me if there is one you desire.

    To see a bigger list, click on my TRADE link found in my signature below...