My Modified Superion Maximus (thoughts)

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    Well sometimes I'm just an old school G1 fan at heart.

    I renamed the components of Superion Maximus (energon) with G1 names (and one addition).

    This is how he's been reconstituted. Let me know what you think.

    Stormjet is now Scattorshot. Promoted from the Technobots to Aerialbot Commander. He's still a crude, swaggering, brute but at least he's honest. He forced himself to reign in his tactics when he switched to his new quicker, more agile form, giving up his renowned armored technobot body. He takes it as a personal challenge to still be tough in his lighter skin.

    Treadshot is Skydive. He's the only original Aerialbot still on the force (Silverbolt and Airraid have other new forms in my universe) And he's still the team geek. His new body is even MORE agile than his old one and he's began studying martial arts for his robot mode as well as being possibly the best flyer of all TF's (which annoys Powerglide to no end). He'd be the teams best warrior, if he didn't view it as an academic excercise.

    Skyshadow is Powerglide. Ace of the air! Powerglide's only limitation is that his jet mode is an inferior model next to Skydive. Otherwise he'd be the teams best flyer (and privately this vexes him to no end). The fact that he can almost match Skydive move for move is a testament to his abillity. Where Skydive is academic, Powerglide is pure showmanship. He compensates for it with Skysurfing in his robot mode. (energon shield on feet, turn hips 90 degrees) A talent for now that has no equal.

    (this next one is an Energon combaticon, Because I needed at least ONE more mould)

    Blackout is Battletrap. (Admittedly Battletrap the Duocon, has become a favorite of mine. He has almost no backstory and he draws better than the dopey toy looks.) Battletrap is a skilled veteran warrior. He quit the Decepticons when their ranks became full of bullies, oppertunists and mindless wrecking machines. He still harbors a grudge about being passed over for promotion to Decepticon Seeker, and being turned into an experimental Duocon. Now reunited in one body and sporting Decepticons logos out of spite, he is the team's sensai and tactical officer. Sure Skydive has more book knowledge, and Battletrap will not hesitate to draw on that resource, but for gut check battlefield instinct. He is the go to bot.

    (I like the mould to much, but I had to make up my own charicter for this. And I've never done a fembot before)

    Terradive is Frostwind. (transform with the head backwards for an Omega Supreme like dome/helmet) "I'm not cold, i'm just built that way" She's the only Aerialbot made from a protoform. The team rookie. She's built for artic work so she appears dispasionate, but she's actully very friendly, almost flirty. If slightly naive. Her forarm mounted turbines can generate sub-zero vortexs. She can use them as a weapon, but has proven very resourcefull in using them as tools (putting out fires, making ice sculptures etc.)

    Now you have,



    What personality should Superion II have?
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    mabye Jetstorm, Jetfire, WingSaber, Evac, and Cosmo in any order