'My Little Transformer' MechaCon Promo!

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    Jun 28, 2005
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    And lo there was a cry of thunderous applause that rang through the heavens...

    Our good friends over at My Little Transformer are showing their support of MechaCon with a brand new web commercial. My Little Transformer is a fan-created parody that showcases the adventures of everyone's favorite '80s properties... The Transformers and My little Pony. Hilarity ensues as this series gets ever more outrageous with each new episode. Watch a few episodes of My Little Transformer and you'll be in tears from laughing so hard!

    Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pride that I present to you the
    My Little Transformer MechaCon promo!!!!!

    Special thanks go out to the folks at My Little Transformer for showing such wonderful support of our inaugural event. Go give them a visit!

    Also, don't forget the pre-registration deadline for MechaCon is JULY 1, 2005! That's in just THREE MORE DAYS, folks! Get your registration in before it's too late!