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    The Transformers #56 (September 1989) by Simon Furman

    I wonder if real doctors have nightmares about patients they were unable to save?

    Why doesn't Ratchet hit Blackrock up for some medical equipment?

    Big shiny new plane. Yep, it's a goner.

    So this trans-dimensional thing has replaced the bridge? What happened to poor Spanner? I hope they at least put him out of his misery.

    Wow, this is unnaturally cruel, even for the Decepticons. Poor Ratchet.

    Megatron!! WOOOHOOOO!!! The Decepticons are scary again!

    The Transformers #57 (October 1989) by Simon Furman

    "Hit me with the 'How I Survived' story." I swear Furman was knocking on the fourth wall with that line.

    The instrument of Megatron's revenge is... a He-Man reject?

    Watch your mouth, General. Just because this is the 80s doesn't mean you can go cursing all willy-nilly.

    Damn. You don't touch Op's communicator. He'll mess you up.

    Skullgrin! Yay!

    I wonder if the people passing Megatron's body actually recognized him and just left him to rot.

    I see Op is finally laying the smackdown after such a long period of attempted peacemaking.

    Skullgrin, NO!! Don't hurt him, Op. I like him.

    So, Op has been fighting for over a thousand years and only now does he go berserk? I guess you just hit a wall at some point.

    Why would Megatron, of all people, want to bring Starscream back?

    The Transformers #58 (November 1989) by Simon Furman

    How convenient that Ratchet brought exactly the number of Autobots as there were unfinished Pretender molds.

    O_O Those idiots led the Mechannibals to Cybertron? They just killed everyone!

    What? Ratbat is still alive? I thought Scorponok killed him.

    Well, what do you know? The whole "talk yourself out of a fight instead of just killing people" tactic actually worked for once.

    What is it with Ratchet and ending up with Megatron's hands around his throat?

    So the Pretender shell was completely pointless then? He just abandoned it immediately.

    The Transformers #59 (Mid-November 1989) by Simon Furman

    So Goldbug is now Bumblebee again? What brought that on?

    Oh, I see. Starscream is still pumped full of Underbase mojo. That's why Megatron wanted him back.

    Heh heh. Blurr is funny when he's in mortal terror. Four million years old is "young"? How long is the average TF lifespan supposed to be?

    Grimlock is slowly redeeming himself in my eyes, but he's still dumb as a rock.

    "I'll serve you loyally"? Scorponok, kill him now.

    "This time you stay dead!" I said it a while back and I'll say it now: Ratchet is awesome.

    The Transformers #60 (December 1989) by Simon Furman

    Milking the giant cow, are we, Optimus? That first page is so overly dramatic, it's almost funny.

    I understand Op is grieving, but doesn't he realize how many more will die if the Decepticons go unopposed?

    Oh, God. MORE AUTOBOTS?! I don't think any more comment is necessary.

    "Nothing could have survived that blast!" God fucking damn it, Jazz. You just ENSURED that Megatron survived.

    Since when did Jazz talk jive?

    Bludgeon: Samurai Zombie Robot. How can someone conceive of so much awesome and survive?

    O_O Wow. Hot Rod is an idiot.

    Op is going totally ax crazy. And it is AWESOME.

    "I'd forgotten we had a god"? Well, that was an absolutely hamhanded way to shoehorn TF mythology into the story.

    Wow. Op's speech is actually inspiring on a real-world level. Just replace the word "Autobots" the name of your own people and see how it sounds.

    So THAT'S the TF's god? He must have desgined his chamber in the 60s. If that were a real place, just seeing it would make your retinas explode.

    The Transformers #61 (Mid-December 1989) by Simon Furman Maximus

    Wait, what? Simon Furman Maximus?

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Furman's about to retcon away that stupid "naturally occurring gears, levers, and pulleys" explanation.

    I have no idea what's going on, here. So, Primus wants to be part of some Omniversal Matrix, whatever that is. So he fights some badass named Unicron and gets his balls handed back to him. In a desperate attempt to win, he turns them both into asteroids. What was the point of that? How can he be part of said Matrix when he's stuck in an asteroid?

    Wait, a planet that can take Unicron's likeness? A TF the size of a goddamn planet?! I must be misunderstanding this. They couldn't possibly try something that ridiculously awesome.

    I'm with the Decepticons on this. Starscream needs to go. NOW.

    See? He hasn't been back for more than five minutes and he's already planning another takeover!

    I find Jazz's new diction rather annoying.

    Wait, I thought water was incredibly rare on Cybertron? That guy turns into a BOAT!

    Furman has a flair for giving all the characters badass one-liners.

    O_O... My God. I didn't misunderstand what they meant. That is the single most terrifying thing I've ever seen. I can't imagine something, ANYTHING that huge. At least, not something LIVING. It might as well be death incarnate. How the Hell do you even BEGIN to fight something like that?
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    I think most of us who grew up with the idea of Unicron are now mostly immune to the awe of the idea. Thanks for bringing a little of that back to me.
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    Everyone that I know that's familiar with Unicron has either been introduced to the character through the cartoons /movie. This is the first time I've heard of someone being introduced to the character through the comics. Unicron is the Transformers version of the God of Destruction.

    As far as Jazz speaking jive, he's always been the "cool" robot. The first time you hear him speak in the G1 cartoon, you'll understand.
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    I have a hard time with johnboy3434 having no reference on Unicron.
    Isn't he still on store shelves?
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    I'd probably heard the name at some point, because it sounds familiar (then again, there's like 50 different TF words that end in "-on"), but no, I've never seen him on store shelves. And even if I did, I wouldn't have any idea of the scale unless they carved the regular TFs out of grains of sand. Add to this the fact that I haven't been to the toy aisle in much of the past decade, and I don't see what's so hard to believe.
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    The Transformer #62 (January 1990) by Simon Furman

    Well, we're starting a new mini-series: The Matrix Quest. Free your mind, Neo!

    "It mentions prayer". Another funny scene.

    What's with the sissy TF? "Eww, dead alien!"

    Damn. He's just... breaking off chunks of planet and shoving them into his mouth! This guy must be the size of Jupiter.

    So they're just ignoring the obvious McGuffin? I think that's supposed to be funny.

    "The font of life". Times New Roman?

    Is this issue a spoof of some classic movie? It reeks of old detective stories, but I can't put my finger on it.

    Am I the only one who found the entire bird plot completely pointless? And that woman barely did anything. Her role as Ms. Exposition could easily have been filled by a random passerby.

    The Transformers #63 (February 1990) by Simon Furman

    Epic introduction.

    Yeah, because that's what criminal posses did in the Old West. Slaughter children for no discernible reason.

    Oh, they're evil children. It's okay, then.

    Why mustn't the Decepticons know about Unicron? If anything, I think that would help the situation, because then they might get killed trying to fight him off instead of wasting time harassing Autobots.

    The way it's drawn, it looks like Prime just knocked himself out of that big piece of metal and started dreaming about Unicron.

    So, the aliens make people forget what they're doing? The bastards!

    The aliens are now uglified, making them okay to kill.

    The Transformers #64 (March 1990) by Simon Furman

    Obvious Captain Ahab is obvious. This whole Matrix Quest seems to be an excuse to switch genres every issue.

    Walrus pirate? Another idea too awesome to think of and live.

    Oh God, the guy with two heads has only been in the comic for three panels and he's already annoying.

    So they think the Matrix resurrected an extinct species? From what material did it supposedly do this?

    Oh, God. Now they're ripping lines from Jaws.

    Wait, how did Longtooth go from "I will not hurt this creature" to "Burn, motherfucker!"?

    Do the whale's teeth have LSD in them or something?

    Matrix senses tingling! How does a Decepticon end up with what is clearly supposed to be an Autobot gift?

    VsQs? They're not even trying to come up with interesting names, anymore.

    The Transformers #65 (April 1990) by Simon Furman

    So the Matrix is sentient? Interesting.

    And there's the reference to the Deathbringer incident. This must really have confused American fans. The reference to Race with the Devil I can understand, because the only indication that anything out of the ordinary happened to Dreadwing was his slight hesitation in saying it was an easy job. This one, however, has no context at all for the image of Op kneeling amidst Deathbringer's remains.

    So is the Matrix turning evil, now?

    And we have a sendoff of Alien in this issue. I'm not liking this gimmick. Hell, the planet's even called Cameron.

    Do the Decepticons not know the importance of the Matrix, yet? Have the captive Autobots STILL not told them about Unicron? I'm telling you, Unicron is the factor that could UNITE the Autobots and Decepticons (if only for a short while), but the Autobots are being tight-lipped about the situation.

    "Don't talk. Hit!" Words of wisdom from Grimlock.

    Shockwave?! How did he survive?

    Nobody but Thunderwing noticed the glowing essence of god three feet below them? Wow.

    The Transformers #66 (May 1990) by Simon Furman

    Oh, dear God. Hook, Line, and Sinker? Are you kidding me?

    And Prime kicks ass again.

    ...or not.

    I don't think I like the Matrix anymore. It's all evil and stuff.

    They're playing the Decepticons sympathetically here. That's unusual.

    Okay, so the whole Matrix plan is a bust. So now how do they plan to beat Unicron. He's just too damn big to attack.

    The Transformers #67 (June 1990) by Simon Furman

    So that's Galvatron. And we move to... the present? Wow. Time comes back to bite the writers in the ass again.

    And... Galvatron's a lunatic. How the Hell did he managed to beat the Autobots?

    Rodimus Prime? I'm guessing he inherited the Prime title after Op bit the big one (again...).

    That one guy almost impossible to understand. It's like Yoda with brain damage.

    Lisa? Who the Hell is this woman? I don't remember her.

    Wait, I thought Unicron was out to destroy all TFs. Why would he leave Earth as a gift for the Decepticons?

    This is a really depressing story.

    Umm... as inspiring as it is, I don't see how raising the flag did much. Why would that, of all things, abort the launch?

    So the moral is... Unicron saved the Earth? I would have thought this through a bit more if I were Furman.

    The Transformers #68 (July 1990) by Simon Furman

    We haven't seen Blackrock in a while.

    Whoa! Another superhuman. I think the TFs are going to take a back seat in this issue.

    So, these guys are mutants like the X-Men?

    Shockwave is becoming more Megatron-like, following his emotions instead of logic. I guess burning up in the atmosphere will do that to you.

    Wait, it's sexist to find a woman in an outfit like that arousing?

    Great. More Circuit Breaker. I can't stand her. I really can't.

    And yet, Rapture is trying her hardest to be even more annoying with the man-hater rhetoric.

    Maybe now Circuit Breaker will tone it down a bit, what with Blackrock acting as an Expy of Professor X.

    The Transformers #69 (August 1990) by Simon Furman

    Grimlock's getting rebellious again. I thought he would have learned his lesson by now.

    And they find a way to make Ratchet's heroic sacrifice meaningless. Great.

    No sound in space? Wow. Few writers actually adhere to that rule of physics.

    Galvatron actually tried to blast a planet-sized enemy? How strong does he think he is?

    I don't think "surrender" translates into "unity" in the Decepticon's eyes, Op.

    Oh God. I didn't need to see that last page.

    And on that disgusting note, I finish the first SIX YEARS of TF comics.
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    Hello, everyone! I was feeling really productive today, so I got a second batch. Guess how far I made it.

    The Transformers #70 (September 1990) by Simon Furman

    I hope they didn't make a toy of the Megatron-Ratchet fusion. That would give the little kids nightmares.

    What the Hell were they thinking with this storyline? No one wants to read about Body Horror, even if it's just with machines.

    "Tap hard!" Grimlock has such a way with words.

    They would actually relieve Optimus of command? Man, they must be restless, especially after they fought to get him back.

    Oh, now it's begging him to kill it. This is depressing.

    This Nucleon will bite the Dinobots in the ass, I just know it.

    PLEASE SEPARATE THEM! I can't stand to look at that monstrosity again.

    The Transformers #71 (October 1990) by Simon Furman

    Optimus was much more badass when he was younger.

    So, we just skipped the operation? What happened to Megatron?

    Predictably, Scorponok wants to betray Op, but what will be his plan for Unicron, then?

    And Shockwave's gone off the deep end, unless he has a plan.

    Galvatron looks like he's having fun.

    Exactly how does Galvatron propose to master someone who could crush him between his fingers?

    I actually like Scorponok. He's a more reasonable villain.

    Leave it to Shockwave to ruin a heartwarming moment.

    Galvatron is like Megatron on steroids. Damn.

    The Transformers #72 (November 1990) by Simon Furman

    Starscream is a cocky bastard, isn't he? I'm glad to see Scorponok bring him down a couple pegs.

    New York sounds like the perfect battleground for gigantic alien robots, don't you think?

    "Why? It's only Jersey!" I won't add anything more to this for fear of offending someone.

    Galvatron is like a movie monster in these underground segments.

    The Nucleon is starting to bite, just like I said.

    NeoKnights? I'd have come up with a better name. Also, I noticed Circuit Breaker's outfit is a tad more modest now.

    The Transformers #73 (December 1990) by Simon Furman

    Galvatron has serious problems. Even Megatron didn't feel the need to destroy something constantly.

    KILL CIRCUIT BREAKER!! I am so goddamn sick of her.

    On the other hand, seeing one of Shockwave's past wrongs come back to bite him this badly is refreshing.

    I'm not buying Galvatron trashing Line and Sinker when they captured him so easily in the future.

    I think the final act is encroaching upon us.

    And now the Matrix is going to mess things up. This storyline is getting pretty convoluted for a kid's comic.

    The Transformers #74 (January 1991) by Simon Furman

    So Unicron destroyed the universe that came before this one? Damn. Even as big as he is, that would take a while.

    Wait, which TF is on Earth in two pieces? I can't remember one being blown in half.

    O_O They're reviving Megatron? Oh, it's going down.

    Unicron-worshipping cults? Why am I not surprised?

    Another tender moment between former enemies interrupted by a bunch of jackasses.

    Where did these Unicron-worshippers come from, anyway? And how did they know Primus appointed Op as their leader?

    SHIT. He's here. Time to see exactly how they handle this one.

    The Transformers #75 (February 1991) by Simon Furman

    A double-sized issue. Something big must be happening.

    Those wide shots of Unicron up close against Cybertron are terrifying if you try to think about them in real world terms.

    "No no no no no no no no no AAAIIIIEEE!" Yeah, those would be my thoughts, too.

    The TFs' thoughts are the same as mine when I first saw Unicron. I especially like Shockwave's reaction.

    This is shaping up to be absolutely epic. It looks like Circuit Breaker's character arc is going to be resolved here, as well.

    And Xaaron/Primus is dead. This isn't going too well.

    Galvatron, the ax crazy maniac with ambitions of ultimate power, is playing the hero. Hang your head in shame, Op.

    ...Actually, Op, good sense of self preservation. Galvatron's not feeling too well right now.

    I don't know exactly how I'd react in this situation, but I don't think "Yee-hah!" would be in my vocabulary unless my mind completely went.

    Op is down. Wow. And Zarak is finally redeeming himself for the business on Nebulos. Speaking of which, does this mean Hi Q is dead as well?

    Remember boys, if a woman is having a nervous breakdown, it's okay to hit her.

    And down goes the Ark. Wow. It's like watching the Enterprise blow up.

    Oh, so Op's still alive. Pity I can't say the same about Scorponok. When I first saw that rockheaded politician in the Headmaster mini-series, I never thought he would die a hero.

    O_O Unicron just got served! Unfortunately, that means the TFs have even bigger problems.

    ...or not. So much for the Matrix.

    Op just released Hi Q. Is that what was hurting him for the past few issues?

    Circuit Breaker doesn't look very happy.

    WHOA!!! That death was fucking awesome. THAT'S the kind of heroic death I expected from Optimus Prime, not the stupid one we got in #24.

    Uh-oh, I see the return of the Mechannibals in the near future.

    Let it be said right now that this is my favorite issue. There are no words to describe it.

    The Transformers #76 (March 1991) by Simon Furman

    Still alive?! How?

    Not anymore. This does not undermine the awesomeness of what he did.

    That's not a Mechannibal. It looks far more menacing.

    He named Grimlock as leader?! I would have chosen Prowl. Still, it seems that Grimlock has matured a bit since we met him.

    So there's no explanation for where these creatures come from?

    Well, I suppose the Ark didn't go out in a blaze of glory.

    Wait, again, I thought water was rare on Cybertron. It's raining!

    Don't count on getting Prime to undergo any transformation, Hi Q. There's no backup copy this time.

    Oh, so these things were the Cybertronian natives before the planet was actually Cybertron?

    *facepalm* So much for a heroic sendoff for Op.

    The Transformers #77 (April 1991) by Simon Furman

    Please don't destroy Cybertron. Not now, of all times, after Unicron just failed to destroy it.

    Damn it. Grimlock hasn't matured at all. He's acting the same as he did the last time Op died.

    ...and yet I want him to mop the floor with Fangry.

    They locked Hi Q up?! Wow. Grimlock is an idiot.

    Wait, did they load the humans into the Decepticon vessels? Congratulations, you just sent them off with the only hope for Cybertron.

    What?! Galvatron was the future version of Megatron? I had a sneaking suspicion, what with the similar designs, but I figured it was just them running out of ideas at Hasbro.

    The Transformers #78 (May 1991) by Simon Furman

    Okay, so Megatron is ejected into space by Optimus Prime in 2005. How did this happen? Is it the result of an alternate series of events that we won't see?

    We have a new date. It is 1991 in this story. So the TF comic, unlike so many others, is actually moving at close to real time.

    Not the glorious re-entrance I imagined for Megatron. He's in a daze.

    So the Decepticons just throw a... sword... at a map to choose their new home? Not very picky, are they?

    And Grimlock actually comes through. He might be able to lead after all.

    Starscream is such a douchebag.

    This doesn't make sense. Grimlock and the Dinobots were created on Earth, right? How could they have done anything before the Ark crashed?

    I feel sorry for Blackrock and the others getting all tied up in this.

    So the Ark once again crashes into Earth. How does this help? Unless... it really killed everyone on board this time? No. It didn't before, so why would it now?

    The Transformers #79 (June 1991) by Simon Furman

    Fort Max! THAT was the AUtobot in two pieces! I completely forgot about him.

    No such luck of everyone dying on the Ark. Should have known.

    I agree with Spike. Why does he have to keep getting drawn into their war?

    Wow. That was a pretty morbid joke. "What could they have done by now?"

    I like how they're showing the effect long term violent rage has on the villains in this series. The way it eats them up inside. Sometimes those who get in their way aren't the only victims.

    Galvatron can't just die that easily. Even if he is insane.

    Why is he called the Last Autobot if he was built so long ago, when there were many?

    The Transformers #80 (July 1991) by Simon Furman

    Man, the last issue already? Well, there's still the G2 comic left, so I'm not cocky yet.

    The Decepticons won? And they didn't show anything? Wow, that's cheap.

    Oh, it's Grimlock's fault. Imagine that. An idiot even to the end.

    Wow. That Last Autobot works fast. They're already there?

    Op is back!! Again!!! Okay, how did he do it this time?

    Wow, so Hi Q and Op are one and the same now.

    And that's the end? The Autobots win one battle just like all the others, and the Decepticons suddenly decide to go into exile? I'm sorry, but that's pretty weak.

    Still, it's worth it for that last line: "We can go home!"

    But it's still not over. I've got 12 more issues before I finish up. Let's see what the ill-fated Gen-2 series brought to the table!
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    Matrix Quest through issue 80 was one of my favorite story arcs ever, maybe a few of the storylines were a little derivative looking back on it, but it was unlike anything I had ever read at the time, especially in a transformers comic. BTW, I dont remember what was the deal with deathbringer, who was he? What was that scene referencing?
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    Great journey! So many memories. Cool to hear someone reation to Unicron for the first time, the Megs/Ratch hybrid was such a shocker back in the day too. Furman's run is so epic that it was hard to stop with those last 10 issues or so huh? I remember reading all of G2 in just one afternoon back in the 90's. Are you doing the G.I. Joe tie in issues or not?
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    No, I'm just doing the 12 G2 issues. As fun as this is, I'm glad that the end is in sight.

    As for Deathbringer, he was a robotic entity that was designed to kill those who were terminally ill and suffering. He was a euthanasia machine, essentially. But when he stumbled upon the Matrix, it made him wish to eradicate all life. It traveled to Earth, and Op managed to convince it that it was dying due to the massive energies of the Matrix, and it fulfilled its programming by self-destructing. In the beginning of issue 65, it shows Deathbringer touching the Matrix and becoming more powerful, but then the next panel shows Op leaning over its ruined remains. Confusing for those unfamiliar with the UK story.

    I'm a good way into G2 already, and I must say that I think they shot their wad with the Unicron battle. They simply can't top it. It was the single most epic thing I've ever read, so I almost wish that it had been the last issue.
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    In the comics it's explained in the UK story Target:2006
    And of course is a major plot point to Transformers: The Movie (1986)
    Which if you have not seen you should. Even if you don't want to dive fully into the Cartoon Marvel UK used the movie as Canon and it works for the most part as a stand alone.
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    Or read the comic adaptation of the 1986 movie.
    They were on the Ark with everyone else when it crashed on Earth. The Ark revived them when Shockwave showed up four million years ago but it thought dinosaurs were the dominant life on Earth and that's how they got their alt modes (dinosaurs were still kicking around in the The Savage Land even though they'd gone extinct everywhere else). And then they ended up in that tar pit until Ratchet recovered them during his deal with Megatron.
    If you ever get the chance to check the UK TF annuals there was a story with Swoop on Cybertron back when he was called Divebomb.
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    Here's the first half of the G2 comic, but first a question: So The Movie takes place in an alternate future, before Galvatron is brought back, right? But wasn't Unicron destroyed in the movie? (Yes, I cheated by reading a summary.) He needs to be alive in order to destroy Cybertron and give Earth to Galvatron.

    Transformers: Generation 2 #1 (November 1993)
    by Simon Furman

    What the Hell happened to the art style? It's all... cube-y.

    What am I looking at? Who are these guys? I expected to start by catching up with Op and the boys.

    I'm assuming these guys are Decepticons, what with the wanton destruction.

    Grimlock! Finally someone I recognize. Wait, how is he transformed? He lost that ability!

    I don't remember there being this much animosity among the Autobot ranks.

    So I'm assuming Jhiaxus is our new Big Bad?

    I think that Optimus benefits from the new style more than the other characters.

    This is somewhat interesting. The once peace-loving Autobots, used to millions of years of war, cannot enjoy the ensuing peace that comes from victory. Another layer of tragedy to their situation.

    Bludgeon's plans? What plans? Although, the idea of them trying to grow more Cybertrons is interesting, but somewhat lessens the impact of the fact that it took a god to create the first one.

    Whoa! G.I. Joe cameo. Wasn't expecting that. I probably know less of what's happening in that strip than I did back in the original crossover.

    COOL!! Megatron is back... for some reason. But damn, his redesign looks awesome!

    The Decepticon ambush happened so fast I completely missed it. I had to go back and see that the Autobot ship was struck (I couldn't tell what was hit).

    I hope Jhiaxus gets his. It hits me close to the core when people say world outlooks based on morality are outdated.

    I'm surprised that little speech made Optimus so depressed. And for once I think Grimlock has shown that he has what it takes to be a hero.

    This issue seems very action heavy compared to the original series. I wonder if that will continue.

    Transformers: Generation 2 #2 (December 1993) by Simon Furman

    Oh, so Megatron's return was explained in the G.I. Joe comics. Suffice it to say that Cobra must have rebuilt him and repaired the Ark.

    I can't stop laughing at the name Biggles-Jones.

    Spike is drawn into the fight once more. Poor kid.

    "Bring me his cab!" Funny.

    "Legacy of hatred and treachery"? Please tell me he's not bringing Starscream back. He couldn't possibly be that stupid.

    What exactly is Hotspot trying to do on Earth, again?

    It looks like this might actually be Fort Max's last stand, and I'd hate for Spike to die.

    Oh, he was trying to destroy the alien technology. That makes sense.

    SPIKE!! No! Damn it. I wanted him to make it and live a normal life.

    Well, the story shifted gears pretty quickly. Now the other Autobots are fighting for weapons and HOLY CRAP! It's the Matrixspawn. Or at least... it looks like it.

    Odd. I think this is the first gag ending I've seen in a TF comic.

    Transformers: Generation 2 #3 (January 1994) by Simon Furman

    I call dream sequence on the first few pages. Am I right?

    Well, I was wrong. This is apparently a psyche-warping area of space.

    Apparently, this series is going to center largely around battle scenes, which sucks because I can't really comment much on those.

    They tried to make Jhiaxus more relatable in this issue, and it works.

    Another story? They must be adopting the UK format of two stories per issue.

    A giant, flying, mechanical porcupine?

    Great. Just as I was getting used to changes of scenery, we're heading back to Earth.

    Wait, does Optimus Prime have the Creation Force anymore now that the Matrix is gone?

    Transformers: Generation 2 #4 (February 1994) by Simon Furman

    Grimlock is disobeying orders. Surprise surprise. If he wasn't well-intentioned at heart, I'd almost say he's as bad as Starscream.

    So Grimlock wants to make up for asking for help by going on a potential suicide mission? What an ego.

    And he put his foot in it this time. No surprise there.

    Liege Maximo? That's a terrible name. It doesn't roll off the tongue at all.

    Maybe now Grimlock will mellow out a bit. He seems to be hit hard by this failure.

    WHAT?! Optimus still gives this idiot command? And he doesn't even scold him for wasting the lives of two brave TFs? Why, Optimus?

    Wow. Bludgeon isn't taking any prisoners. Between this and Fort Max's death, Prime is going to be pissed beyond belief when he finds out.

    Megatron actually revived Starscream. He deserves to be betrayed at this point.

    That last line is priceless.

    Transformers: Generation 2 #5 (March 1994) by Simon Furman

    "Optimus Prime, are you ready to ride the roller coaster?"

    So Jhiaxus is deliberately baiting them, and they're NOT falling for it? That's a switch.

    So the punishment is being puffed up like a marshmallow?

    So they "train" by almost blowing the shit out of each other?

    Wow. I prefer the Matrix method of TF birth. That just looks icky.

    So Bludgeon, faced with the wrath of Megatron... throws a hissy fit?

    And Starscream is making bets on who will win. No shame at all.

    So Bludgeon is dead, just like that. Megatron is scary again.

    Transformers: Generation 2 #6 (April 1994)
    by Simon Furman

    So Bludgeon wanted to... suspend TFs in a spider-web? And Starscream proves his dickishness by being a blabbermouth.

    And Prime is already there. Wow, that was fast.

    He's going to try diplomacy. With Megatron. I hope he realizes how utterly futile that is. He lucked out the past two times the factions united because Ratbat and Scorponok ran the place. Megatron is completely unreasonable.

    I called it, didn't I? The first thing Megatron did was shoot him.

    The fact that Grimlock's insubordinations have saved the day several times is not helping his ego problem.

    And we leave with the introduction of a new villain... thing. And Megatron has the Creation Matrix... despite it being destroyed along with Unicron. Seriously, how did they get another one? Did the Last Autobot give it to him? Where is the Last Autobot, anyway? He said he would watch over the children of Primus. He's not doing a very good job of it.
  14. johnboy3434

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    Transformers: Generation 2 #7 (May 1994) by Simon Furman

    I believe the message of the first few pages is that the new Decepticons kick ass.

    Starscream is worried for his safety now. I say it's his own damn fault.

    A gas that makes all metals denser? So, it either decreases their volume or increases their mass. Either way, I can't see that being an advantage.

    Skullgrin! I never thought I'd see him again.

    NOOOO!!!! Not Skullgrin! Why, cruel world?!

    I have a feeling Megatron's notions of invincibility will be, once again, smashed to pieces.

    Oh, yeah. This'll be a slaughter.

    Yeah... Megatron's insane. Nice knowing him... again.

    I only seem to remember Megatron cheating death three times, not six. Once after he blasted the space bridge, once after Ratchet almost blew him up, and a third time when the Ark crashed again.

    O_O The tenacity that comes with unlimited rage is a scary thing, both in fiction and real life.

    He... he came to Optimus for help. Wow. His pride must have been almost destroyed in that fight. Never did I expect something like this.

    Transformers: Generation 2 #8 (June 1994) by Simon Furman

    How does a swift victory against Megatron's forces suddenly make Jhiaxus go Ax Crazy on the universe? This sudden shift in tactics seems to come out of left field.

    And leave it to Grimlock to destroy any hope of diplomacy. Have I mentioned how much I dislike him?

    Man, after being attacked, Megatron still wants to talk? He's scared. He doesn't want to say it, but he's afraid of Jhiaxus.

    I'm not sure I agree with Op. Well, not until the beginning of this issue. Until Jhiaxus went absolutely apeshit in the first page, the Cybertronian Empire seemed much less terrifying to the sensibilities than Megatron's rage-fueled massacres of whoever was within arm's reach. They seem more like a race of Shockwaves.

    And now the Autobots are out in full force. I don't see this being an easy victory, though.

    Decepticon help? Either Megatron changed his mind, or this is part of another elaborate takeover attempt by Starscream.

    Hmm... he DID change his mind. Doesn't want to risk losing Autobot firepower, apparently.

    I know what Megatron's thinking in that last panel: "Why didn't I just leave him dead?"

    Transformers: Generation 2 #9 (July 1994) by Simon Furman

    Hey, I see Crow from Mystery Science Theater 3000! I wonder if Furman is a fan.

    So Jhiaxus didn't so this? Was it that big swarm of stuff from the end of issue 6?

    Hmmm... Mindset's view of organic creatures is eerily similar to the way Circuit Breaker saw mechanical life.

    And the Swarm is apparently not working with Jhiaxus, judging by the state it left his soldiers in.

    And Starscream is betraying them. What else is new?

    So, this splitting technique was some sort of evil practice that helped TFs escape the bounds set by Primus, and as a result, unleashed the evil Swarm? That's deep.

    Somehow, Jhiaxus finding Autobase doesn't carry the same feeling of doom as Unicron finding Cybertron.

    Transformers: Generation 2 #10 (August 1994) by Simon Furman

    "Not!"? What, did Furman regress to a pre-teen boy for a second there?

    I like how Megatron doesn't even need to consider that Starscream might not be the problem.

    Not much to say amid the battle scenes, I'm afraid.

    Bringing every soldier you have to one location? Is that tactically sound?

    "Because I'm an idiot, that's why!" Here, here.

    It's almost as if Prime and Megatron are bonding, isn't it?

    And Starscream betrays everyone. I wonder what he's like at parties?

    Transformers: Generation 2 #11 (September 1994) by Simon Furman

    Remember the last time Starscream gained ultimate power? Yeah. This won't last.

    Jhiaxus is nowhere near as calm and collected as he was when we first met him.

    I stand by my statement that Liege Maximo is a stupid name.

    Isn't "plasma energy" a contradiction in terms? Plasma is matter, right? And matter can't be energy, right?

    Megatron saved Prime's life. Wow. It's almost touching.

    Ouch! Megatron's hand must hurt.

    I haven't mentioned it yet, but I prefer Megatron's tank transformation to his original. The most powerful Decepticon should transform into more than a piddly gun.

    Oh, now Jhiaxus is just being mean.

    "I don't want to be good!" That was just plain corny.

    And now we'll see how they deal with the Swarm.

    Transformers: Generation 2 #12 (October 1994) by Simon Furman

    I don't believe it. This is the end of the line. The last comic. Hard to believe I made it. Let's go!

    And how fitting. It's a double-length.

    I don't get why Starscream is so averse to doing good.

    Jhiaxus is just being an asshole now. He better be dead by the end of the issue.

    KILL HIM, MEGATRON! No good could possibly come of keeping Starscream alive.

    And Jhiaxus is completely insane. Why is it that so many TF villains end up like that?

    Well, that was a rather messy end.

    Megatron seems to have grown as a character in this series. Now, he's less a villain and more of an anti-hero.

    And it seems that the Decepticons have forgotten their hatred for the moment. It seems like their goodwill runs deeper this time than it has the previous two.

    I wouldn't accept anything from Starscream, especially if he smiled like that.

    They're dropping like flies. And it doesn't look like they can be rebuilt this time.

    Megatron to the rescue? Awesome.

    Optimus is dead... again? Okay, it's lost any emotional impact at this point. Third time is most certainly not a charm.

    And he's back already? Hokey, but the speech he gives is inspiring. It seems as though the war is finally over. What an uplifting endi---

    OH FUCK IT ALL! What gives? They introduce a new villain on the last page of the last issue? They must have known this was the end of the series, right? What purpose could a cliffhanger possibly serve them? And so, the story had to be finished in a novella that wasn't even officially published. Honestly, this is what pisses me off about the entertainment industry. What's wrong with giving a story complete closure? You can always introduce a new threat at the BEGINNING of a story, you know? It doesn't have to be set up beforehand.

    Well, in spite of that ending, I have to say I am pleased with the way G2 turned out. And with this, my journey through the Marvel US continuity comes to an end... or has it? Since it was referenced in the alternate future of the comics, but has no natural place to fit in chronology-wise (since it takes place entirely in said alternate future), I'll take a look at Transformers: The Movie. Not the comic adaptation, but the actual movie. Consider it a bonus addition to my journey. THEN I'll be through. Stay tuned, if you care!
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    The animated series is in a completely different continuity than the comics. Other than the characters and some of the story basics, they're completely unrelated.
  16. Wingwolf77

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    Cool! I look forward to your review of the movie.
  17. Wingwolf77

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    I think he knows that. But Transformers the Movie is referenced in both Marvel UK and in the US comic with the Galvy Megs fight. It's viewed from the Marvel universe as an alternate time line I think.
  18. johnboy3434

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    Indeed, I understand that the comics and TV series are different continuities (in fact, I've indicated as such several times in this thread), but the movie is explicitly referenced in Marvel US #78 in the alternate future. I asked how this could make sense, since Unicron dies in the movie, but must still be around to destroy Cybertron and give Earth to Galvatron in the dysmal future seen in the comics. He must have resurrected himself somehow, but I don't know if that's explained anywhere.
  19. johnboy3434

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    One. Last. Post.

    The Transformers: The Movie (August 8, 1986) by Ron Friedman

    For those wondering, this film came out around the same time as Marvel US #19, notable for the introduction of Omega Supreme.

    I'm glad I didn't watch this back then, because the surprise of how big Unicron was would have been spoiled. In fact, there he is in the very first shot!

    Aww, a happy robot society. This is not going to end well.

    They know who Unicron is? How? I'd imagine anyone who's seen him hasn't lived to tell the tale.

    Damn! That theme is rockin'!

    Mr. Spock is Galvatron?! And Robert Stack is in this? Man, they got some real talent.

    O_O Orson fucking Welles as Unicron?! I can't wait to hear what he sounds like now. You know, it'll be interesting hearing voices for these characters after 103 issues of simply imagining what they sound like.

    So we're off of Earth for now? Good. I was hoping for a change in scenery.

    ...or not.

    Oh dear God. What is the matter with Jazz's voice?

    Megatron sounds just like I imagine he would. And I love how his first line is a potshot at Starscream.

    Prowl and Ratchet dead already? Man, they waste no time.

    I'm a big fan of "80s-sounding" music, so I'm loving the score.

    I noticed Spike seems a lot more eager to be part of the war in this, and he even has a kid. Talk about alternate characterization.

    Wow. Robert Stack sounded a lot younger back in '86.

    Blurr is already annoying.

    "Hasidic fools?" I never figured Starscream for an anti-Semite.

    These battles are a lot more impressive in full motion. Also, the animation quality is fantastic. I have a feeling I'm going to like watching the TV series when I get around to it.

    So Ratbat works for Megatron in this timeline?

    Surely there's a better way to move that tank than by pushing it.

    Great. Grimlock, my un-favorite.

    Op is considerably more badass in this movie.

    Now that's a fight! And it looks like they've done each other in.

    That death scene would have been a lot more touching if I hadn't seen him die three times already.

    Jettison some weight? You're in space! Put one big blast out of your engines and let inertia do its job!

    That was the most underhanded betrayal I've seen out of Starscream. And that's saying something.

    Well, that situation went to Hell rather quickly.

    Man. Unicron sounds BIG. I could make a fat joke about Welles, but he just sounds too awesome.

    "The point is you're a fool." I suppose you can afford to talk smack to Megatron when you're that big.

    Man, Galvatron sounds great. You go, Nimoy!

    FINALLY! It's about time someone killed Starscream.

    Am I the only one who finds Blaster's voice unfitting for the character from the comics?

    And there goes Jazz.

    Did he just say "shit"? Anyway, is Spike not supposed to be Fort Max in this continuity?

    How close is Cybertron to Earth, now? Travel seems to be pretty quick.

    Why doesn't Grimlock just transform and walk into the shuttle?

    Wait, was that a reference to "Of Mice and Men"? Grimlock was an idiot in the comics, but here he acts borderline ******ed.

    "There were an awful lot of casualties that day." Good line.

    Robotic sealife? Sure, why not?

    Wow. Ultra Magnus can't land worth shit.

    It's Monty Python's Flying Circus! I love Eric Idle.

    Wait, "Innocent" gets you fed to the Sharkticons? I wonder what "Guilty" gets you.

    The Dinobots are incredibly difficult to listen to, and it has nothing to do with their voices.

    That... thing, however, is annoying simply BECAUSE of its voice.

    A planet of junk? I think they're running out of ideas.

    Galvatron is to Unicron as Starscream was to Megatron. Irony, I suppose.

    The music is the only thing that makes this Sharkticon sequence worthwhile.

    They... listened to Grimlock. Unexpected.

    My brain just broke watching that Universal Greeting sequence.

    I'm I the only one having trouble understanding Wreck-Gar?

    Unicron's transformation sequence is absolutely epic. All that's missing is a drumroll and George Weimer shouting "Mega Maid!".

    O_O He just bitch-slapped a planet! And then he ate Galvatron!

    "We are allies now. Die, motherfucker!" They should have had Hot Rod say something about that odd sequence.

    Unicron doesn't seem as unstoppable here as he did in issue 75. He's winning, of course, but he's lost an eye and seems to be flailing about desperately trying to destroy those fighters.

    That smelting pool reminds me of the slag pits that Buster encountered before coming to Earth.

    Oh, so that's how we got Rodimus Prime.

    And Unicron dies in much the same way he did in the comics.

    The ending is somewhat abrupt for my tastes. However, we see Unicron's head is still intact. I didn't know that would be the case. He must have somehow resurrected himself from that and gone on to play his part in the Marvel alternate future.

    NOW I'm done. Whew! What a ride it's been. Can I call myself a real TF fan now?
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    not until you say geewun is teh better, hasbro suxx, takara ftw, or michael bay raped ur childhood

    THEN you'll be a "true fan"


    nah. jk. was pretty interesting reading your comments goin through everything!

    good stuff

    now do Beast Wars! xD